Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
7/6/2021 2909 DURHAM WG11015 - UTIL ENG-ITS-PROJECT PREPLANNING TIME Randolph Larabee Open
7/6/2021 2910 DURHAM WG11016 - UTIL ENG-ITS MISC SUPPORT Randolph Larabee Open
5/2/2022 189155 0371G DURHAM Hello. I understand that my office Durham 371G does not have an individual valve to control the heat. However, there has to be a way to turn down the output. This was not a problem until this past winter when we had no heat at all in this suite. Now, I have a sauna every morning. I saw the closure of my last report as throw your hands up and say, "Welp, nothing we can do!" Well, something needs to be done. Turn down the heat in the other office(s) is a start. It is absolutely crazy that I have frozen all winter outside and then come in and sweat to death in my office. I actually have caught a cold this past couple of weeks and I am pretty sure it could be correlated to being sweaty and wet in the building, then walking out into the damp and cold of March and April. Please take action on this. It isn't a good working environment. Thank you. Julie Phone number: 563-260-4972 Julie Rursch Materials-Awaiting
8/11/2022 215458 0095 DURHAM Install card access panel and wireless access point, along with 2 wireless Aperio Locksets for server rack locks. Matthew Helgerson Open
4/10/2023 272706 GENERAL DURHAM Remove and replace leaking water line. William Webster Open
5/8/2023 279758 A DURHAM Standing seam metal roof - Contractor to inspect and provide estimate for repairs John Breon Open
5/16/2023 280634 DURHAM Attn- Jeff Lamb- Mark called AHU-4 putting out 80+ air on Monday the 8th Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
5/17/2023 280819 DURHAM Call back ATTN: Jeff Lamb Mark Wyant called the chief operator about an issue with AHU-3 it is showing scheduled off and ran today per the schedule chief operator Power plant Assigned
6/5/2023 286211 DURHAM Mark called on 1 Jun- multiple rooms and hallways warm Mark Wyant Open
6/7/2023 286467 DURHAM Attn: Jeff Lamb Durham, AHU-1, SF1, VFD Fault Donald Boyle Open
7/21/2023 295504 0195C DURHAM Thermostat is having non stop hissing sound. Anthony Greiter Open
8/25/2023 303971 M0025B DURHAM Unit needs 2 group 31 batteries replaced due to age Attn Derick Anthony Gervais Assigned
12/7/2023 329522 DURHAM There is a hot water supply leak in the sub basement. Ronald Sailer Closed
12/15/2023 330134 M0025 DURHAM Treat heating water loop..W.O. back to me please. Michael Hanson Closed
1/2/2024 334659 M0025 DURHAM Hot water supply leaking in Two separate areas leaving puddles on the floor. Located by wall and by chiller Michael Bond Assigned
1/4/2024 334922 DURHAM Patch walls after water leak in 3 locations. In the stairwell landing between the basement and first floor, in the basement and floor above. See Mike Hanson for details. Robert Hade Assigned
1/22/2024 336662 0195B DURHAM Our garbage disposal is again not working. Kristen Hanson Closed
1/24/2024 337099 0237 DURHAM Durham 237 is cold. The current occupant has attempted to change the thermostat, but it does not seem to be working for him. Sara Julich Assigned
2/5/2024 341500 0095 DURHAM Need to have the in-row cooling units removed from the east zone in the Durham Data Center. There are 6 units to be removed and they connect back to the freon units on the west wall. The freon will need to be contained or recycled and the piping capped off to the removed units. 0095 is a secure room, if access is needed please contact me. Robert Hade Assigned
2/12/2024 342267 0095 DURHAM Looking to install a new floor distribution cabinet for the data center. The new power will be dedicated to a new high powered research pod. We are looking to install a 480V system, documents attached. I attached a one line with a rough idea of where to land the equipment. I am hoping to have someone from FPM verify that the equipment can be installed and begin designing and planning the install. Equipment has not been purchased yet, we are waiting on verification. Robert Hade Assigned
2/19/2024 342958 M0025F DURHAM Hire JCI Fire to repair duct detector with no alarm during testing. Replace Duct Detector Sub Basement AHU-Zone 2-with new addressable version. New addressable shutdown relay, remote test and sampling tube is included. Lyle Bishop Open
2/27/2024 344339 0268 DURHAM Durham 268 is very warm and will not cool down Sara Julich Assigned
2/27/2024 344340 0272 DURHAM Durham 272 is hot. The thermostat isn't working so it won't cool down. The average temp is 80, with yesterday reaching 88. kyla kaetzel Assigned
3/4/2024 348100 DURHAM Hire Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler to replace the inspectors test valve in subbasement: ITV leaks while flowing. Purchase 3 - 1/2" 165 brass pendent for spare sprinkler head box. Lyle Bishop Open
3/5/2024 348223 DURHAM ITS to remove fiber optic cables from storage. Travis Van Dyke Open
3/6/2024 348416 0391 DURHAM The room is very hot all the time in rooms 391A, 391B Mohammed Fatehy Soliman Abdelhafez Assigned
4/9/2024 355296 0095 DURHAM Call Back. Mike Mayfield from the Power Plant called for trucks rolled to Durham. I verified with DPS and was requested to respond. The pull station for the clean agent suppression system was activated and the agent was released. Attn Zach Morgan. Zachary Morgan Closed
4/11/2024 355564 0391 DURHAM Good morning, can we have the heat turned down in our entire suite and rooms and get the sound turned down as well. Our PI would like to schedule a time if possible to discuss the sound and if there's a way to turn it down ourselves. Would you be able to give me a call at 609-578-0258 to discuss some time slots? Alexander Van Alstyne Assigned
4/12/2024 355656 DURHAM Util Eng - North Loop Fiber Expansion Travis Van Dyke Open
4/12/2024 355657 DURHAM Clearing Brush - North Loop Fiber Expansion Travis Van Dyke Open
4/25/2024 356835 DURHAM Please repair failing areas of east exterior steps. The concrete has broken away in some spots and is avulsing in three other areas. Mark Wyant Closed
4/29/2024 357715 0201 DURHAM One of the tiles in Durham 201 keeps coming down and will not stay up. Mike Lohrbach Closed
4/29/2024 357847 0095 DURHAM Two of the XDP in row cooling units are showing faults and have had fans stop working. This is a high heat producing area and these are critical units. They are refrigerant based through a primary pump that uses chilled water and a heat exchange. Need to have both units examined and repaired as soon as possible. Please contact me at 515-991-8208 with questions. Robert Hade Materials-Awaiting
4/30/2024 357875 M0425 DURHAM Durham mech room M0425. AHU1 chilled water control valve AVL20 is leaking Jeffrey Ellsworth Closed
5/10/2024 362640 0391A DURHAM My light panel keeps falling down. there's tape on it to hold the latch. Alexander Van Alstyne Closed
5/13/2024 362722 0095 DURHAM Call Back. Power Plant called for beeping coming from the clean agent releasing panel. Attn Zach Morgan. Zachary Morgan Closed
5/14/2024 362987 R0159 DURHAM HUGE cockroach, main floor Durham restroom (men's). May want to spray. Marc Peterson Assigned
5/20/2024 363540 0281 DURHAM It appears that someone had a key break off in the lock of the mailroom door. It is far enough in that we cannot fish it out. Sara Julich Closed
5/21/2024 363699 0215 DURHAM this door is not unlocking without great struggle ?? Pamela Newsome Closed
5/28/2024 364839 0095 DURHAM Clean agent replacement Adam Pepper Assigned
5/28/2024 364848 0335 DURHAM The lighting in this office is flickering, as if the bulb is on it's last leg. Can someone take a look at this? Thank you. Lynne Dubert Closed
5/30/2024 365058 0092 DURHAM Repair lights in room - ballasts and bulbs Eric Ohrt Assigned
5/30/2024 365069 0391 DURHAM We had the desks set up in an orientation a few weeks ago and I was wondering if we can add the wall panel piece to the desks on the other side (the one we put in storage). Alexander Van Alstyne Assigned
6/5/2024 368839 DURHAM Elevator in emergency power. Check for entrapments. Travis Givens Assigned
6/10/2024 369097 0073 DURHAM lights outside this door needs replaced. Near bathrooms also a light is dim Pamela Newsome Assigned