Room Reservation Request

This form is for use by ISU departments only.

This form is for scheduling of special events only. Requests for course scheduling should be made using the Kuali Course Offering Change Form.

If your event or program will include youth under 18 years of age, you will need to contact the Office of Risk Management. They will assist you through the approval process.

To reserve a room, please complete the form below. Fields marked with * are required.

Note: this is only a reservation request. Room Scheduling will send you a confirmation notice if your request is approved. This typically happens within two business days, but may be longer during our busy times.

As part of the University's comprehensive effort to conserve energy and save money, activities will generally only be scheduled into buildings normally open and operational in the evenings.

Rooms that may be scheduled through Room Scheduling

Rooms scheduled through other departments


As sponsors of this activity, we agree to abide by the university policies and procedures that apply to use of this space. We assume the responsibility of clean up and guarantee payment for any damages.
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