Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
2/16/2022 164623 0426 DESIGN There is a hardwired service box that serves as a disconnect to the laser cutters in the room. Part of that has a timer that tracks usage, one of those LCD timers is no longer turning on. Can we get an electrician out to take a look at the unit. Jeremy Thurlby Materials-Awaiting
4/25/2022 183302 DESIGN Investigate and Address Grade issues on East Side of the Building. Having issues with water seeping into Restroom R0075 causing mold issues. Christopher Saunders Open
10/24/2022 232147 0426 DESIGN Recreate wiring diagram that was lost for req. #164623: There is a hardwired service box that serves as a disconnect to the laser cutters in the room. Part of that has a timer that tracks usage, one of those LCD timers is no longer turning on. Can we get an electrician out to take a look at the unit. Jeremy Thurlby Materials-Awaiting
1/27/2023 254535 0038A DESIGN Actuator not opening for Exhaust Fan 2 - contact Collin Dodge if you need more information Jeremy Thurlby On Hold
2/13/2023 259342 0020 DESIGN There is an hard wired electrical relay in this shop that controls the dust collection system. When the signal power is turned off the relay is staying closed which results in the dust collection not turning off. Jeremy Thurlby Materials-Awaiting
4/10/2023 272811 0146A DESIGN We would like to make 146A into two offices. It is currently one office with a double door. Will need separate thermostats and lighting. See prior project PR024112 with details. Michael Miller Open
7/13/2023 293997 0077 DESIGN Chilled Water Line Dripping in Room 77 Daniel Isaacson Closed
7/17/2023 294281 DESIGN Hire Schumacher elevator to look at drive. Fault says cant communicate with drive. ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Closed
7/24/2023 295644 0044B DESIGN There is a water leak coming from the FCU in this room Jeremy Thurlby Closed
7/27/2023 296674 0303 DESIGN Heating copper pipe and heating fins are exposed,safety concern needs covers Michael Valline Closed
8/25/2023 304006 0189 DESIGN I am concerned that the giant fan that is in the design cafe is not properly working as the cafe usually stays decently cool even on the hottest days, but has been incredibly hot, and not really cooling down overnight like normal. This cafe is very small and very busy. This unit needs to be looked at before the cafe opens up at 7:30am and they close at 5pm. If there is a lot of dust that is going to be created we will need to look into clearing out food and equipment as it's positioned above our deli deck. Christy Eischeid Assigned
8/29/2023 304982 0282 DESIGN The window shades in this office are broken, can we get someone out to take look at them. Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
9/26/2023 311067 0426 DESIGN There is an led that does not light up in an electrical switch box. It controls the power to the laser cutters in the Output Center. The button functions perfectly fine but the notifying light does not shine. Dustin Smith Assigned
10/3/2023 315716 GENERAL DESIGN There is a person stuck in the passenger elevator on the 3rd floor. Michael Miller Assigned
10/9/2023 316038 E0104 DESIGN Elevator #2 is not responding. Jessica Hansen Assigned
10/10/2023 316190 DESIGN Passenger elevator # 2 has gone down. Michael Miller Assigned
10/11/2023 316361 0540 DESIGN Faculty have reported that this studio is meat locker freezing, Can we get someone out to take a look? Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
10/20/2023 317095 0146A DESIGN Parking intramural Abigail Zumpano Open
10/23/2023 317176 DESIGN Elevator # 2 is stuck on 1st floor Daniel Isaacson Assigned
10/26/2023 317519 E0104 DESIGN Elevator #2 is stuck on the 1st floor. Daniel Isaacson Assigned
11/16/2023 323843 0491 DESIGN It appears that the thermostat in this room is not working correctly. Could we have someone look at it please. Michael Miller Assigned
12/6/2023 329467 GENERAL DESIGN There are 4 people trapped in the elevator on the ground floor. Called in as the West elevator. Hillary Anderson Assigned
12/18/2023 330470 0044B DESIGN Insulate piping in rooms 44B and 77 since the fan coil units were replaced by Read Plumbing Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
12/19/2023 330577 C0006 DESIGN The handle on the drinking fountain in this corridor is broken. The handle is on top of the pop machine right next to the fountain. Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
12/21/2023 331162 DESIGN We have a number of emergency exit signs that are out or partially lit in the building. I have included the room number that the sign is closest to as well as the sign number itself. M070 exl76 East ext door c1070 Exl18 262 exl21 R225 exl24 295 exl29 334 exl34 R325 exl36 330 exl35 R475 exl52 499 exl50 416 Exl48 433 exl45 562 exl53 511 exl58 R525 exl57 Jeremy Thurlby Closed
1/5/2024 335084 R0125 DESIGN Intramural to Printing Joseph Stoberl Open
1/15/2024 335832 R0125 DESIGN Mens restroom feeling very cold. Women's restroom (R0175) warm. Christine Reinders-Caron Assigned
1/18/2024 336316 0038A DESIGN Can we please get someone out to look at the heating in this room? The temp is very cold and doesnt feeling like the heater above the door is putting off any heat. Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
1/19/2024 336435 C0103A DESIGN No heat in corridor rugs are not drying and cold Craig Strother Assigned
1/22/2024 336640 C0023 DESIGN Corridor is abnormally cold. Jessica Hansen Assigned
1/22/2024 336648 0077 DESIGN The new FCU in this room does not appear to being cycling off, faculty has reported it has been running continuously. Can we get someone out to check it out? Also is it possible to turn down the fan speed? The new unit is much louder than the previous. Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
1/23/2024 336806 DESIGN Passenger elevator 1 not working correctly - Travis Givens was called in and shut it down Travis Givens Assigned
1/23/2024 336822 0316 DESIGN The DoGE of this classroom has reported: "that when the door is closed in Design 316, they aren''t able to hear the fire alarm going off, even when it''s going off right outside the room. Last semester there was a day when the fire alarm went off in Design and it was only by chance that someone realized it was going off. I guess it''s loud enough once the door is open; but as soon as the door is closed it''s super-quiet." Can we get someone out to check to make sure that the alarm in that area is working properly? Jeremy Thurlby Open
2/20/2024 343130 R0125 DESIGN Can we get a tech out to look at the temp it this room? It is quite cool compared to the nearby rooms Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
2/20/2024 343132 R0125 DESIGN The custodial staff has bought it our attention there isnt a GFCI outlet at the sink, can we get a electrician to swap the outlet. Jeremy Thurlby Closed
2/20/2024 343133 R0175 DESIGN The custodial staff has bought it our attention there isnt a GFCI outlet at the sink, can we get a electrician to swap the outlet. Jeremy Thurlby Closed
2/22/2024 343356 C0115 DESIGN EXIT sign over exit door is loose from wall and leaning Craig Strother Assigned
2/27/2024 344314 E0105 DESIGN Elevator 1 is jumping when it stops on floors. Craig Strother Assigned
3/4/2024 348101 DESIGN Hire Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler to repair: Corroded pipe in room 1721-1, 1 inch diameter by 3 inch length black pipe threaded. 1 sprinkler head at first flr South West stairs is an upright head in pendant position; replace with 1/2" pendant fusible, brass 165 temp head. Lyle Bishop Open
3/5/2024 348244 0530 DESIGN Allsteel standing desk in room 530 ordered via FPM (# PR023972) is no longer functioning. Paul Bruski Assigned
3/9/2024 348644 R0125 DESIGN Per the client meeting that Chis went to with us at COD: Cover drain (make sure to put mineral oil in drain to prevent smell) temporarily as discussed on site; level floor removing the least number of tiles possible. Save any full tiles and give to Mike Miller. Carpet the area discussed with attic stock carpet identified by Interior Designer (Carrie Choudhury). Get transition strip from Carpet one to match when needed. Carpet should fit under new base. Leigh Wiand Closed
3/12/2024 348749 DESIGN Elevator #1 jumps before it comes to a full stop. Jessica Hansen Assigned
3/13/2024 348842 DESIGN Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot breaking issue ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Assigned
3/21/2024 349562 0050 DESIGN Professor stated he is hearing water dripping within the wall between 0050 and 0054. I tried listening and I can not hear it myself. Jeremy Thurlby Closed
3/25/2024 349881 0054A DESIGN we would like to get shades for room 054A, replace some water damaged wall covering in 054A and add track lighting similar to 054B Michael Miller Open
3/29/2024 350986 0211 DESIGN The main room lights are not turning on when turning on the switch and walking in the room. It does not appear that the indicator light on the motion sensor is coming on. Can we get an electrician out asap to fix the power packs or sensor? Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
4/1/2024 351169 M0224 DESIGN My bottom layer shelf collapsed Candice Yee Wong Closed
4/3/2024 354905 S0236 DESIGN The round light near the middle staircase is not working. Candice Yee Wong Closed
4/8/2024 355254 0003 DESIGN The sink in the front of the classroom is leaking, it appears to be coming from the drain pipe under the sink. Can we please get a plumber out to take a look. Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
4/9/2024 355310 0050 DESIGN 2 of the three lights in this space are very dim. Could they be replaced please. Michael Miller Closed
4/9/2024 355349 DESIGN We are requesting a large roll off dumpster here at College of Design(20 yard unit) Please place unit on the dock ramp and tight up against the building to still allow deliveries and garbage pickup. We would like it to be delivered Monday April 22nd You can give the driver my cell number if they have questions about drop off location 630-234-8912 Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
4/9/2024 355398 0038A DESIGN The exhaust fan for the kiln room has stopped working, it was working this morning and now will not start. It appears to be tripping the reset on the contactor. Can we get an electrician out to take a look asap? This unit needs to be operational to run the kilns for firing ceramics as the semester winds down. Jeremy Thurlby Closed
4/12/2024 355737 R0175 DESIGN toilet continuously flushing on 1st floor women's restroom in King Pavilion Shawnia Silverthorn Closed
4/16/2024 355911 R0175 DESIGN Door handle is loose; ready to pull apart Craig Strother Closed
4/18/2024 356192 R0075 DESIGN The toilet in the first stall leaks when flushed at the connection where the toilet meets the incoming line from behind the wall. Any questions call Dan at 515-686-0984. Daniel Isaacson Closed
4/18/2024 356196 DESIGN Sale of TreeCycle Wood to the College of Design. All the wood should be priced to the students at $4 per board foot. Rhonda Martin Open
4/19/2024 356269 0054B DESIGN Lights are out in the ceiling fixtures. Any questions call Dan at 515-686-0984. Daniel Isaacson Closed
4/19/2024 356341 0050 DESIGN There are lights that will not come on. They think it is in the controls. Daniel Isaacson Assigned
4/22/2024 356386 C0008 DESIGN Light out in stairwell. Jessica Hansen Closed
4/22/2024 356466 DESIGN Left elevator not moving Shawnia Silverthorn Assigned
4/22/2024 356495 E0005 DESIGN The is east elevator is not working, it is currently stuck on ground floor. Can we please get someone out to take a look? Jeremy Thurlby Canceled
4/23/2024 356527 0246 DESIGN There are 5 lights in this room that are not turning on. Can we please get an electrician out to take a look? Jeremy Thurlby Closed
4/24/2024 356728 0126 DESIGN The sink in this office clogged and backing up. Can we please get a plumber out to take a look? Jeremy Thurlby Closed
4/25/2024 356826 0226 DESIGN Make an access panel next to sink for clean out and re-attach the splash guard next to the sink. Benjamin Adams Closed
4/26/2024 356979 0440 DESIGN There is set of lights over by the projection screen that likes to flicker every so often. Any questions call Dan at 515-686-0984. Daniel Isaacson Assigned
4/29/2024 357710 0189 DESIGN We have multiple lights that are going out (already out) way up high that requires a ladder. This work needs to be done either early morning before opening at 7:30am (staff in at 6:45) or after we open when still slow. Cafe closes at 5pm See picture. Additional location information: The Cafe Work tags to attach: PG109820 Christy Eischeid Closed
4/29/2024 357727 0511 DESIGN With the rains this weekend and the roof leaking the drywall on the ceiling in this room fell in. There is mold on the drywall from being wet. Can we get someone out to address the leaks, the moldy drywall and the hole in the ceiling? Jeremy Thurlby Closed
4/29/2024 357766 DESIGN Rood access needs a handle added to door C0572-X1 John Breon Closed
4/29/2024 357797 0511 DESIGN Check drywall for mold John Breon Assigned
4/29/2024 357798 DESIGN ATTN Tom - Estimate to seal leaks on the skylight dome at Design. John Breon Assigned
4/29/2024 357841 0511 DESIGN Please submit a Request for EHS to test for mold in room 511, Design. Enter and turn to the right, look up at the underside of the bulkhead. Gail Koobs Assigned
5/1/2024 358002 E0104 DESIGN The west elevator is down and not working, currently stuck on 1st floor. Can we please get someone out to take a look? Jeremy Thurlby Assigned
5/2/2024 361972 0511 DESIGN Install a diverter to catch the leak that goes into room 511. Please give to Justin Rummans. Gail Koobs Assigned
5/2/2024 362007 GENERAL DESIGN Right side elevator not running Shawnia Silverthorn Canceled
5/3/2024 362090 0001AA DESIGN Door has to be forced closed, does not latch properly. Jessica Hansen Closed
5/3/2024 362147 0301 DESIGN The drinking fountain in this area is not operating properly, can we get someone out to take a look at it? Thanks Jeremy Thurlby Closed
5/7/2024 362359 R0375 DESIGN Door closure dragging on top of door thanks Mike Michael Valline Assigned
5/8/2024 362389 M0224 DESIGN The light bulb outside the closet and the male restroom is not working. Candice Yee Wong Assigned
5/9/2024 362525 0077 DESIGN There are ants coming in underneath the heat register, especially in the corner by the concrete column. Any questions call Dan at 515-686-0984. Daniel Isaacson Closed
5/9/2024 362586 R0375 DESIGN The 3rd floor women's bathroom door closer arm drags across the top of the door each time the door opens and closes. The door nearly slams closed by itself. Additional location information: Rm 375, 3rd floor, women's bathroom. Emily Tyndall Assigned
5/10/2024 362627 0054 DESIGN The faucet on the right side of the room is dripping. The ear on the faucet is loose. Any questions call Dan at 515-686-0984. Daniel Isaacson Assigned
5/13/2024 362734 GENERAL DESIGN Please put this one on my bench, tea handle missing on roof access door Jason Thompson Assigned
5/14/2024 362950 M0068A DESIGN Load bank test HM Cragg Anthony Gervais Open
5/14/2024 362988 0054A DESIGN We want to order some cabinets to store materials in for both 054A and 054B. This is to clean up clutter in studio and reduce dust accumulation Work tags to attach: PG102825, DD15641 Barbara Walton Assigned