Portable Generator Rental Rates

ISU Utilities rents portable electric generators for a variety of needs. Currently available are small generators rated between 1.8 and 5 kilowatts and one large generator rated at 300 kilowatts. Contact Randy Larabee at 294-2716 or by email for more information.


Small Generators

The small generators are gasoline units that can be transported by most any vehicle. Typical uses are for events that require 120 volts for small sound systems or limited catering equipment in remote locations where other power is not available. Connection to the equipment is by standard extension cords. These units have capacities that range from 15 to 40 amps at 120 volts single phase, i.e. similar to standard electrical receptacles. All rates assume the equipment is kept by the user for one day, overnight or over a weekend.

Service Fee
Pickup and return to Utilities by renter during normal work hours: $25 for students
$75 for non-students
Deliver and pickup by Utilities Staff: Time and material rates will be charged

Large Generator

This generator is a large portable diesel engine unit rated at 300 kilowatts on a triple axel trailer that requires delivery by Utilities Staff and appropriate space to park and set-up for service. Typical uses for this generator would be locations that require three phase power at either 120/208 volts or 277/480 volts in remote locations where other power sources are not available or to provide power to a building during an interruption of normal electrical service. Connection to this generator requires approved distribution equipment be rented from Utilities or provided by the user. The generator has a maximum output of 800 amps per phase at 120/208 volts or 350 amps per phase at 277/480 volts.

Setting Up or Tearing Down

Includes Set Up, Tear Down, and instructions on operation. The first 400 kWH of operation is included in the Set Up.

Service Fee
Base Generator Rental Rate $500
One set 400 amp cables (50' x 4 cables) $120
Run charges over 400 kWH $0.75 per kWH used between 400 and 700
Run charges over 700 kWH $0.50 per kWH used between 700 and 1000
Run charges over 1000 kWH $0.25 per kWH used above 700

Large Generator charge out procedure

A work order, billed to customers account number, shall be created in FAMIS and will cover the following work:

  1. All rental costs of equipment.
  2. Set-up consisting of delivery of generator to job-site, connecting the cables to the generator only, setting up the generator grounding system, testing the generator for proper operation, providing operating instructions to the renter, and any programming/set-up of the generator controls and breaker.
  3. Tear-down consists of disconnecting the cables from the generator only, and removal of the generator and cables from the site.
  4. Delivery of cables to the site regardless of footage required.
  5. The cost (equipment and labor) of transporting the generator by Utilities personnel shall be charged to Work Order.
  6. Fuel cost for running generator is coved in the equipment rental rate.

All other work associated with the generator usage shall be charged directly to the Work Order. Examples of this are as follows:

  1. Routing, connection and layout of the cables between the generator and the loads being served is on a time and material basis.
  2. Pickup of cables between the generator and load will be completed on a time and material basis by Utilities personnel.
  3. Any other cleanup of materials used, as part of the rental, will be on a time and material basis.
  4. Requests from the renter to have stand-by staff or equipment operators on-site will be on a time and material basis and charged to the Work Order.
  5. Any and all damage to generator, cables, or other equipment shall be charged to Work Order.
  6. The cost of setting up portable lighting, if needed for after-hours, will be charged to Work Order.