Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
4/14/2022 182462 HOWE Repairs to HV pull pit EP1A8 northwest of Howe Hall. Wade Siskow Open
8/29/2022 218465 3600 HOWE Attn: Jeremy Forristall -exhaust fan EX25 has new VFD could not get it to start in auto had to switch it local to get it started and switch it back to auto but was not able to get it to take off from stopped in auto Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
12/15/2022 246622 GENERAL HOWE Contractor - Old School - Quote for floor coating East end of furthest South mechanical room John Breon On Hold
1/9/2023 251605 2631 HOWE IT room is too hot Alan Miller On Hold
1/18/2023 252666 GENERAL HOWE VFD 5 for EF2 needs replaced. Attention Jeremy F Dustin Limoges Materials-Awaiting
3/2/2023 265265 1350 HOWE Clean black mold from Howe Hall entryway. James Wellman Assigned
3/31/2023 268553 2332 HOWE Several complaints that office space is extremely humid. Samantha Hand Assigned
4/3/2023 272160 0110 HOWE There is a on-going issue in the the 1140-4 hallway of water leaking. The hallway gets wet and fans are run to dry it up. The small never goes away. This happens anytime there is signicant rain. Friday's storm was not exception. Attached is a photo of the likely cause. I would like to request the cause be addressed. Arlene Grebasch Open
5/16/2023 280641 HOWE call back sat 13 Attn- Jeff Lamb- power plant call saying room antrum was hot and they had a graduation ceremony, it was scheduled off Operator Power plant Assigned
6/23/2023 287993 0618 HOWE Water Leaking in 2 places. 1) Leak in front of sink 2) Leak in S.W. Corner from heat exchanger James Benson Assigned
6/30/2023 290658 GENERAL HOWE Contractor to provide estimate for repairing hail damage to Howe Hall roof John Breon Open
8/16/2023 302338 0257 HOWE Door to room won't close due to high pressure in room. Room is also very cold James Benson Assigned
8/28/2023 304752 HOWE Call back from Saturday 26 AUG from DPS- AHU-3, 4 & 5 in alarm Dispatch Public Safety Assigned
9/25/2023 310932 GENERAL HOWE There is a small leak on the chilled water line on the heat exchanged valve outside of the bathrooms and water fountain in Howe. Nathan Grambau Open
10/17/2023 316718 1214 HOWE Custodial Equipment, extractor, no water dispensed. Zachary Simmons Assigned
10/23/2023 317144 HOWE Entrapment in the west elevator Nicholas Smith Closed
10/23/2023 317182 HOWE Freight elevator down Nathan Grambau Closed
11/21/2023 324155 GENERAL HOWE Call back Friday 18th from DPS AHU-1 in alarm DPS dispatch DPS Assigned
11/27/2023 324970 HOWE Howe Hall AHU-7 Supply Fan VFD help Attn. Jeremy and Dana Joe Flaherty Assigned
11/27/2023 325013 HOWE The west elevator by the loading docks is down. Travis Bittner Closed
11/28/2023 325130 HOWE VFD7 in alarm. Jeremy Forristall Assigned
11/30/2023 325293 1214 HOWE Custodial Equipment: Attn Brock Paler Broken star drive on roller brush. Karcher quote already received. Zachary Simmons Closed
12/7/2023 329565 3600 HOWE Please replace phase monitor on EF21 ( Smoke Exhaust Fan ) Attn. Jeff Lamb Michael Hanson Open
12/13/2023 329885 3200 HOWE Replace vfd 12 on air handler 2 Jeremy Forristall Assigned
12/21/2023 331191 1200 HOWE The heating system is too loud. Nicole Prestemon Assigned
1/3/2024 334822 3600 HOWE Howe hall vdf 17 in fault Jeremy Forristall Assigned
1/4/2024 334910 HOWE put oil in freight elevator Nicholas Smith Closed
1/8/2024 335181 HOWE CALL BACK FIRE ALARM ATTN ADAM PEPPER Adam Pepper Assigned
1/23/2024 336875 2624 HOWE 2624 Howe Hall - we have an 8-12 person oval conference table with the two t-base (from Storey Kenworthy). The top is wobbling quite uncontrollably when you sit and use the space (in the southwest area of our suite). Would someone be able to come by and fix it before it breaks? Thank you beforehand, Laura Phone number: 515-294-4533 Laura Bestler Assigned
1/25/2024 337139 0612 HOWE Howe mech room 0612. The steam water heater (WH1) is leaking at the bottom appears to be the steam return line-piping is very rusty. Jeffrey Ellsworth Assigned
1/26/2024 337315 HOWE Please deliver bleachers from Lied Rec Services to Howe Hall Atrium and place them on the floor between pillars and opposite side of facing bleachers; for Lego League., and pick up Monday, January 29, 2024. EVENT: Lego League, Friday, January 26 - 29, 2024, Howe Hall Atrium, CONTACT: Sam Franzen,; 515-296-3434 FUNDING: PG101480 DD17467 University event Barbara Schumacher Open
1/31/2024 338360 HOWE Chris Harding, instructor for HCI 574 (Mon Wed Fri 2:15 PM - 3:05 PM in Howe 1252) reported to me that he's having problems with the east door to Howe 1252 no closing all the way and being a distraction to his class. Andrew Sevcik Assigned
2/5/2024 341548 1638B HOWE Can I have someone check out the Liebert unit in this room? I'm finding fine metal dust all over our computer room. Worried it's coming from the Liebert system, perhaps bad bearing somewhere? Glen Galvin Assigned
2/6/2024 341710 2620 HOWE Back door to atrium office of 2620 across from room 2611 might have a regulator issue as it is heavily squeaking in the middle of the door movement. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
2/6/2024 341833 0612 HOWE Domestic water heater leaking Michael Bond Assigned
2/13/2024 342348 HOWE 3 people trapped in the west elevator ***call back*** ATTN Nick Smith Nicholas Smith Closed
2/15/2024 342670 HOWE Call back fire alarm attn Adam Pepper Adam Pepper Assigned
2/28/2024 344534 2203 HOWE Door to east women's restroom has a LOUD SQUEAKY SOUND! Nickolas Thielen Closed
2/28/2024 344546 0608 HOWE North door - fire door handle does not work. James Benson Assigned
3/1/2024 344719 HOWE AHU - supply fan 1 - install new VFD Dana Wills Assigned
3/1/2024 344733 1226 HOWE Double gang com box missing blank ( no wires coming out) Left side of room as entering There is an extension cord zip tied to conduit going up the wall and into the ceiling next to com box and runs out onto floor making it a trip hazard. Michael Bond Closed
3/7/2024 348464 2624 HOWE Front door to C.E.L.T. is shutting too fast and hard for occupancy. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
3/21/2024 349549 1226 HOWE FPM Shops to go to Howe Hall room 1226 and verify what is need for a room sign. The sign has gone missing, not sure if a new lens is needed, or frame, or both. Joseph Stoberl Assigned
3/25/2024 349779 1273 HOWE Follow up from a callback - Elevator stuck on 1st floor. Door open and won't close. Nicholas Smith Closed
3/25/2024 349794 HOWE Program description changes ATTN Duncan Wood Duncan Wood Assigned
4/1/2024 351212 1273 HOWE There are a few people trapped in the Howe Hall Freight elevator. The doors will not open to let them out. Arlene Grebasch Closed
4/3/2024 354963 1140 HOWE The rood hatch/access that is in 1140 Howe keeps blowing open when there are strong winds. Please check the access hatch to ensure that this stops happening. James Benson Assigned
4/5/2024 355136 0247 HOWE CHENGDE WU Closed
4/5/2024 355141 0030 HOWE Then underside of the stairs needs to be cleaned. The surfaces are looking very black instead of white. This would be a great summer cleaning item but happy to have it done ASAP. Arlene Grebasch Assigned
4/11/2024 355529 1140 HOWE Lighting Control System in Howe 1140 does not light up stage spotlights (Dimmers 9-14) Phone number: 4-0090 Roger Suski Assigned
4/11/2024 355550 1630 HOWE Card 15 positive earth ground Smoke detector M8-33 1st lvl B passenger elevator lobby - hanging by wires, recalls freight elevator instead of passenger smoke detector M3-52 2nd lvl area C 2624D - covered in tape smoke detector M6-75 lwr lvl B 1140D - inside garbage bag above ceiling. Lyle Bishop Closed
4/12/2024 355733 1010 HOWE Our Cy statue has a problem. Note the orange materials sticking out his helmet. Pictures attached. No idea how we go about getting this fixed. Please advise. Arlene Grebasch Closed
4/15/2024 355880 2304 HOWE Noise coming from HVAC vent. Room temperature is in the low 60s. James Wellman Assigned
4/16/2024 356011 GENERAL HOWE There is a leak by the windows at the front of Howe Hall this is near the display items. There is also a leak on the stairs at the front of the building between the 1st and 2nd floors. These leaks were caused by rain. Nicole Prestemon Assigned
4/17/2024 356094 1285 HOWE Heating unit #15 the motor is going bad. I have shut it off. Laverne Williams Closed
4/19/2024 356346 0630 HOWE Outlets in Hallway not working. James Benson Closed
4/23/2024 356559 0220 HOWE Fume hood in lab is going into emergency mode frequently. Have reset the alarm and put in setback mode and alarm persists. James Benson Assigned
4/24/2024 356734 2305 HOWE The first urinal will not stop flushing. Nickolas Thielen Closed
4/29/2024 357824 1140 HOWE Verification of Howe Hall 1140 Relamping. Glen Galvin Closed
4/30/2024 357850 2635 HOWE Single light bulb in left fixture of Cindy's room is not working properly. Nickolas Thielen Closed
4/30/2024 357903 1305 HOWE Door to men's restroom is shutting fast and hard. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
4/30/2024 357921 GENERAL HOWE Air handler 3 the motor will run and the it trips out at the MCC. Motor needs checked and also the amp draw. Attention Jeremy F Dustin Limoges Assigned
5/1/2024 357967 1350 HOWE Too hot. Mark Schmitz Closed
5/2/2024 361954 2280 HOWE Roof is leaking into area under the airplane ?? in study atrium as pictured (look for waste baskets in the middle of the hallway). Nickolas Thielen Assigned
5/3/2024 362081 1350 HOWE ATTN: Dale Lutter re insulate heating water pipe above the ceiling. the panel is removed and there is just a small section of pipe needing redone. thanks! Mark Schmitz Closed
5/8/2024 362431 2624 HOWE Height Adjustable Desk is lowering and rising unevenly. ATTN: Doug Sargent Marlys Carlson Assigned
5/10/2024 362684 HOWE Dark entrance Door 110x-2 - Safety walk Christopher Strawhacker Assigned
5/10/2024 362689 HOWE super dark - Safety walk Christopher Strawhacker Assigned
5/14/2024 362992 HOWE Possible leak near 1620, towards the front of the building in the stairwell. Sarah Pippin Assigned
5/16/2024 363309 1226 HOWE INTRAMURAL TO PRINTING Joseph Stoberl Open
5/21/2024 363667 2280 HOWE Roof is leaking into area under the airplane. Can we get custodial help to clean up the water. Nickolas Thielen Closed
5/21/2024 363782 2339 HOWE Room is too hot. Heat seems to be coming from the vents. Would like AC instead of heat. Thanks! Andrew Jordan Closed
5/22/2024 363823 2305 HOWE Middle can light in front of urinals in men's restroom is not working properly. Nickolas Thielen Closed
5/22/2024 363862 2365 HOWE Dark liquid is dripping from ceiling in my office. A quick tour of the penthouse (with building supervisor Jim Benson) indicates it may be coming from Air Handler 3. Andrew Jordan Assigned
5/24/2024 364056 GENERAL HOWE Storm damage - small trees - maybe saveable? Arlene Grebasch Assigned
5/24/2024 364076 2300 HOWE Roof is leaking in hallway in front of Travis Grager's office where the waste basket is in the attached pictures looking from the central men's restroom. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
5/24/2024 364111 1344 HOWE The outlet on the east wall of the classroom (behind the instructor desk) does not appear to be working. Instructor teaching in the room this summer requests outlet fix as his laptop needs to be plugged in. Jessie Christensen Assigned
5/28/2024 364814 2355 HOWE Room 2355 feels too warm. The heating vent was running. (I reported a different office last week, and they found a stuck valve. I wonder if this might be a similar case.) Andrew Jordan Closed
5/28/2024 364904 1380 HOWE Refrigeration compressor - Vilter 340 - is not working correctly - Thinking it could be low on oil. Please service as soon as possible. This compressor is used all of the time and is instrumental in their day to day tasks. Amanda Kramer Closed
5/28/2024 364911 2624F HOWE The heat appears to still be on in the 2624F conference room. Marlys Carlson Assigned
5/30/2024 365073 0620 HOWE Water is leaking into the building around the IT conduit located on the south wall, towards the west of the room. Please coordinate with Danelda Allen for exterior excavation or inspection as the area is part of the Therkildsen building project James Benson Closed
5/31/2024 365129 2232 HOWE Single light bulb in fixture over paper shredder is not working properly. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
5/31/2024 365130 2232 HOWE Single light bulb in middle fixture of room is not working properly. Nickolas Thielen Canceled
5/31/2024 365133 2242 HOWE 2 fixtures in the northeast corner of the room each have a single light bulb that's not working properly. Nickolas Thielen Assigned
5/31/2024 365146 1135 HOWE In the Howe Hall first floor bathroom men's bathroom, near the front entrance, the urinal closest to the toilets keeps flushing periodically. Every 30 seconds to 1 minute. Jacob Hill Assigned
6/3/2024 368558 1240 HOWE Hallways 1240 and 1300 - the heaters next to the windows feel how and seem to be putting out heated air. Odd for June I'd say. Arlene Grebasch Assigned
6/4/2024 368643 1303 HOWE Broken toilet seat. Stall 6, next to ADA stall. Part 2004955 needs to be replaced. Collin Crawford Closed
6/4/2024 368652 GENERAL HOWE We would like to install bird deterrent for the front area of our building to discourage bird from roosting and dirtying our windows. Arlene Grebasch Assigned
6/5/2024 368777 2308 HOWE Water leak occurred. Need to replace ceiling tiles. James Wellman Open
6/5/2024 368778 HOWE Please check for water leaks in penthouse. James Wellman Open
6/5/2024 368822 HOWE PO to Concrete Contractor Joseph Stoberl Open
6/5/2024 368840 1120 HOWE Very hot. Register blowing hot air. James Wellman Assigned
6/11/2024 369165 1305 HOWE The men's bathroom of Howe Hall 1305 has the door piston thing leaking oil down the door and is clearly broken as there is no slow down to close the door it just slams shut very loudly. It would be nice to get a new door closer thing installed. Paul Easker Closed
6/11/2024 369232 1380B HOWE The AerE Shop (1380B Howe) is extremely warm, and I do not feel any air coming from the vents. The surrounding WiST Lab (1380 Howe) is also extremely warm. Andrew Jordan Assigned
6/12/2024 369308 HOWE Howe, AHU-3, OFF since May 22nd Donald Boyle Assigned
6/13/2024 369403 2624 HOWE Room is too hot. Marlys Carlson Open