Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
10/25/2022 232289 0001 FORKER Check Drive for HWP4 Brian Angstrom Materials-Awaiting
3/29/2023 268339 0175 FORKER One ceiling tile is starting to fall down and another is broken in half. Can they be replaced or removed? I removed the one ceiling tile that was a concern. We need to look at removing all this summer David Wells On Hold
5/26/2023 282293 0211 FORKER Occupants of this office have stated that it's hot (currently 77 degrees). The radiators are emitting a lot of heat from the valve on the end. This issue may be related to request 281315 but I thought I'd put in another request just in case it's not. David Wells Assigned
8/23/2023 303486 E0202 FORKER It's currently above 80 degrees. Preferred temperature would be between 70-75. David Wells Assigned
8/23/2023 303676 0103B FORKER Office occupant reports that it is 80F in this office space. David Wells Assigned
8/30/2023 305213 0175 FORKER AHU-12 high discharge alarm Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
10/4/2023 315755 0185 FORKER 0185 women restroom water- not work to flush a toilette. Tonekham Keller Assigned
10/9/2023 316085 FORKER Forker to Oak water main replacement Laramie Heuser Open
10/16/2023 316623 C0269 FORKER There is a loud mechanical consistent rumble coming from the ceiling. David Wells Assigned
11/3/2023 322975 0142 FORKER Researcher reports that this lab is at 83 degrees. Equipment in this room is temperature sensitive. David Wells Assigned
11/13/2023 323575 0207 FORKER Office occupant states: "The thermostat does not seem to be working, as the room temperature is stuck on 80 degrees, and the room is definitely not at 80 degrees. So when it gets cold the heat won’t turn on unless I turn it way way up, because the room is reading as 80." David Wells Assigned
11/16/2023 323875 0187C FORKER The dehumidifier located in this room is making a loud mechanical noise. Sounds like a motor humming much louder than normal. David Wells Assigned
11/30/2023 325365 0125A FORKER The pipe under the first sink (the metal one) is dripping a little bit. I put a bucket under it for now. It's in the men's bathroom right by the locker room on 1st. Once your finished, just put the bucket to side. I'll come get it when I'm going through the restrooms. Thanks! David Doering Closed
2/2/2024 341357 0111B FORKER Left hand toilet leaking at the base. Brandon Price Closed
2/9/2024 342153 FORKER Pick up Genie Lift E044634 from building and bring to Gen Services loading dock Mark Wyant Open
2/26/2024 343593 0103B FORKER Office occupant states the temp in his office is 79 degrees. He has the temp set to 68. David Wells Assigned
2/27/2024 344409 0132 FORKER There is a leak coming from the ceiling in this hallway. David Wells Assigned
2/27/2024 344418 0184 FORKER There are several non-working or loose outlets throughout the gym. I've marked them with blue tape. One live outlet (see attachment) is broken. I've covered it with black duct tape. David Wells Assigned
3/1/2024 344788 0228 FORKER ATTN: jlamb - HWP2 in alarm Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
3/25/2024 349822 C0277 FORKER The lights in this hallway are not responding to the light switch David Wells Assigned
3/29/2024 350988 FORKER Oak-Forker water main DNR permit Michael Olson Open
4/9/2024 355386 C0269 FORKER There's a rumbling sound that seems to be coming from the HVAC. David Wells Assigned
4/11/2024 355561 0196 FORKER The dance instructor for this space is requesting a genie lift so they can change out gels in the stage lighting. Not sure how to go about requesting this but I wanted to start here. I can operate the lift and replace the gels myself, I just don't have access to a lift. They would like the gels replaced by Saturday morning. David Wells Assigned
4/15/2024 355867 X0169 FORKER David Wells Assigned
5/3/2024 362126 GENERAL FORKER There is a substantial steam leak in the basement of Forker - Under the pool Chemical Room. Kevin Vols Assigned
5/13/2024 362834 0225 FORKER Office is set to 72 but temp reads 77. No air flow from vent detected. David Wells Assigned
5/14/2024 362897 FORKER HM Cragg to load bank test. Anthony Gervais Open
5/15/2024 363096 0103F FORKER Forker, Room 103F, Unreliable Discharge Air Temp Donald Boyle Assigned
5/21/2024 363772 FORKER 1251 Forker - AHU 1 - possible belt slipped on motor Donald Boyle Closed
5/23/2024 364038 FORKER Potential safety hazard. We noticed a very large, deep hole in ground on right side of sidewalk just past Forker sign at main entry for Odyssey guests. A smaller one just beyond it too. Beth Paulsen Assigned
5/24/2024 364058 0235A FORKER Leak coming from ceiling in office. See attachments. David Wells Assigned
5/28/2024 364825 0235A FORKER There was a water leak in this office. It left a stain on the carpet. I'd like request a carpet cleaning for this spot. David Wells Assigned
5/28/2024 364876 FORKER 19 May Call Back DPS called Forker AHU-1 in alarm DPS dispatch DPS Closed
5/29/2024 364958 0196 FORKER The 196-1 door will not shut. David Wells Closed
5/31/2024 365181 0140 FORKER I'd like to request a electrical outlet be installed on the north wall on 140 David Wells Assigned
6/3/2024 368482 0227 FORKER Screw missing from door lock plate Andrew Whiteing Closed
6/4/2024 368654 0235A FORKER There is a leak coming in from the ceiling. It first showed up on 5/24. I'm not sure if anything has been done about it. It's still leaking David Wells Closed
6/4/2024 368670 0265 FORKER Soap dispenser hinge broken off of panel Andrew Whiteing Assigned
6/4/2024 368685 FORKER I have a non-working freezer that has been deemed scrap by surplus. Can I arrange a pickup? David Wells Canceled
6/5/2024 368749 0166 FORKER I-mop 64819 shuts off as soon as you try to run it Adam Godwin Materials-Awaiting
6/5/2024 368836 X0131 FORKER Exterior door on west entrance won't close on its own. When I pull it shut, the electronic lock releases to let the door open. David Wells Closed
6/7/2024 369005 0196 FORKER We have a drinking fountain filter is off. Tonekham Keller Assigned
6/7/2024 369031 0235A FORKER There is a leak coming in from the ceiling. It first showed up on 5/24. I'm not sure if anything has been done about it. It's still leaking Shane Clouser checked this out - Seems to be a roof leak. David Wells Assigned
6/10/2024 369099 0236 FORKER We have light burn out in front of Main offices hall way 236 ,238 room. Tonekham Keller Assigned
6/12/2024 369281 0001 FORKER Hire Midwest Automatic Fire Sprinkler to repair: Watts 757 8" sprinkler backflow failed test. Lyle Bishop Open
6/12/2024 369283 0236 FORKER The temperature is set to 65 but the thermostat reads 75. David Wells Assigned
6/12/2024 369291 FORKER Elevator stuck on rear landing ATTN Nick Smith Nicholas Smith Assigned
6/13/2024 369409 D FORKER roof drain on section D around the corner from the roof access door is needs two new bolts. the old ones rusted off and is causing a leak. see image attached. Daniel Dankel Assigned