Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
10/6/2023 315957 EXT 4-H Corroded black pipe section and T in South mezzanine needs to be replaced. Piping is 1 inch diameter by 80 inch length and the T is 1 inch with a half inch green glass brass upright QR head Lyle Bishop Open
12/12/2023 329830 EXT 4-H Take down 4 upright sprinkler heads and 4 pendent sprinkler heads for testing. Replace with new heads Timothy Kelley Closed
2/26/2024 343604 1100 EXT 4-H The AED at extension 4-H cabinet has been going through 9v batteries at an abnormal rate. Please consider control board replacement. Alex Wiley Assigned
3/26/2024 349944 1104D EXT 4-H There is frosted glass in 1104D, it was damaged by the previous occupant, and then attempts were made to repair and it was further damaged. We would like an estimate on what it would cost to have the window frost replaced or repaired. Thank you! Jennifer Grundmeier Assigned
4/5/2024 355096 1159 EXT 4-H Lights Out 1159, 1110 Linda Young Closed
4/5/2024 355104 EXT 4-H Hire contractor to caulk joints in sidewalk on northwest entrance (1190) to 4-H Extension. Gail Koobs Assigned
4/22/2024 356431 1104 EXT 4-H Lights out in 1104 and 1142. Linda Young Closed
5/7/2024 362307 1148 EXT 4-H Several lights are out in this space. Linda Young Closed
5/17/2024 363442 1020 EXT 4-H Room 1020 is too warm. There is a conference going on here. Please call Linda at 515-291-8018 if you have any issues. Linda Young Assigned