Cemetery Regulations


Those persons who have served the university continuously for a period of at least 20 years and who have attained the rank of Tenured Assistant Professor or higher, or equivalent non-academic rank with Professional and Scientific classification of P19 or P20, are eligible for burial in the cemetery, along with their spouse and any unmarried children who have not established a home of their own.

Termination of employment with the university must have been occasioned by retirement or death of the staff member to be eligible for assignment of space in the cemetery. Staff members meeting the length of service and rank requirements may be assigned space in the cemetery for burial of a spouse or unmarried child who has not established a home of their own if the staff member is actively serving the university at the time of need.

A request for permission to enter a person who is not eligible by these criteria may be submitted to:

Cemetery Coordinators
Chris Strawhacker and Rhonda Martin
Facilities Planning and Management
200 General Services Building
700 Wallace Rd
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-4013

The Cemetery Coordinators will consult with the members of the University Cemetery Committee to determine whether the requirements can be waived in that instance.


Space in the cemetery is assigned at the time of need. Space in the cemetery may not be reserved in advance of need.


The charge for the lot is due at the time of the first interment on the lot. The charge for opening and closing the grave is assessed as service is provided. The charges are as follows:

Lot Charges

  • Single burial lot - $500 (average size 4'x12')
  • Double burial lot - $1000 (average size 8'x12')
  • Cremation lot - $400 (average size 4'x8')

Interment Charges (FY18)

  • Conventional burial - $924
  • Cremation - $461
  • Exhumation (conventional or cremation) - $1847
  • Winter burial - $185 additional
  • Weekend/Holidays - $308 additional

Note: Fiscal Year FY19 begins on July 1, 2018.

Interment Charges (FY19)

  • Conventional burial - $961
  • Cremation - $479
  • Exhumation (conventional or cremation) - $1921
  • Winter burial - $192 additional
  • Weekend/Holidays - $320 additional


Markers must be flat or flush with the surrounding ground of the grave. An additional $1,000 fee will be assessed in cases where a marker does not meet that criteria. Markers that fall within this category shall not exceed a maximum height of six inches. This regulation is not applicable to the Memorial Reservation section of the cemetery, which is reserved for deceased presidents of the university and their families. No temporary markers are allowed. Foundations for markers shall be of concrete and shall extend the length and width of the marker with a depth of four feet.


Mowing, filling and general maintenance of the cemetery is provided by the university. No additional charges are made for this service.


No trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. may be planted in the cemetery unless special permission is obtained from the Cemetery Committee.


Cut flowers will be removed weekly by university personnel. Potted plants will be removed at such times as necessary to maintain a sightly appearance in the cemetery. Potted plants shall be in containers suitable for anchoring to the ground without digging. Permanent, round plant holders with caps set flush with the ground are permitted.