Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
1/12/2022 156629 ENRL_SC Please assign to Mike and Joe Use shop account Christine Maduro Assigned
3/27/2023 268115 ENRL_SC The seal on one of the windows in the south rotunda between 2nd and 3rd floors has been broken and is bulging. Kara Schoepfer Assigned
7/24/2023 295551 0314 ENRL_SC Air conditioner is not working on the third floor room 314. Gretchen Ferris Open
10/31/2023 318556 0214D ENRL_SC The 214D area is very cold and it feels like the air conditioner is still on even though the thermostat has been turned up to 85. Kara Schoepfer Assigned
3/4/2024 348045 ENRL_SC Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer AHU1 off Joshua Bremer Closed
4/4/2024 355062 ENRL_SC Fire panel ground fault trouble att Kevin Vols Adam Pepper Assigned
4/5/2024 355092 GENERAL ENRL_SC South door CX000 door scanner does not consistently operate correctly. If you Scan many times in quick succession the door eventually opens. Handicap door is not automatically unlocking at 7:30. Quintin Long Closed
4/8/2024 355271 GENERAL ENRL_SC Would like a water bottle filling station installed on 3rd floor. Kathleen Stowe Assigned
4/9/2024 355347 0014 ENRL_SC Kitchen sink is not draining. Additional location information: Kitchen sink Janet Beach Closed
4/9/2024 355371 0210 ENRL_SC There are 2 light bulbs out in 210 ESC Kara Schoepfer Closed
4/16/2024 356033 ENRL_SC Roof leak at South stairwell between 2nd and 3rd floor. Leak is near a smoke detector Kara Schoepfer Assigned
5/1/2024 357984 0011 ENRL_SC Lights out in the 0011 closet Kara Schoepfer Closed
5/1/2024 357985 0210 ENRL_SC Lights are too bright in the 210 office area - Can something be adjusted to see if we can change lighting levels. Please see Kara for specifics - She located in office 214 - 294-0025. Kara Schoepfer Closed
5/3/2024 362123 0010B ENRL_SC The ants on the ground floor are back again, please come spray. They are crawling on the desks and up onto students as well. Kara Schoepfer Closed
5/13/2024 362854 GENERAL ENRL_SC Emergency Exit Light - Hanging by the wires. Ground floor between elevator and bathroom. Kara Schoepfer Closed
5/16/2024 363306 0214A ENRL_SC The shelving unit on the E was closest to the window is not attached to studs and is falling away from the wall. Kara Schoepfer Assigned