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Iowa State University is using the web-based tool Centric Project to to facilitate collaboration and communication between team members on its capital construction projects. This tool allows team members, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and university constituents access and collaborate on all of the various types of information generated for a project.

Attention: The Centric Project website requires Internet Explorer on a Windows based computer. The minimum computer specs are as follows:

2 GHz Pentium 4 or better
Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, Win 7 32-bit, Win 7 64-bit running 32-bit IE
Minimum 65 MB free hard disk space for User Tools and ActiveX controls
Minimum 130 MB of temporary free space used during installation of User Tools and ActiveX controls
1 GB RAM or better
Video card and display capable of True Color (24-bit) and a minimum of 32 MB of video memory
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 7.0 SP1, 8.0, or 9.0
100 MBps connection or better

Additionally adjustments to the security settings are required, please follow these Instructions.

General information available to the public. This includes information such as the names of the primary team members, cost of the project, and completion date as well as access to project photos, web cameras, and bidding information. When a project is issued for bid, complete bid documents and plan holders list are available for viewing or download on the particular project site.

Access general project information

Select Team Members have access to completed project(s) via a secure password protected login. Access is granted by the ISU Facilities Planning and Management, Construction Management Department.

Access the Project Archives

Project Team Members have access to their specific project(s) via a secure password protected login. Access is granted by either the university's Project Manager or Construction Manager.

Access the login page

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