Other Campus Mail Services

Campus Express

Campus express is designed for single, small packages (under 20 lbs) that need to be delivered between 1 and 4 pm during normal University business days. Due to staffing constraints this option may not be available at all times. If you need to utilize this service please contact Postal and Parcel as soon as possible to discuss availability and charges.

Business Reply

no postage necessary

Business Reply Mail uses preprinted First-Class Mail pieces for which you, not your customer, pay the return postage. The benefit of business reply mail is that you pay for only the pieces that are actually mailed back, instead of putting a stamp on each piece and paying for envelopes that may not be returned. Postal and Parcel Services holds a permit for the whole university, which allows us to help you keep fees down by combining the volumes of business reply mail from all the departments on campus.

The US Postal Service's specifications for business reply postcards and envelopes are very strict. ISU Printing Services can help you create these documents to assure the correct information is included (294-3601). Postal and Parcel handles the return of the mail but does not print the permit on any item.

You will need to have a Postal barcode number set up in order to use this service. Along with your return campus address, it will be printed directly on your business reply piece. You may contact Postal and Parcel about this (294-7790).

The USPS returns Business Reply Mail to us each day. We then sort and return the mail to you with a slip noting the charges, number of pieces, and the P-number billed. The cost of each item is postage plus 11 cents.

Postage Due

Postage due consists of incoming mail that does not have sufficient postage on it. As many people receive mail through us, we have compiled a list of postal barcode numbers to bill for these charges (usually a general department fund account). A slip noting the charges and billed P-number will be forwarded to the recipient along with the mail piece. The number it is billed to can be changed within a reasonable time limit by calling Postal and Parcel (294-7790).

Charges can be refused (also within a reasonable time limit), in which case the piece will be returned to the sender, who will have to pay the amount shorted as well as postage back to their location to get the item back. If they wish to send the item out they will have to pay postage again to have it delivered.

return label

Merchandise Returns

Merchandise returns is another form of business reply, usually intended for parcels that will be sent out from and returned to ISU. Labels can be purchased from Postal and Parcel at a cost of 23 cents each.

The return address and P-number to be charged is written in the upper left hand corner and the label can then be included in items to be returned. Cost for return is $1.25 cents plus postage.

If 'Insurance Desired by Shipper' line is not crossed off you may be charged for $500 insurance on the item.
This is available only for USPS items. For FedEx or UPS a return airbill can be requested for unregulated domestic shipments.