Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
3/16/2023 266617 1011 COOVER floor is coming up by front pillar next to window Laverne Williams Materials-Awaiting
4/20/2023 273625 M1120 COOVER Pipe on ceiling in M1120 Closet leaks on the floor when you poor water down the floor drain in second floor bathroom. Pipe is very rusty. Rachel Hall Assigned
4/20/2023 273686 2048 COOVER There is a leak in the windows on the west side of Coover 2048 Leland Harker Assigned
6/16/2023 287410 0001A COOVER Weld piping connections to heating water system. William Webster Open
7/19/2023 294863 GENERAL COOVER The roof over old Coover is billowing due to pressure issues in the building. Please check this out asap to see what can be done to prevent any further damages. John Breon Open
7/19/2023 295311 2135 COOVER There is a cracked window in this office. Can this be replaced? Lynne Dubert Closed
7/19/2023 295315 3231 COOVER We are requesting a new air unit be put in this office in Coover Hall. Brad Swanson and James Long have given us an estimate for this project. They were told we needed to an official request. The worktag to use for this is SG0549612 Lynne Dubert Closed
8/18/2023 302729 3038 COOVER The air conditioning is not working in 3038. It also seems to be effecting several rooms on the west side of the 3rd floor hallway. Leland Harker Open
8/21/2023 302753 1016 COOVER lights out. t-8. I replaced bulbs. Paul Clark Assigned
8/21/2023 302758 COOVER CALL BACK - AHU12 off Joshua Bremer Closed
8/21/2023 302805 2220 COOVER See that the broken window panes at Coover, 2220, are repaired. Gail Koobs Assigned
8/28/2023 304742 1025 COOVER Lights out over mirror. i replaced bulbs Paul Clark Assigned
9/12/2023 309539 M1300 COOVER Safety walk find. Possible steam leak needs to be investigated. See attached photo. Anthony Gervais Closed
10/5/2023 315855 1021 COOVER Elevator is making a metallic clicking sound when in motion. Paul Clark Assigned
10/13/2023 316554 COOVER Domestic water value high alarm, process cooling. Kimberlee Skelton Assigned
11/1/2023 318710 1132 COOVER this is concerning the windows in this room. Some of these windows may be broken, and there is air coming through. Can the windows in this room be looked at to see what maintenance needs to be done on them? I was told by one of the occupants that someone came to look at the windows at one time, but nothing was done. Lynne Dubert Assigned
11/2/2023 322891 1212 COOVER There were new desks put in this suite of offices, and some shelving removed from the wall, but many holes were left that need to be patched up and painted. I did speak to someone about this, (not sure who) but we have not had a status report. Lynne Dubert Assigned
11/7/2023 323220 3209 COOVER This room has been emptied as we are getting newer desks here, however we see so much damage now, like the sagging, unattached venting system along the wall, and a large hole in the wall, a window that will not open or close. Although we are going to get the room painted, we thought this stuff should be addressed before that. The painters will paint the venting. We are in a bind as the students need to be back in their space. We are requesting this room be looked at asap. Lynne Dubert Assigned
11/10/2023 323448 E1116 COOVER Elevator #1 in Coover E116 is stuck on first floor and won't move up or down EO22033 Rachel Hall Assigned
11/10/2023 323489 3209 COOVER This is concerning the windows. Although we reported a broken one, the maintenance fellow came over and stated the windows were not to be opened, so that is settled, however there is some metal stripping missing from between a few of the windows, so the asbestos is not covered up now. is there anything that can be put up to replace the wide metal strips? And the professor of the room then wanted to have the windows sealed around the openings. Thank you! Lynne Dubert Assigned
11/27/2023 324868 E2116 COOVER Elevator #1 in Coover Hall the old side E2116 EO22033 is stuck on second floor and will not move up or down. It will only open the door on second floor Rachel Hall Assigned
12/12/2023 329784 1318 COOVER UVU1 - Fan coil is leaking - has at least 2 holes Benjamin Adams Assigned
12/14/2023 330112 3133 COOVER The 2 doors in this room, that lead to the hall, slam hard and loudly when people go in and out. Is there a way to make the door close slower, and quieter? thank you. Lynne Dubert Assigned
12/22/2023 331219 E1116 COOVER Old Elevator in Coover #1 E1116 is stuck on First floor and will not move up to 2nd or 3rd floor. EO22033 Rachel Hall Assigned
1/10/2024 335493 E2116 COOVER Elevator on old side of Coover #1 E2116 is stuck on 2nd floor and will not move up or down. Rachel Hall Assigned
1/10/2024 335540 COOVER Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot break issue ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Closed
1/12/2024 335816 COOVER Coover Hall - Panel Trouble Christine Crockett Assigned
1/16/2024 335854 1109 COOVER Called in. Door not secured. Jason Thompson Materials-Awaiting
1/17/2024 336158 1111 COOVER I am checking to confirm that the heating for Coover Hall has been "activated". I think it was turned down for the holidays. Room 1111, a staff office, is extremely cold, 50's. I wanted to see if there is something to be done for this room, or will it take time to warm up? Thank you! Lynne Dubert Assigned
2/20/2024 343086 COOVER Fire panel trouble positive Earth ground in north transponder Dustin Limoges Assigned
3/14/2024 348933 1021 COOVER elevator jerks and shakes when moving Paul Clark Assigned
3/22/2024 349614 1011 COOVER Please send this request to Justin Abbott. I have visited with Brady about the flooring in Coover 1011, which is starting to come up. I would like to work with the Shops to partner with the cost for removal and polishing of the floor. There will not be a new flooring going back into the room. So hoping Brady can help with this project. It is a project that can be scheduled for the summer between May 13 - August 9, 2024. Thank you. Katie B. Kathleen Baumgarn Assigned
3/22/2024 349687 2060 COOVER AED Cabinet on 2nd floor False Alarms Alex Wiley Assigned
3/28/2024 350848 3201 COOVER Light out in office. Paul Clark Closed
4/1/2024 351125 2245 COOVER Evaluate air quality per below email received in the service center. Coover room 2245 needs to be updated. I was in there for an exam review the other day and I have allergies to mold and dust. I was in there for probably no more than 20 minutes before I started breaking out in rashes from all the dust and mold in that room. I would not care except I have a class only offered in that room next semester which means every time I have a class I am going to break out with rashes on my arms and shoulders. With how fast my reaction was I would assume that something filthy is in the vents or something which is very unhealthy for students. After about 45 minutes I was starting to feel sticky as well from the air. I hope you guys can update it or at least clean out all the vents and everything in preparation for next semester otherwise the class I have in there is going to be a terrible experience for me. If you can't do anything I understand but the room is literally a health hazard for me. Amanda Kramer Assigned
4/2/2024 354724 2018 COOVER We are facing an issue with the Coover 2018 Schlage door lock. The lock is not unlocking for anyone and we have to use the master key every time to open it. When I tried to reprogram the lock, it displayed an error message that read "Error - No clock detected in the lock". As the Coover 2018 is a teaching lab, I would appreciate it if someone could come and test the lock as soon as possible. Mohamed Shahin Padiyath Puthenkattil Seethi Closed
4/3/2024 354953 3224 COOVER The light in my room is not working properly. the light is turned on one side of the tube. Also, the light makes noise because of it. Therefore, I request for a replacement. Lynne Dubert Closed
4/8/2024 355246 2245 COOVER Recommend a thorough inspection of the roof to determine the source of water damage to the ceiling tiles along the north and south wall of the space. Charles Rodgers Closed
4/10/2024 355466 GENERAL COOVER Estimate for Central States to do repairs to various hail damage areas. John Breon Assigned
4/11/2024 355511 1029 COOVER sink drain plugged,. i could not get it with my plunger,. Paul Clark Closed
4/11/2024 355512 1025 COOVER The left sink faucet is very loose, NOTE: the restroom right next to this one also has a plumbing issue which I turned in. Paul Clark Closed
4/11/2024 355627 2126 COOVER The air conditioner unit in this room is very noisy. Is it possible to get someone to look at it and service it? Thank you! Lynne Dubert Closed
4/15/2024 355814 2015 COOVER Chair needs new wheel. Marked with blue tape Paul Clark Closed
4/16/2024 355912 3231 COOVER Asses what needs to be done yet for the installation of a window air unit in RM 3231 Shaurya Purohit Closed
4/16/2024 356030 3107 COOVER The Trilogy lock battery was recently replaced, but now it cannot access any cards. Please check the lock. Mohamed Shahin Padiyath Puthenkattil Seethi Closed
4/17/2024 356151 2015 COOVER Adjust door hinges Gary Puls Closed
4/18/2024 356233 R1118 COOVER Toilet is clogged Amanda Kramer Closed
4/18/2024 356234 R1118 COOVER Clean up from urinal clog. Mark as out of order. Amanda Kramer Closed
4/24/2024 356678 D COOVER Patch needed on section D just west of the door to access the roof. See image for details. "ATTN: John Breon" Daniel Dankel Closed
4/24/2024 356745 3231 COOVER Replace AC disconnect. Short in wires and burnt. Travis Givens Assigned
4/26/2024 356942 2014 COOVER In Coover 2014, the ceiling light in the SE corner of the room is flickering, and looks like itâ?Ts about ready to go out. Phone number: 6417806101 Amanda Kramer Assigned
4/30/2024 357871 R2118 COOVER Urinal in Men's restroom R2118 in Coover Water sprays all over the top of the urinal when you flush it. Rachel Hall Assigned
5/1/2024 357963 3231 COOVER Window air unit is not working properly Amanda Kramer Closed
5/1/2024 357986 E1116 COOVER Old Elevator in Coover is stuck on first floor again Elevator 1 E1116 Rachel Hall Assigned
5/1/2024 357988 1121 COOVER There are lights in this room that are out and a bad odor coming from the lights. Amanda Kramer Closed
5/6/2024 362194 E1116 COOVER Old Elevator in Coover is stuck on first floor. Elevator #1 E1116 Rachel Hall Assigned
5/6/2024 362240 2245 COOVER Fire alarm went off for a second and flashed in the front to RM 2245 on the left. Timothy Bigelow Assigned
5/7/2024 362268 1126 COOVER One light in office 1126 is out Rachel Hall Assigned
5/10/2024 362615 2115 COOVER One light is out in Office 2115 Rachel Hall Assigned
5/10/2024 362641 1011 COOVER light out in class room John Moore Assigned
5/10/2024 362642 2245 COOVER chair B3 is missing a tablet John Moore Assigned
5/10/2024 362647 M1120 COOVER Upright Vacuum pro team1500 EO24611 the yellow warning light is on and makes a funny sound. Rachel Hall Materials-Awaiting
5/15/2024 363195 2135 COOVER The air is not working in this office. Please call Quinn for questions 515-708-3693 Amanda Kramer Materials-Awaiting