With increased awareness regarding privacy issues, businesses and consumers are becoming much more wary of disclosing and securing personal or sensitive information. In a university setting, it is becoming extremely important to safeguard and properly dispose of confidential documents.

Documents are recycled after they are destroyed. By using this service not only is your information secure but the paper will be reused.
To participate in FP&M's other recycling service, visit FP&M Recycling Service.

With this in mind, FP&M is pleased to offer a campus-wide confidential document destruction service. To assure professional, certified document destruction, we have entered into a contract with a bonded document destruction vendor. They provide locked collection containers, monthly collection from participating departments, and will provide certified document destruction services. FP&M will coordinate the program for the university, serving as the liaison with a document destruction company.

Details of the program can be found in our Document Destruction Operating Plan.

If your department would like to participate in this program, you need to initially fill out a Department Participation Form.

Once your department is in the program, you can select either a regular monthly collection, or an on-call collection. If you select the on-call collection, you need to fill out a Confidential Document Disposal Request each month that you want a pickup.