US Postal Service

We work with the US Postal Service to handle much of the outgoing mail from the departments on campus. Both domestic and international mail can be sent using many of the common methods the USPS offers. Click on the links below to get further details on each service we offer. Outgoing USPS mail (10 items or less) that is taken to Postal and Parcel Services before 4:30 pm will go out the same day.


APO and FPO address are military addresses provided by the United States Postal Service. Only the US Postal Service can deliver to these addresses (UPS and FedEx cannot). Because the sender is not supposed to be aware of the location of the military address customs forms must be included with any package containing anything that is not a document.

Because PO Boxes are serviced by the US Postal Service they offer the only services that can deliver to these addresses. It is recommended to use the US Postal Service when mailing items to international PO Boxes.

Express Mailing Form

Express Mail

Express Mail is the fastest (and most expensive) service level available through the USPS. For destinations with only a PO Box or military address this is the only express level of service available. Because the Post Office delivers mail on Saturdays, there is no Saturday Delivery fee for using their express service. Express service will generally guarantee a package to be there the next day, though 2nd day delivery may be the fastest option for more rural areas and next day service may require that the package be delivered to the post office by 10:30 am. You can use the Commitment Guide on the USPS website to check the transit time and drop off time (based on zip code).

USPS Insurance and Return Receipt are available with Express mail.

USPS Postage Price Calculator

Priority Mail

Delivery is made in an average of 2 to 3 days depending on recipient location. This service will deliver to PO Boxes and military addresses. Unlike UPS and FedEx services Saturday and residential deliveries are no extra cost with this service. Maximum weight is 70 lbs, and maximum dimensions are 108 inches in length and girth combined. Priority mail does not provide tracking (additional services such as certified are available if needed).

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First Class

Any mailable item may be sent as First-Class Mail. This includes postcards, letters, large envelopes, and small packages. Maximum weight is 13 ounces - pieces over 13 ounces will be sent as Priority Mail.

Click herefor sizing requirements.

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Standard Post

This rate is intended for small and large packages, thick envelopes and tubes containing gifts and merchandise. Rates are based on weight, distance, and shape. A surcharge applies to certain items, including packages weighing over 35 lbs (25 lbs for books and printed matter) and certain shapes (e.g. tubes, rolls, and large packages).

More information on Standard Post from USPS website

Media Mail

A cost efficient way to mail books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, and recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, and diskettes). This material cannot contain advertising except for incidental announcements of books. Maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 lbs.

More information on Media Mail from USPS website


Certified Mailing Slip

May only be combined with domestic First Class or Priority Mail. Insurance coverage is not provided as part of the Certified service. When you use Certified Mail, you can receive a receipt stamped with the date of mailing and tracking number. To receive this official record of the Post Office's acceptance of your mailpiece, you must leave the detachable receipt ATTACHED. An official postmark is required should you need to make a claim regarding your Certified piece. A unique article number allows you to verify delivery online here. Recipient's signature is obtained at the time of delivery and a record is maintained by the Post Office. For an additional fee, you can request a copy of the signature record before or after delivery with return receipt.

Shaded areas are required information. Place slip immediately to the right of the return address along the top edge of the envelope (this leaves enough room for postage - we require a 1" x 3" space in the top right corner) or on the back of a #10 envelope.

Click here for pricing information.


Intended to protect valuable or irreplaceable items. Items are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery, and can be insured up to $50,000 against loss or damage (see Insurance). You can also verify the date and time of delivery and the delivery attempts using the online tracking tool below.

Because of the secure nature of Registered mail, no stickers or labels may be used on the packaging. These could potentially be easily covered or replaced, so all addresses must be written or printed directly onto the piece. No previously-used packaging is allowed, and paper tape is required for all closures (available in the PPS office). No padded envelopes, tyvek, self-sealing envelopes, or window envelopes can be used.

Pricing information from USPS website

USPS Online tracking

Return Receipt

Return Reciept form front Return Reciept form back

Provides a hard copy proof of delivery automatically returned to you. Shows the recipient's signature and the date/time the piece was delivered. Commonly combined with Certified Mail to get both proof of mailing and proof of delivery. Can also be purchased for Registered Mail, mail insured for more than $50, and Express Mail.

Pricing information from USPS website

Restricted Delivery

Requires that your mail be delivered to a specific recipient. Helpful for private or highly classified documents that you require to be seen only by the addressee. Ensures that your mail is only delivered to the person you specify, or to the person authorized, in writing, to sign for the intended recipient. Mail for minors or persons under guardianship may be delivered to their parents or guardians.

Pricing information from USPS website

Delivery Confirmation form

Delivery Confirmation

Provides the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery. If delivery is to a business address a signiture will not be filed by the recipient. NOT AVAILABLE FOR FIRST CLASS; (Certified is recommended with first class as sending the item delivery confirmation will require priority service and will cost more than a first class item with certification). Available with Priority Mail, Standard Post, and Media Mail. Not available for APO/FPO destinations (military addressed) and U.S. territories and possessions. Information can be verified online here.

Pricing information from USPS website

Certificate of Mailing form front

Certificate of Mailing

Verifies that you've sent a letter or package. Provides a receipt showing evidence of the date your mail was presented to the Postal Service for mailing. Does NOT provide signature or tracking information. Available with First Class, Priority, Standard Post, Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter.

Pricing information from USPS website

Signature Confirmation form

Signature Confirmation

Requires a signature from the person who accepts your package. Provides signature, date, and time of delivery or attempted delivery using the online tracking tool below. A delivery record--including the recipient's signature--is maintained by the USPS and is available via fax or mail upon request. This service can slow down delivery if no one is available to sign for the item.

Pricing information from USPS website

USPS Online tracking

Insurance form


Insurance provides security for items valued at up to $50,000. Insure your package only for what its contents are worth; you're only covered for the actual value (for example, airline tickets are only worth the value of the paper they're printed on, not what you paid for the ticket; checks are worth the value of the paper and ink to print them, not the value the check is made out for). For items of greater value, try Registered Mail, which covers up to $25,000.

Pricing information from USPS website

Express Mail form

International Express

International Express Mail is the fastest international mail you can send through the postal service. It is faster than first class and priority, but also more expensive. This service does include tracking. It is the only express service that will deliver to military addresses and international post office boxes. It is a good choice for difficult or hard to reach addresses as the postal service in that country delivers the item.

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International Priority

International Priority Mail is an accelerated airmail service that provides customers with a reliable and economical means of sending correspondence, business documents, advertising messages, printed matter, and light-weight merchandise. It is faster than first class but slower than express. The weight limit is 4 pounds. This service is available to over 51 countries and territories worldwide. International Priority does NOT include tracking.

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First Class Air Mail

Air mail service lets you send letters around the world. Delivery USUALLY takes approximately one week but can take as much as 6 weeks if it is a difficult/out of the way location.

In order to attain efficient, timely distribution, as well as take advantage of reduced rates in times of budget crunches, we send large batches of air mail through World Distribution Services. With WDS we are able to offer you a reduced price for your first class airmail. If you prefer your airmail to go directly through the Postal Service, please let us know on your mail instruction card.

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International Registered

For International Registered items, customers can purchase registered mail service when they send letter-post, post/postal cards, and matter for the blind. Registered mail service is not available in combination with Standard Post or M-bags to one addressee.

Because of the secure nature of Registered mail, no stickers or labels may be used on the packaging. These could potentially be easily covered or replaced, so all addresses must be written or printed directly onto the piece. No previously used packaging is allowed, and paper tape is required for all closures (available in the PPS office). Additionally, no padded envelopes, no tyvek, no self-sealing envelopes, and no window envelopes can be used.

Pricing information from USPS website

Return Receipt form front Return Receipt form back

International Return Receipt

Return Receipt service provides the sender with confirmation of delivery for Registered Mail and insured parcels. Return receipts are available to a restricted number of countries for Global Express Mail. A return receipt must be purchased at the time of mailing. Some countries do not admit return receipts and many restrict this service to Registered Mail.

Pricing information from USPS website

Insurance form

International Insurance

Packages mailed to many destination countries can be insured against loss, damage, or rifling. Comparable insurance coverage is not available to senders who mail letter-post items to those same countries. Contact PPS for details about international insurance.

Pricing information from USPS website

Small customs form
Large customs form

Customs Information

When shipping through the United States Postal Service, international packages that contain ANYTHING other than documents (electronic versions of documents on CD or thumb drives do not constitute documents and will require a customs form) OR have a weight greater than 1lbs must have a customs declaration attached. We can provide this service if you let us know the contents and value of your package on the mail instruction card. As a general rule the more specific the description the more quickly the package clears customs.

Small customs forms (Form 2976) are for packages weighing 1 to 4 lbs. If you would like to fill out the form yourself Postal and Parcel can send your paper copies or you can fill it out on the USPS website here.

Large customs forms (Form 2976-A) are for packages weighing 4 lbs and over. While a paper option is available the postal service would prefer a form filled out and printed through their online system. You can follow this link, fill out the information, and attach the form yourself.

A detailed description of the contents should be filled in. Approxmate value is required. As a general rule the more specific the description the more easily the package can get through customs.