Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
5/17/2022 190792 C0110 LIED Door which houses fire extinguisher appears to be missing glass and the door in ajar. Extinguisher is located outside of men and women's restrooms R0117 & R113 near main entrance. Casey Bubke Open
11/4/2022 238297 0152 LIED INTRAMURAL FOR PRINTING Joseph Stoberl Closed
11/28/2022 240908 0152 LIED PO to JCToland - Paint Lockers Michael Richards Closed
1/23/2024 336830 GENERAL LIED Call back fire alarm heat head in locker room Dustin Limoges Assigned
2/1/2024 338520 GENERAL LIED In the east stairwell, first floor. The fire doors (S0192-2) are not functioning properly. North door upper closer/latch is broken. South door is not shutting or staying open. Any questions, call my cell at 515-291-7254 Adrian Angus Assigned
4/1/2024 351162 LIED Call Casey to schedule for fire panel to be down. 515-291-7258 Casey Bubke Assigned
4/8/2024 355211 M0307A LIED Lights will not turn off. Watt Stopper Lighting Panel: RU-SW fed from Electrical Panel: LSW, CIR: 26. All lighting fed from RU-SW will not turn off with light switch nor manually with any switches inside of panel RU-SW. RU-SW has appropriate voltage and circuit board LED shows power is on. After cycling power off/on to RU-SW problem persists with no changes. Casey Bubke Materials-Awaiting
4/8/2024 355244 LIED Hire Schumacher to troubleshoot fire service issues ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Assigned
5/9/2024 362565 LIED Two of the 3 sewage pumps are not working. It was determined that it is the electrical somewhere between the panel and the pump. Call Casey for details 291-7258 Casey Bubke Closed
5/13/2024 362723 LIED Call Back. DPS called for supervisory on FAP. Attn Zach Morgan Zachary Morgan Closed
5/16/2024 363242 M0120A LIED HM Cragg to do 2 hour load bank test. Anthony Gervais Open
5/16/2024 363263 0174 LIED Excessively dirty smoke detector/Panel Trouble. Attn Zach Morgan. Zachary Morgan Closed
5/17/2024 363391 X0190A LIED Key broke off in push bar that keeps door unlocked. 2nd door from the end. Brent Cunningham Closed
5/20/2024 363531 0124 LIED ATTN: Jeff Lamb. Recreation Services is requesting an additional electrical power cart to be made, identical to the two power carts Jeff has made for the Lied Recreation building that our department uses for large events. Casey Bubke Assigned
5/31/2024 365189 M0389 LIED Repair Fire Alarm Deficiencies: Pull Station address 14 room 389 mech east exit - supervisory signal instead fire alarm. Duct detector AHU8 supply has 24volts but not connected to a zone properly. Alternate and Primary elevator recall - did not recall. Lyle Bishop Open
6/4/2024 368623 M0389 LIED Mechanical Room #M0389. I've been witnessing more cockroaches in this mechanical room in the last few months, more than I have seen in the last 7 years. I have found some of them are coming up from the floor drains which I have then been cleaning out and killing what's in there. Casey Bubke Assigned
6/7/2024 368982 M0389 LIED Backflow Preventer is leaking. 6" Backflow located between domestic water heat exchangers and boiler room is leaking water. I have the 6" backflow isolated for now as there is a 4" supply with backflow below. Isolating the 6" should be okay for now since Lied Rec is closed to the public for the summer. Casey Bubke Closed