FP&M Service Guide

Planning, Design, Construction

The four divisions of Facilities Planning and Management that are responsible for the planning, design, and construction of facilities on the property of Iowa State University are Space Planning and Management, Campus Planning, University Architect, and Design and Construction Services. These four units share these responsibilities and collaborate to meet client expectations and manage changes and improvements to university facilities to enable departments to meet the institution's mission and goals. These efforts include pre-planning analysis, planning studies, facility programming, project management, design, and construction.

Space Planning and Management

Space Planning and Management staff provides classroom scheduling, space management, and capital planning/analysis in support of university programs and facilities. This unit also manages the facilities inventory database for the institution. If you have any questions regarding Planning Services, please call 294-5658.

Campus Planning

Campus Planning is responsible for master planning, site planning, and landscape design for the campus environment. If you have any questions regarding Campus Planning, please call 294-6001.

University Architect

The office of the University Architect is responsible for providing aesthetic and technical design leadership to ensure that project goals are achieved and the overall quality of the campus and its facilities is maintained. It leads the project initiation process and selection of design professionals for all major projects and provides architectural and engineering guidance during the design process. If you have any questions regarding the office of the University Architect, please call 294-4408.

Design and Construction Services

Design and Construction Services is responsible for managing the design, bidding, contract, and construction phases of new construction and remodeling projects including capital project management, in-house architectural, engineering, and interior design, and management of projects at farms and agricultural facilities owned and operated by the university. If you have any questions regarding Design and Construction Services, please call (515) 294-0563.