Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
7/25/2022 209358 ESTES trim trees back off of roof of building, all sides safety committee item Janet Schneider Assigned
3/21/2023 267004 0149 ESTES Estimate for replacement of all old yellow fluorescent lamps in music admin office with new white fluorescent lamps. Currently we have a mixture of old yellow lamps and new white lamps. Does music have to pay for this replacement or will FP&M cover cost of replacement? Please use worktag PG103574 assignee: Curry, Lawrence Thanks, Larry Curry Lawrence Curry Assigned
8/22/2023 303295 0203 ESTES Teaching studio is very hot which makes the room uncomfortable for students during lessons. Lawrence Curry Closed
8/23/2023 303701 GENERAL ESTES Temperature very hot in Simon Estes Music Hall administration office between 141 and 149. No air flow from ceiling vents and there is a musty smell in the system, particularly in room 148. Lawrence Curry Closed
8/23/2023 303705 0210 ESTES No air flow, hot rooms and musty smell in organ practice rooms 210, 212 and 214. Students must block doors to room open for fresh air as rooms are hot and humid. These are double height rooms requiring a ladder as air exchange units are located near the ceiling. This uncomfortable situation has been in place several weeks. Thank you. Lawrence Curry Closed
10/5/2023 315860 0156 ESTES Sign shop to make two sign frames (we will change content) and mount with screws to concrete block wall in and next to room 156. Sign frames to measure 12.5 x 12.5 with plastic surface protecting content message. Please use worktag PG109575. Thank you. Lawrence Curry Open
10/13/2023 316547 0156 ESTES FPM Shops to visit Larry Curry at Simon Estes Music Hall and discuss request. Original Request: Sign shop to make two sign frames (we will change content) and mount with screws to concrete block wall in and next to room 156. Sign frames to measure 12.5 x 12.5 with plastic surface protecting content message. Joseph Stoberl Open
10/24/2023 317323 0255 ESTES Room very hot from radiators with no cooling from air conditioning. Please check, difficult to teach in the space. Thanks. Lawrence Curry Assigned
11/9/2023 323359 R0042 ESTES The cubicle walls in the men's restroom on ground floor are loose and doors for privacy to each stall will not stay locked. The walls are suspended from the ceiling and need to be secured. Thanks. Lawrence Curry Closed
11/30/2023 325383 ESTES Call back fire panel trouble negative earth ground Dustin Limoges Assigned
12/28/2023 331974 ESTES Solid particulate in the cooling system can lead to water pump and seal abrasion and subsequent leakage, copper and aluminum corrosion, and plugged oil cooler and radiator. Assess severity of contamination, and consider filtration or flushing as means to clean coolant reservoir if necessary. Anthony Gervais Assigned
1/8/2024 335202 ESTES alarm bell not working fix or replace ATTN Nick Smith Nicholas Smith Assigned
1/18/2024 336300 0216 ESTES Water dripping from small hole in cement ceiling, about a drip per second. I have a garbage can under it to catch the water, I am monitoring it and I will empty the trash can before going home Alan Radach Assigned
2/6/2024 341844 0130 ESTES North East Double doors in large classroom will not close and lock. The doors are a primary exit from this classroom that seats 150+ students. Please check doors to see if possible to make them close and lock following exit of students. Thank you. Lawrence Curry Assigned
3/26/2024 350028 0149 ESTES Please provide two estimates to paint administrative office rooms in Estes Music Hall in June 2024: (1) Rooms 157, 149A, 149 (2) Rooms 157, 149A, 149 and 153. Please use worktag SG2701636. Thank you! Lawrence Curry Assigned
3/28/2024 350867 R0142 ESTES First urinal water isn't coming out .. not sure it's censor .. Claudia Saldana Closed
4/5/2024 355129 0207 ESTES The light closest to the door is acting up. It will flicker, buzz, go out, then turn back on again. It's not all of them, so I think it's just one bulb. Lawrence Curry Closed
4/5/2024 355154 M0010 ESTES needs new ballast and lamps Laverne Williams Closed
4/10/2024 355444 0041 ESTES Please purchase and install replacement Venetian blind in piano practice room 041. Manufacturer of current broken blind is Ball. Thank you. Use worktag SG2705038 DD14240 Lawrence Curry Assigned
4/13/2024 355776 0214 ESTES locking mechanism on door to room 214--the side face place is missing a screw and it is loose causing difficulty in opening door to organ practice room. Thanks Lawrence Curry Closed
4/24/2024 356702 0111 ESTES Fluorescent lights nearest window flicker on and off. Please replace. Lawrence Curry Closed
4/29/2024 357792 0020D ESTES Wenger practice module door is locked. Unable to open door with master key. Key will not go into lock, something is blocking key entry. Room needed this week to help students practice for Finals. Additional location information: Ground floor music hall. Lawrence Curry Closed
5/15/2024 363104 0102 ESTES Room is too hot. Lawrence Curry Assigned
5/16/2024 363250 0156 ESTES INTRAMURAL TO PRINTING Joseph Stoberl Open