Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
7/7/2021 7100 FOOD SC WJ28359 - REPAIR WALKLIGHT AW58 Wade Siskow Open
7/22/2021 98365 1598 FOOD SC ReplaceVFD for Exhaust fan 10 ( North West corner of room) Michael Hanson Materials-Awaiting
1/9/2023 251550 1951 FOOD SC Broken seat, seat fully came off of the swivel post. Several other seats require attention as they are loose and close to breaking. Jordan Funkhouser Closed
1/10/2023 251753 M0621 FOOD SC Contractor - Welding flanges and caps Brady Streit Open
1/10/2023 251756 M0621 FOOD SC Remove and repair steam lines, steam condensate piping, and relief valves Brady Streit Assigned
1/17/2023 252435 FOOD SC The light outside at the main front entrance is out & been dark for awhile (between here & Ross hall) & its up ther a ways , thanx Chris Kraft Closed
1/31/2023 255160 C1500 FOOD SC Repair the broken glass at Food Science. It is on an exterior pane across from room 1515, and faces the courtyard Gail Koobs Materials-Awaiting
2/3/2023 258535 1833 FOOD SC The outlet on the south wall just past the angle in wall is out again. This outlet constantly goes out after in use for a short time (1-2 hours). Please fix so that it doesn't happen during busy times and multiple equipment is needed. Erin Norton On Hold
4/11/2023 272869 FOOD SC Trim trees and shrubs away from North side of Food Science Building to allow contractor access to do work on the exterior. William Webster Assigned
4/27/2023 275019 1312 FOOD SC North sinks are backing up again. We have used rinse basins and drain them with a sieve (as suggested by FPM the first time this happened), but nothing has helped. Katherine Updegraff Assigned
5/15/2023 280407 1598 FOOD SC High pressure steam shut off valve rusted handle came off. Photo of busted handle was sent to me, I am not sure which wall the broken valve came from, probably the south wall. Jordan Funkhouser Assigned
5/17/2023 280820 FOOD SC Call Back ATTN: Jeff Lamb DPS called about a fire alarm caused by steam in food science east side, I called Dustin to take care of the alarm which the AHU restarted after he cleared the alarm Brad Lyons is trying to determine the source of the steam DPS dispatch DPS Assigned
6/6/2023 286353 M0570 FOOD SC HWP10 coupler failed. also, check pump , looks leaky. Thanks, Bob Bob Betts Materials-Awaiting
6/19/2023 287573 1598 FOOD SC South wall center of the room has much of the wall space with peeling paint/calcium build up. This is a food grade laboratory and needs to be scraped clean and re painted. Coordination of work to be done is important as to not overlap with lab work which can be delayed as needed. Thanks! Jordan Funkhouser On Hold
6/26/2023 288357 2379 FOOD SC FY24 Fire Extinguishing Inspection and Repair Fees FES1 - FOOD SC FPM Service Desk Open
6/26/2023 288360 2951 FOOD SC FY24 Fire Extinguishing Inspection and Repair Fees FES2 - FOOD SC FPM Service Desk Open
6/26/2023 289820 1833 FOOD SC We need a switch (Food Grade/Water etc) installed to control the receptacle (3-phase) in the ISU winery. I have worked with Dana Wills in the past and he knows exactly what is needed for ordering and install. Erin Norton Materials-Awaiting
7/7/2023 293561 FOOD SC Domestic waterline union is dripping onto 6 inch fire sprinkler pipe in the riser room near tunnel. Section of 6 inch grooved piping will need replaced after leak is repaired. Only 5 fire alarm switches reported to the fire panel, basement east, first floor south, east main, first floor west, penthouse dry system. Taped head in room 1751A. Control valve west end of third floor above ceiling not safely accessible and valve is stuck in open position and will not turn. Main drain test cannot fully flow, west drain is piped to floor drain. Lyle Bishop Open
7/12/2023 293946 M2043 FOOD SC Return fan for Air Handler 6 - AHU6 - VFD not working Joe Flaherty Assigned
8/8/2023 301391 M0570 FOOD SC Need contractor to replace main steam relief valve and cut out capped welds that leak and reweld correctly. Paul Engelken Closed
8/16/2023 302459 GENERAL FOOD SC Food Science Courtyard windows need painted. These are located above the upper terrace on the north side. It was pointed out to me that these windows are in need of paint. Justin Abbott Assigned
8/23/2023 303692 FOOD SC Replace 4 Victaulic valves on heating water pumps 10 and 11 Scott Nibe Assigned
10/9/2023 316075 E1051 FOOD SC Freight Elevator is not responding. Deanna Powell Assigned
10/18/2023 316821 FOOD SC Elevator in the SE corner of building is down again ? Uugh Chris Kraft Assigned
10/26/2023 317499 FOOD SC SE Elevators down again in Food Science ...... Chris Kraft Assigned
12/11/2023 329685 M0570 FOOD SC AHU15 low temp alarm. dps . Assigned
12/11/2023 329686 2563 FOOD SC 2563 & 2567 - Rooms in this area are all in the 90's. Stephanie Clark Assigned
12/22/2023 331230 1640 FOOD SC Insulate refrigeration lines. Charles Nelson Assigned
1/4/2024 334933 S3300 FOOD SC Stained ceiling tile needs replacing in S3300 stairway, on 3rd floor ceiling above about the halfway point up the stairs. Deanna Powell Assigned
1/4/2024 334944 M0043 FOOD SC PRV5A is blowing low psi steam at what appears to be a crack. Please check it out and fix. Thanks, Bob Bob Betts Assigned
1/17/2024 336166 2543 FOOD SC Food Science 2543 - Too Cold. Nicolas Delchier Assigned
1/18/2024 336274 C1530 FOOD SC There's a drip coming from one of the pipes in the C1530 corridor of Food Science, near 1541 FSB. We put a trash can below it and a caution sign out. We think it is dripping because of condensation on the pipe due to the cold, but wanted to report it just in case. Deanna Powell Assigned
1/19/2024 336457 2555 FOOD SC No heat still in this room. Please utilize RM 2312 to get access to 2555. Andre Salazar Open
1/19/2024 336504 1523 FOOD SC room has sockets that are not functioning, may be a breaker issue Deborah McClure Closed
1/23/2024 336845 3383 FOOD SC FSB Room 3383. The room is very cold and the furnace located under the window doesn't put out heat. Found burned out lights during walkthrough. Call Deanna 773-592-5648 for questions. Low priority. Deanna Powell Assigned
1/24/2024 336996 1851 FOOD SC Pilot scale spray dryer pump remote control option within control cabinet is inoperable. Suspect a 24V supply is not functioning. Mitchel Michel Assigned
1/30/2024 338182 2544 FOOD SC Lab door located off of C2540 isn't always latching correctly. The door needs to be pushed on to completely latch. Deanna Powell Assigned
1/30/2024 338183 2554 FOOD SC Lab door located off of C2540 isn't always latching correctly. The door needs to be pushed on to completely latch. Deanna Powell Assigned
1/30/2024 338184 2379 FOOD SC 2 lab doors located off of C2380 aren't always latching correctly. The door needs to be pushed on to completely latch. Deanna Powell Assigned
2/12/2024 342248 GENERAL FOOD SC Many eye wash caps are cracked and broken. EH&S told me that FP&M will replace these for us. The eye wash stations in need of attention are in 1544, 1313, and 1312 FSB. Katie Updegraff Open
2/12/2024 342302 2953 FOOD SC Can you please move the permanent creamery sign from the east wall to the west wall in the creamery retail store? Sarah Canova Assigned
2/13/2024 342466 2315 FOOD SC There is a slow steady drip coming from the ceiling of FSB 2315 (a student says he was sitting under it for 2 class periods and got dripped on about 5 times). It is in the opposite corner of the door, coming from the spot with the stained ceiling tile. Deanna Powell Assigned
2/22/2024 343390 2315 FOOD SC Food Science 2315 is too hot, please help adjust the temperature. Jeremy Withers Assigned
2/26/2024 343557 1626A FOOD SC concrete pieces falling behind fan unit Can this be repaired while the freezer is left on? Sarah Canova Assigned
2/28/2024 344535 GENERAL FOOD SC ATTN: Jlamb - EF-23 status showing off with fan running, replace DP sensor Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
2/28/2024 344552 M0043 FOOD SC Steam trap (trp21) blowing steam out the weep hole. Please check it out and fix. Thanks, Bob Bob Betts Assigned
2/28/2024 344553 M0621 FOOD SC Steam trap blowing steam out weep hole behind AHU12. Please check it out and fix if needed. Thanks, Bob Bob Betts Assigned
2/29/2024 344678 M2959A FOOD SC Steam leak at the valve (Valve 7) SE Corner of room behind AHU 10. Bob Betts Assigned
2/29/2024 344697 3364 FOOD SC outlets on the far right bench aren't working. Paulo Fortes-Da-Silva Assigned
3/4/2024 348044 FOOD SC Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer AHU 16 off and in alarm. Joshua Bremer Closed
3/4/2024 348046 2569 FOOD SC Really warm in the whole area Ellen Johnsen Closed
3/6/2024 348370 FOOD SC Main collector, fan 23, status off Louis Johnson Assigned
3/7/2024 348476 2523 FOOD SC Exterior lab door does not latch correctly unless pushed. Low priority. Additional location information: Exterior door along C2500 Deanna Powell Assigned
3/7/2024 348477 2554 FOOD SC Exterior lab door does not latch correctly unless pushed. Low priority. Additional location information: Exterior door along C2540 Deanna Powell Assigned
3/11/2024 348668 2315 FOOD SC Water on chairs & floor , not dripping at moment , see couple bad colored ceiling tiles , sw corner of room Chris Kraft Assigned
3/13/2024 348895 2432 FOOD SC 4 way outlet at top of auditorium sparked and flamed for split second. Went to pull cord out of wall. Tyler Gallagher Closed
3/20/2024 349344 FOOD SC Replace coolant heater on Food Science generator Derick Anderson Closed
3/22/2024 349632 1523 FOOD SC There are some outlets in this room that aren't working. Deborah McClure Closed
3/25/2024 349722 M1346 FOOD SC Temperature gauge broke and Dielectric union leaking on hot water heater. Joe Judge Assigned
3/25/2024 349901 2384 FOOD SC In Food Sci 2384 (Kemin teaching Lab) there is a spot on the ceiling in what is (I believe) the SW corner above the fume hoods where the paint is bubbling and peeling. We don''t know when the spot appears but has been there at least a couple of weeks. It doesn''t appear wet; we don''t know if it is from previous leaking or the paint is peeling because of fume hood use. Pictures attached. Medium urgency Deanna Powell Assigned
3/27/2024 350816 1598 FOOD SC L1S-3 outlet GFCI is "burnt" and needs replaced. several other 120v outlets on the same south wall were also not functioning. Please ensure that all outlets GFCI are functioning and ready for lab activities. Jordan Funkhouser Closed
3/27/2024 350833 1312 FOOD SC Heavy pellet mill (approximately 2 1/2ft in length, 200lbs) needs to be transported from 1312 Food Science to 2167 Patterson Hall in Vet Med. Assistance is needed due to the heavy weight and lack of availability of personnel to help with moving Karrie Daniels Closed
4/1/2024 351213 2311 FOOD SC We are needing capacity signs made for the following classrooms in the Food Sc Building: 2311 Capacity 25 2315 Capacity 24 2319 Capacity 25 If possible, please have these installed into the classrooms between May 13 - June 7. Thank you. Katie Kathleen Baumgarn Assigned
4/1/2024 351214 GENERAL FOOD SC Estimate for Central States to repair pipe flashing on new addition roofing. John Breon Assigned
4/1/2024 351231 M0570 FOOD SC Hire Midwest valve services to repair Steam Prv. W.O. back to me please. Michael Hanson Assigned
4/2/2024 354735 R2349 FOOD SC The flusher on the 1st toilet has been changed a few times , but it still don't flush , prolly not the flusher , please Help get this toilet to work properly ... Chris Kraft Closed
4/5/2024 355123 FOOD SC Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer AHU11 Off Low Limit Alarm Joshua Bremer Closed
4/8/2024 355272 FOOD SC The railing to the ramp that leads from the loading dock to the Main Doors facing Wallace is chipped and there are several rust spots. Low priority Deanna Powell Assigned
4/9/2024 355285 1383 FOOD SC Door CX1383A has a lock that appears to be broken. The door was unsecure, and the officer could not get the door secured. Rachel Chunn Closed
4/9/2024 355344 1598 FOOD SC Autoclave is not pressurizing or heating properly. Please contact Show-Ling at 294-0160 to set up a time to come look at this Autoclave. It 's owned by CCUR so they will cover repair costs. Show-Ling needs to know what might need to be done before anything is done. Show-Ling Lee Assigned
4/14/2024 355782 M0570 FOOD SC Call back Attn Shane Clouser Low pressure steam with high pressure alarm. Shane CLOUSER Closed
4/16/2024 355978 M1375 FOOD SC How water pump 3 HWP3 is leaking in room 1375 Food Sci Building Jon Strah Closed
4/16/2024 356002 3383 FOOD SC There is water coming from the celling in 3383 Deanna Powell Closed
4/16/2024 356028 1131 FOOD SC Replace wet ceiling tile and add catch trays. Gail Koobs Closed
4/16/2024 356049 1384 FOOD SC Lab space is too warm. Wall thermostat adjustments do not seem to influence the room temperature Mitchel Michel Closed
4/16/2024 356069 M0570 FOOD SC Call back Attn Shane Clouser Steam pressure down to zero PSI Shane CLOUSER Closed
4/22/2024 356383 2315 FOOD SC I turned this in awhile ago , tile is obvious now , its gotten chairs & floor also ... Please Help Chris Kraft Assigned
4/24/2024 356805 2379A FOOD SC Deep scrub clean and seal for the lab floor. Please complete May 13-17 and bill for this charge on or before June 15th. I have given Chris Kraft a heads up to the request! Erica Beirman Assigned
4/25/2024 356869 1865A FOOD SC Walk in cooler space has severe/significant ice buildup on radiators Mitchel Michel Closed
4/30/2024 357881 FOOD SC clean pads out of the elevator pit and add oil to pumping unit per elevator inspector ATTN Nick Smith Nicholas Smith Assigned
5/1/2024 357958 2571 FOOD SC Can you install shelves on our walls? We have two shelves already that were on the walls of our previous room, but we need them on the walls of this room. We don't have brackets, we also are in need of a cork board. Jocey Caelwaerts Closed
5/1/2024 358005 M0570 FOOD SC Hire Midwest valve to rebuild Fisher steam monitor valve. W.O. back to me please. Michael Hanson Assigned
5/2/2024 362013 1598 FOOD SC Has been too hot in this room for several days. Jordan Funkhouser Assigned
5/7/2024 362295 2544 FOOD SC The fume hood in this lab has been turned off either in the maintenance corridor or on the roof at the exhaust fan by FPM during some other routine work. This needs to be turned back on for safe lab operation. Andrew Makowski Closed
5/7/2024 362315 2571 FOOD SC Replace ceiling tile give to Brandon Brandon Bartleson Closed
5/8/2024 362384 FOOD SC Low steam pressure alarm Jada Olson Assigned
5/13/2024 362778 FOOD SC CALLBACK - High Pressure Steam. DPS . Assigned
5/13/2024 362825 FOOD SC No hot water in 1st & 2nd floor bathrooms and at least one adjacent lab in the Food Science Building. R1525 & R1529 (across from FSB Courtyard and CCUR Theater) R2525 & R2529 (near Creamery) FSB 2578 - MGWII lab Deanna Powell Assigned
5/13/2024 362857 S2390 FOOD SC The automatic door to the handicap entrance of Food Science Building is not working; when you wave your hand in front of the sensor between Exterior door CX2390 and interior door CC2380 nothing happens. The sensors outside and inside used to open both doors and now they only open the door closest to them. Can this be made a higher priority since the Food Science Building houses the Creamery ice cream shop that is open to the public M-S? Deanna Powell Assigned
5/14/2024 362908 1131 FOOD SC The cabinet under the right (west-most) sink is wet and leaking onto the floor. I suspect there is an issue with the sink plumbing. Additional location information: Right hand sink Katherine Updegraff Assigned
5/14/2024 362920 1640 FOOD SC We have been told it's not possible for the current creamery freezers (FSB 1626A, FSB 1640, FSB 2591) to run any colder, but we want to explore this option again. Industry standard is to have ice cream freezers at -20F, so we want to understand the cost implications to achieve this temperature in all 3 of our freezers. Sarah Canova Assigned
5/14/2024 362922 1523 FOOD SC Water leaking from ceiling from a previously repaired area. Deborah McClure Assigned
5/14/2024 362941 2594 FOOD SC In rooms 2594 & 2592 there are sensory booths with red lights. Both rooms has a red bulb out. They need to be fixed by 2 pm today. Please contact Adue at 515-817-3908 for questions. Aude Watrelot Assigned
5/14/2024 362956 1626B FOOD SC Attn: Refrigeration Food Science, Cooler 1626B, lower setpoint to Maintain below 40 degrees. Donald Boyle Assigned
5/14/2024 362999 M0570 FOOD SC Call back Attn Shane Clouser Low pressure steam in high pressure alarm. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
5/16/2024 363341 1598 FOOD SC Large autoclave system is tripping the GFCI and uncertain for the cause. Please assign Joe Judge Mitchel Michel Assigned