Keys and Locks

Keys and locks can be requested for all university buildings except for those managed by Ames Laboratory and the Department of Residence.

Key Fees

Note: Fees are assessed to the key holder.

Item Fee
University doors No fee
Miscellaneous keys $5.00
Pick up after 30 days $25.00
Lost or stolen keys $30.00
Non-returned keys $30.00

Key Requests

Note: Keys are the property of Iowa State University and are issued to authorized key holders only through key requests.

Keys can be requested for:

  • University doors with locks
  • Miscellaneous locks such as desk, filing cabinets, padlocks, etc.

To request keys:

Contact your department coordinator

If your keys do not work:

Contact your department coordinator to request a replacement key.

Key Pickup, Return or Transfer

Key Pickup

Key requests are typically available by noon the following business day. Pick up your key request form from your department coordinator and take it with you to Building Security Services.

Key pickup is at Building Security Services. Keys must be picked up within 30 days unless other arrangements have been made with Building Security Services. After the 30 days, you will be charged a $25.00 fee per order and the key request is canceled.

Key Return

A $30.00 per key fee is assessed for non-returned keys.

Return your key to Building Security Services. You will receive a receipt for keys returned.

Key Transfer

Keys are not to be loaned out and must remain in the possession of the key holder. Duplication of keys is strictly prohibited. Keys may be transferred from one employee to another or additional keys can be requested.

To transfer keys:
  1. Contact your department coordinator to initiate the transfer and obtain the Key Transfer Form
  2. Obtain the necessary signatures on the Key Transfer Form
  3. Return the completed transfer form to Building Security Services

Key Audit

An annual audit is required by the Office of Internal Audit. The audits are initiated every year in January. All keyholders will receive an email notification from Building Security Services at that time, asking them to verify the keys they have.

If you have questions about the audit or require assistance, contact Building Security Services.

Lost, Stolen, or Found Keys

Report Lost or Stolen Keys

A $30.00 fee per key will be assessed for lost or stolen keys, whether or not the keys need to be replaced.

If you discover your keys are lost or stolen:
Notify your department coordinator or the Key Desk immediately.

Found Keys

Turn the keys over to Building Security Services.

Lock Requests

To request a lock change

Enter a Famis360 work order. Emergency lock changes may be requested through the FPM Service Center (515) 294-5100. Emergency changes are subject to additional fees.

If a lock is broken

Enter a Famis360 work order.