FP&M Service Guide

How to Request FP&M Services

Emergency Repair/ After-Hour Repair

An emergency repair is any repair that regardless of size or expense needs immediate attention to protect life or property. (Please call 911 for fire or medical emergencies.) The FP&M Service Center (294-5100) handles emergency repair calls.
The Service Center phone (294-5100) is answered around the clock, seven days a week. FP&M staff answer the phone during normal business hours Monday through Friday. After-hour emergency calls are routed to FP&M on-call personnel who will notify the appropriate staff to investigate and make necessary repairs.

Major Repair/Facility Improvement

A major request is any repair or change to an existing facilities component (buildings, grounds, or utilities) that costs more than $1,000. This includes improvements, alterations, repairs, renovations, or remodeling.
Submit these types of requests using the FP&M Request for Services form or by calling the Service Center (515) 294-5100. These requests may require dean or department head approval.

Minor Repair/Routine Maintenance

A minor request and routine maintenance is any repair to an existing facilities component that generally takes eight hours or less labor or costs less than $1,000. Repairs or installs for departmentally owned equipment, furniture, etc. is a department expense.
These requests can be submitted using our FP&M Request for Services form or by calling the FP&M Service Center (294-5100).
When calling the Service Center 294-5100, be ready to provide the following information:
  1. Your name and phone number
  2. Building name or exact location
  3. Room number
  4. Description of the problem, specifying if the problem is an emergency (see definition above)
  5. Account number if the request is a departmental expense (We may need follow-up paperwork for phoned in departmentally funded requests.)

Department Jobs

Departments may request departmentally funded jobs using the FP&M Request for Services form. If the request is minor, you may call 294-5100.