Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
1/17/2023 252575 4182 ATRB Environmental room 4182-1 is not cooling to 22C - it is fluctuating with room temperature. RSE15 Megan Harrison On Hold
3/3/2023 265302 1302 ATRB ATRB Facility classroom 1302- Southeast window shade is removed and laying on the floor at the base of the window. Needs repaired or replaced. Michael Fields Assigned
3/6/2023 265445 6326 ATRB bay 6326 has the EAST roof vent stuck OPEN. Could be a capacitor or motor? This is a critical and time sensitive repair. If the wind blows hard from the east it could rip the roof vent of and lead to expensive repairs.. it is presently wasting much heat energy. Jeff Lamb has experience. Someone needs to examine this vent now! call Pete with questions 294-2100. I have checked the breakers and controls...all correct. Peter Lawlor On Hold
3/9/2023 265914 6322 ATRB West ridge vent shaft needs bearing replaced and to be reconnected with parts on site. Jeff Lamb would be the best technician for this repair. I have shown him the issue. Pete 294-2100 Peter Lawlor On Hold
3/9/2023 265915 6322 ATRB Shade curtain/thermal blanket needs leading rod repair. Jeff Lamb would be the best technician for this repair. I have shown him the issue. Pete 294-2100 Peter Lawlor Assigned
3/31/2023 268591 5182A ATRB Animal Room 5182-A is around 79° and should be between 70°-73° - Dean Issacson would like to be kept up to speed with the progress of this fix . His cell phone number is (515) 291-3682 Dean Isaacson Assigned
4/3/2023 272163 ATRB call back-AHU-3 off on high static DPS dispatch DPS Assigned
4/11/2023 272962 5182A ATRB Animal room is too hot, running 79 and needs to be 71-72 degrees Dean Isaacson Assigned
6/23/2023 288030 3180 ATRB Lab cleanout for Amber Crowley-Gall Jason Terry Closed
7/12/2023 293864 6318 ATRB East vent strut has broken a shaft; the vent is partially open and needs to be closed as it is leaking rain inside. It will take a 24'' extension ladder to reach the vent motor and strut pipe to operate manually.. I have parts to repair this unit. I now have three of 9 greenhouse bays that need attention. The other two go back to March 2023. They are still open work orders. Lamb knows these units. door code is 123456 Peter Lawlor Assigned
7/19/2023 295275 ATRB There is unusual higher pressure in the whole ATRB. Thomas Maier Open
7/20/2023 295367 GENERAL ATRB There is too much air pressure on the 4th floor and the the AHU is very loud. The temperature is also starting to rise and it is getting warmer on this floor as well. Donna Moore Open
8/7/2023 301211 1336A ATRB This lab gets too warm when in use. Please check into this for Fall Semester since this lab is used a lot. Nicholas Peters Open
8/16/2023 302404 6322 ATRB ATTN: JLamb -someone complained about the noise from the ridge vents during operation tracked it down to RM 6322 Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
11/10/2023 323511 2100 ATRB The room is too hot. Bruna Wojahn Assigned
12/11/2023 329676 0342 ATRB Auto scrubber only runs for 30 minutes battery light starts blinking could you check the batteries?? It was on charger all weekend checked charger lights all work checked plug in (E024686) Jolene McFarland Closed
12/19/2023 330521 ATRB Solid particulate in the cooling system can lead to water pump and seal abrasion and subsequent leakage, copper and aluminum corrosion, and plugged oil cooler and radiator. Assess severity of contamination, and consider filtration or flushing as means to clean coolant reservoir if necessary. Magnetic precipitate can cause abrasive damage to liner and water pump seal rubbers and current corrosion of soft metals. Check for sources of overheating. Anthony Gervais Closed
1/26/2024 337279 2140 ATRB Stack a lab incubator on top of an identical unit. The crew was awesome helping us move the incubators from another lab a few weeks ago but the equipment used to stack the units was not available that day. This is not urgent Clarice Schmidt Assigned
2/14/2024 342548 ATRB Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot access issues on freight elevator. { neither top or bottom access switch is working properly } also need to look at the passenger elevator { sometimes go into nudging as the doors are closing maybe just a timer adjustment } Nicholas Smith Assigned
2/15/2024 342686 ATRB Hi all, It was reported that the patio/sidewalk outside the north entrance to ATRB has a large crack and the sidewalk is of different heights making it a tripping hazard. This is outside of 1310 ATRB exterior doors. Thanks, Donna Donna Moore Assigned
3/1/2024 344720 1330 ATRB Ceiling leak - tile is very wet Wendy Bates Assigned
3/22/2024 349679 0300 ATRB Very slight water leak dripping from the ceiling outside of room 0338. Sandra Bodholdt Assigned
4/15/2024 355887 4160 ATRB Chemical cabinet needs to be treated for rust and repainted within the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm. Seema Rani Raychaudhuri Assigned
4/16/2024 356066 5341 ATRB Staff working in this room have suggested the room is almost always too cold. The radiators are cool to the touch, despite the ones just outside this room being warm. Staff also attempted to adjust the thermostat, but the room temperature did not change. The staff is hoping to have the room approximately 70-72 degrees if possible. Thanks! Kathleen Ross Assigned
4/29/2024 357838 ATRB Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot open safety string. ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Assigned
5/6/2024 362193 1350 ATRB Panel is beeping with no flashing lights or message. Donna Moore Closed
5/13/2024 362726 1350 ATRB Fire Panel is alarming in 1350 ATRB. Donna Moore Closed
5/13/2024 362835 1302 ATRB broken chair, by whiteboard in front of room Janet Schneider Closed
5/16/2024 363248 ATRB Panel in the west entryway says - Fault #1 status Sandra Bodholdt Closed
5/21/2024 363708 0340 ATRB ATRB - Basement Mech Room 0340 VFD's 18 and 20 - both have a display that is not lighting up when the button is pushed? No display visible, please verify that the display is functional at this time. Thank you- Michael Fields Assigned
5/21/2024 363709 0340 ATRB ATRB - Basement Mech room 0340 = East side of basement A flow meter/sight glass is bad and leaking water that needs to be removed/replaced within the system. This unit is located between floor pumps PHWP1 and PHWP2. Michael Fields Assigned
5/21/2024 363710 0340 ATRB ATRB - Basement Mech Room 0340 - East Elevation Chemical tanks CTK2 and CTK3 both need to be removed and replaced with new tanks as they have reached their service life and are leaking at the lid locations. (Not sure these tanks are designed for this hot water system as the cooler water system tanks seem to last a lot longer with less corrosion buildup?) Michael Fields Assigned
5/22/2024 363869 6340 ATRB ATRB Penthouse Mech Room 6340 The following VFD display screens are not working: VFD 10 VFD11 VFD12 VFD13 VFD14 Please verify failure. Thanks- Michael Fields Open
5/29/2024 364924 4186 ATRB Autoclave not working. Hi Joe, The autoclave sterilizer (ATC4/Autoclave E052904; Boiler Nbr: NB5736) at the 4th floor of ATRB doesn’t work. It shows the door 1 is unsealed. I made an Emergency stop. Now the door is closed and I can’t move my reagents out. It would be appreciated if you could email me how to open the door. Thanks, Weihui Joe Judge Closed
5/29/2024 364947 ATRB Hi all, the blankets in the west elevator are missing some of the brass grommets for the mounting peg holes. Would FPM be able to install new grommets to the existing blankets? If so, could you please provide an estimate for this work? Those look like standard heavy-duty two-piece brass grommets that hammer together. These are 0.75" inside diameter, 1" outside diameter. Might want to go up a size for damaged fabric around the holes. Donna Moore Assigned
5/29/2024 365018 5210 ATRB Small amount of water seeping out under baseboard outside 5210 door. We don't see a leak in our autoclave room behind that wall. Leak from 6th floor coming down inside wall? Joel Severinghaus Assigned
6/3/2024 368512 5187 ATRB Equipment in this room keep showing errors that voltage is too low or voltage is variable. Is it possible to check the voltage at the outlets in the room? Please contact Soheyl Mirzababaei ( for specific information. Kathleen Ross Assigned
6/3/2024 368515 5105 ATRB Hello! Our walk in cold room (5105 ATRB) has had an issue of mold growing. We have cleaned all the surfaces with a cleaner containing bleach, however, the fans and condensers in the ceiling of the cold room have quite a bit of mold. Would it be possible to have these cleaned? Please let me know if it is possible and if it would require a lengthy shut down of the cooler, as we would need to find temporary storage for temperature sensitive materials. Thank you! Kathleen Ross Closed
6/3/2024 368531 5105 ATRB For EHS to test for mold. From my Request #368515: "Our walk in cold room (5105 ATRB) has had an issue of mold growing. We have cleaned all the surfaces with a cleaner containing bleach, however, the fans and condensers in the ceiling of the cold room have quite a bit of mold. Would it be possible to have these cleaned? Please let me know if it is possible and if it would require a lengthy shut down of the cooler, as we would need to find temporary storage for temperature sensitive materials. Thank you! " Gail Koobs Closed
6/6/2024 368857 GENERAL ATRB Small light in atrium is out along the long wall Jolene McFarland Closed
6/6/2024 368935 ATRB Domestic Water Valve output - Process cooling water. Kimberlee Skelton Closed
6/10/2024 369047 6302 ATRB The damper fan in the south end of the greenhouse is frozen, humming, and needs replaced. It has been shut off at the hallway Argus service panel. I have opened the damper louvers via the Argus control software. Call me if you need assistance. Thanks! Pete 294-2100 Peter Lawlor Assigned
6/10/2024 369048 6326 ATRB Could Jeff Lamb finish the east vent motor repair for this greenhouse bay??? It failed in Spring of 2023 and needs his attention. Call me with questions . Thanks! Pete 515-294-2100 Peter Lawlor Assigned
6/10/2024 369049 6322 ATRB Could Jeff Lamb repair the NW corner shade curtain rod pipe that has failed. It has been in disrepair since the spring of 2023 and needs his attention. Thanks! Pete call me with questions 515-294-2100 Peter Lawlor Assigned
6/10/2024 369067 1311 ATRB Hi all, I would like to request a lock change for the 1311 ATRB kitchenette door to match the 1330 ATRB conference room key - 1CAA40. PG112831 DD15539 Thanks, Donna Donna Moore Closed
6/10/2024 369091 5186 ATRB The autoclave ATC 13 is leaking condensate on the floor and carried into the hallway. Both Jacket and chamber valves need replaced. Joe Joe Judge Closed
6/14/2024 369557 4120 ATRB There is a slow drip of water coming from a safety shower installed between 4120 and 4140 ATRB. Phone number: 515-509-1927 Thomas Maier Assigned
6/17/2024 369680 2124 ATRB Hi Donna, There are two places that light bulbs (fluorescent) need replaced in the ATRB second-floor rearing room: ATRB 2124A-1 and ATRB 2124A A-1. Both are inside the hallway door to the Rearing Room, which has the number 2124-1. Could you report these to maintenance, or is that someone else’s job? Thanks, Joel Joel R. Coats, Ph.D. Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor Emeritus Department of Entomology 2007 ATRB, 2213 Pammel Drive Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011-1101 Donna Moore Closed
6/18/2024 369727 ATRB There is water on the floor in the Atrium from the fountain into the atrium area. Request clean up. Donna Moore Closed
6/25/2024 371553 1330 ATRB Not very cool in the office. Its cooler in the hallway. Sandra Bodholdt Closed
6/25/2024 371592 ATRB ATRB, AHU-3, SAT reads 112 degrees. since June 24th, see trend MAT = 66 Check connections: 129B6FC, Remote address -6, slot -1 , IN-1 Donald Boyle Assigned
6/27/2024 372514 4166 ATRB The freeze dryer located in 4166-1 needs the vacuum oil change like Pump Oil. I will let know if I find more details about this. Seema Rani Raychaudhuri Closed
6/27/2024 372549 GENERAL ATRB One person trapped in the west elevator at ATRB. 1st floor. Kimberlee Skelton Assigned
6/28/2024 372609 1344A ATRB Hi all, I would like to have FPM install a broom holder (already purchased) in the 1344 ATRB kitchenette. The holder has two screws that go into the wall and recessed holes on the back on the broom holder to slide over the screw head. PG112831 DD15539 Thanks, Donna Donna Moore Closed
6/28/2024 372613 ATRB Freight elevator is not working. No other information was presented. Sandra Bodholdt Assigned
7/2/2024 375087 ATRB Have Schumacher Elevator order new elevator wall pads/ curtains for the freight elevator [ the Schumacher number they will need to look this information up in SO-37414 ] ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Assigned
7/2/2024 375130 0344 ATRB Seed storage room is not keeping the proper humidity levels. Seema Rani Raychaudhuri Assigned
7/5/2024 375465 ATRB Call back from DPS fire panel trouble BSMT CORR VESDA -M1-45 sensor trouble Att. Tim Kelley Timothy Kelley Closed
7/5/2024 375508 ATRB wet speaker 2nd floor 2142 warn bell 3-1-21 no answer Att. Tim Kelley Timothy Kelley Closed
7/9/2024 375683 0342 ATRB EO24653 floor scrubber compact runs but does suck up water Jolene McFarland Assigned
7/12/2024 376052 4311 ATRB The power has been off to outlets L4F-33 in room 4311 of the Advanced Training and Research Building (ATRB) for several months. Can the circuit be flipped so power is returned to these outlets? Thank you! Phone number: 5152945571 Gwyn Beattie Assigned