Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
4/6/2022 180213 0509 LAGOMAR move domestic water spigot so it is accessible. East end of tunnel, it is behind the duct work. Janet Schneider Assigned
2/15/2023 259529 1460AB LAGOMAR Heavy corrosion on press fitting see attached photo. AG Anthony Gervais Assigned
2/28/2023 261541 2184 LAGOMAR Replace Frank Adams pannel Todd Kelley Assigned
2/28/2023 261575 1250A LAGOMAR There appears to be mold under the sink in 1240A. Ann Christiansen Open
3/20/2023 266771 1660 LAGOMAR 1660 complex hot 1660E temp is 78 contact info Rose 686-1132 Rose Warrick On Hold
4/12/2023 273066 1320A LAGOMAR Occupant too cold. Sarah Kallsen Assigned
5/24/2023 281508 1740B LAGOMAR Workspace to order and install shelving Leigh Wiand Open
8/4/2023 301027 1730B LAGOMAR Air conditioning is not working. Shelley Stow Open
8/10/2023 301717 LAGOMAR There is a slightly raised slab of concrete that has being causing folks to trip. It is directly in front of the main Northern entrance of Lagomarcino Hall. One individual had fallen completely to the ground. Another trip and scarped their knee while losing their shoe. I don't know if if the edges can be shaved to create a slope but I thought I would info someone. Eduardo Boro Assigned
8/16/2023 302354 0250 LAGOMAR Wallpaper is flaking off on wall to the right when entering the room Ethan Bowers Assigned
8/23/2023 303698 LAGOMAR Multiple classrooms are too hot. There are night classes tonight. Shelley Stow Assigned
8/29/2023 305154 1720 LAGOMAR Rooms in this suite are all too hot. Running at around 85 degrees. Shelley Stow Open
8/30/2023 305192 1347A LAGOMAR Office way too hot--please help! Sarah Kallsen Assigned
8/31/2023 305335 2660 LAGOMAR Last year, a fire and flood in Lagomarcino Hall originated in classroom 2066. The room has since been repaired and brought back online, but something is wrong with the air conditioning. The room is incredibly warm at all times of the day and never gets cool. There is a noticeable difference when going from the room to the outside hallway, and it is warmer than any other room in the building. I am wondering if there is a connection issue with the new radiator or something else. Terah Stewart Open
9/12/2023 309591 1620 LAGOMAR Room is set at 72 but feels much warmer. Shelley Stow Open
9/18/2023 310321 LAGOMAR There is a street lamp whose lightbulb is out. It had the label CW 07. It is located near the sidewalk on Stange Rd, near Lagomarcino Hall. The streetlamp is on the right ride of the road (when heading southbound). Emma Teggatz Closed
9/20/2023 310568 1500 LAGOMAR The concrete is broke out between the breezeway and dock (tripping hazard) contact info Rose 686-1132 Rose Warrick On Hold
11/6/2023 323031 1360 LAGOMAR not working Sarah Kallsen Assigned
1/2/2024 334672 1360 LAGOMAR Elevator is not responding. Jennifer Luetkeman Assigned
2/1/2024 338500 LAGOMAR Have sergeant metal fabricate ladder for Lago Manhole entrance. David Chenevert Assigned
2/22/2024 343332 GENERAL LAGOMAR ATTN: Nick Swanson We had requested lock pads transferred from three locations in LeBaron to Lago. It sounds like the lock pads are outdated and/or incompatible with the doors in Lago. We would still like to move forward with keypads on the 530 and 221 doors. Is it possible to get a timeframe on installation? Different people have attempted to get this complete and it is taking awhile. We have several occupants in each of these spaces and not having a keypad creates inefficiencies. Thanks! Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Assigned
2/26/2024 343611 1600 LAGOMAR AED Cabinet False Alarms Alex Wiley Assigned
2/29/2024 344676 2660 LAGOMAR Lago 2660 is on a schedule for heating and cooling. Professor is requesting that be turned off because he cannot control temperature when he has his weekend classes. In the past it has been too cold and he wants to have AC when it gets hot. Shelley Stow Assigned
3/6/2024 348313 1420 LAGOMAR leak coming from ceiling above where the toilet is in this restroom. Jennifer Luetkeman Assigned
3/15/2024 348969 GENERAL LAGOMAR The pipe by room 0420 is dripping water on 2 different sections of pipe. questions call Jen 686-1103 Jennifer Luetkeman Assigned
3/19/2024 349149 0650 LAGOMAR Pipe dripping water in corner behind service desk in 650-2 (CTLT) not sure when or how long it has been dripping! Thanks Joseph Delaney Assigned
3/22/2024 349609 LAGOMAR 1360 - SW passenger elevator not working Jennifer Luetkeman Assigned
3/25/2024 349846 2675 LAGOMAR There is a funny damp smell. On the ceiling above the south wall the tile is water stained and there are water stains on the wall. I don't know if this was already there or something recent. I only use this office occasionally. Shelley Stow Closed
3/26/2024 349930 0760 LAGOMAR Estimate/options to purchase tables for classroom to be able to have 8 tables/pods for 4 students per table/pod. Not sure this will be purchased, want to get estimate to present to Department for possible purchase. Worktag provided is for design estimate costs - purchase worktag will be provided if decide to purchase. Rashele Johnson Open
3/29/2024 351100 0420 LAGOMAR There is a chipmunk in the exposed pipes on the ceiling in the basement outside of 0420. The people in 0420 may help you locate it if necessary. Amanda Kramer Closed
4/5/2024 355116 0640A LAGOMAR There is water running down the exterior wall in room 640A. Rose Warrick Assigned
4/11/2024 355547 A LAGOMAR Multiple patches needed. Hatch on section A needs patched on two outside corners, screw is breaking through the west parapet wall on section B. Section D needs a patch around the northwest overflow, a boot in the northeast corner needs patched or replaced, and a screw is breaking the the wall by the ladder. A few patches are needed on the west wall outside corner on section F, and a patch is needed by the west ladder on section G. See image for locations. "ATTN: John Breon" Daniel Dankel Closed
4/15/2024 355812 1240 LAGOMAR Threw away mouse traps that were full. Please replace traps Amanda Kramer Closed
4/15/2024 355848 1420 LAGOMAR Water leaking from someone in 1st floor restroom near room 1416. Water is also reported in the basement. Jennifer Gentile Closed
4/15/2024 355851 1420 LAGOMAR Water cleanup needed - there was water coming from the restroom. Water also reported in basement below. Jennifer Gentile Closed
4/15/2024 355890 1615A LAGOMAR Door not closing Jason Thompson Assigned
4/16/2024 355916 2675 LAGOMAR Replace stained ceiling tiles with new tiles. Donald Gregory Closed
4/16/2024 355917 0730 LAGOMAR Lagomarcino 0730 has mice. I am including an email from one of the staff who works in that office. She also took a picture of the droppings that I can share if need be. I want to share with you that in our office(0730), we have an animal(maybe a muse) as I am always find little pieces, as shown in the attached picture, on my disk, which makes me sick and start to sneeze and have allergy each time I come to my office. Also, we have some time a lot of ants coming from the door between our room and the other room. I do not know what is going on. I am not sure if there is a solution for this. Phone number: 294-9531 Shelley Stow Closed
4/16/2024 356068 2644 LAGOMAR Call back Attn Shane Clouser Water leaking through ceiling outside room 2644 Shane CLOUSER Closed
4/17/2024 356082 1250 LAGOMAR I work in 1240 Lagomarcino. Our suite and the one next to us (1250) have a mouse problem. We have a dead mouse in a trap this morning in 1240 under one of the registers. I would like to have that mouse removed and traps reset. Thanks. Phone number: 5152943554 Christine Hradek Closed
4/17/2024 356143 0640A LAGOMAR Remove ceiling and bulkhead so I can get to the pipe. Contact Shane for details. 515-509-7119 Shane CLOUSER Assigned
4/17/2024 356148 2660 LAGOMAR The room was so hot that they had to have class in the hallway. We need to be able to control the temperature in that room. Shelley Stow On Hold
4/22/2024 356435 0201 LAGOMAR There have been mice in the grad student office. Can we get some traps placed or any other types of deterrent to keep them away? Deann Barnes Closed
4/22/2024 356471 0520 LAGOMAR We have another report of mice in Lagomarcino 0520 (garden level). There are 5 students who use that space and they are finding mouse droppings on their desks and tables. Please help get rid of these annoying pests. Phone number: 294-9531 Shelley Stow Closed
4/23/2024 356643 2155EC LAGOMAR Sour odor smell in the office area. Not sure if it is dead mouse in the vents. We did look around the office areas and nothing was found Rachel Haynes Assigned
4/25/2024 356890 1347 LAGOMAR handicap door sensors are not working Sarah Kallsen Closed
4/26/2024 356948 0730 LAGOMAR Remove dead mouse and set more traps. Shelley Stow Closed
4/26/2024 356951 0730 LAGOMAR Mouse problem. Would you be able to come in on a frequent basis to check and reset mouse traps. I would be greatly appreciated until we can get it under control. I will be sending a reminder to staff to keep food sealed up and garbage taken out frequently. Thanks for your help! Shelley Stow Closed
4/26/2024 356952 0520 LAGOMAR Mouse problem. Would you be able to come in on a frequent basis to check and reset mouse traps. I would be greatly appreciated until we can get it under control. I will be sending a reminder to staff to keep food sealed up and garbage taken out frequently. Thanks for your help! Shelley Stow Closed
4/29/2024 357717 1400 LAGOMAR The handicap sensor not working and door not locking cuz of it . On exterior door 1400 questions call Jen 686-1103 Jennifer Luetkeman Closed
4/29/2024 357799 0420D LAGOMAR light out in 0420E/D Sarah Kallsen Closed
4/30/2024 357891 1422 LAGOMAR There is a burnt plastic smell coming from the custodial closet RM 1422 Jennifer Luetkeman Closed
5/13/2024 362838 1155 LAGOMAR seat backs, loose. back row, north side, 3rd and 4th seats in from aisle Janet Schneider Closed
5/13/2024 362839 1520 LAGOMAR replace stained ceiling tile, by south wall Janet Schneider Closed
5/13/2024 362840 1520 LAGOMAR south (red) wall needs re-painted Janet Schneider Assigned
5/14/2024 362981 GENERAL LAGOMAR Multiple patches needed. "ATTN:DANKEL" Daniel Dankel Assigned
5/15/2024 363018 0660 LAGOMAR Call back Attn Shane Clouser Sewage pump in alarm Shane CLOUSER Assigned
5/15/2024 363042 LAGOMAR Elevator across from 1347 is not functioning correctly. The occupant pushed the button for 2nd floor. After some delay it went down to the bottom floor and opened. Jennifer Gentile Assigned
5/16/2024 363225 1360 LAGOMAR The elevator is not responding Jennifer Luetkeman Assigned
5/16/2024 363234 1347 LAGOMAR Main office door is not securing. It will need to be repaired before the end of the day so that the office can be secured at night. Sarah Kallsen Closed