Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
10/20/2022 232007 MARSTON Brick inlay outside the east doors is uneven and is a tripping hazzard Emily Breitbarth Open
7/19/2023 294963 4100F MARSTON Replace blinds with black out blinds in office 4100F PG101829 Jeremy Bowker Closed
8/23/2023 303472 4100S MARSTON Please check the temperature in Office 4100S - It is hot and very humid in this office. this is the Dean's office, please adjust as soon as possible. Could we have the air adjusted to come on earlier in the Marston Building, specifically for the 4th floor. Jeremy Bowker Assigned
10/23/2023 317172 MARSTON Marston Fire Incident - October 20, 2023 - Fire was in Room 3018 - Work order for cleanup/repairs John Netwal Assigned
10/31/2023 318549 MARSTON Marston Hall Fire Contracts Eric Ohrt Open
12/20/2023 331095 MARSTON PO for survey Joseph Stoberl Open
1/4/2024 334931 MARSTON Parking Pass for Contractor Joseph Stoberl Open
1/8/2024 335199 MARSTON Need a stone mason contractor ASAP to fix a loose sandstone block above the northwest entrance. See image attached. "ATTN: Tom Webster" Daniel Dankel Closed
1/9/2024 335472 MARSTON The card readers in the elevators are not working correctly. The south elevator reader does not work at all. It allows you to the 4th floor even when should be locked. The north elevator reader does not allow you to the 4th floor when it should be unlocked and the North elevator reader does not read any new activated card access. PG 101829 Any questions please reach out. Thank you! Jeremy Bowker Assigned
2/16/2024 342766 3125 MARSTON Marston 3rd floor women''''''''s bathroom-- toilet closest to the door doesn''''''''t flush well/reliably. Water pressure on the right side sink (closest to paper towels) has very low water pressure. Phone number: 5152943553 Kate Cossa Closed
2/26/2024 343612 4100 MARSTON AED Cabinet by Men's restroom false alarms. Alex Wiley Assigned
4/5/2024 355094 1195 MARSTON Light burn out mens restroom Julie Wengert Closed
4/8/2024 355190 MARSTON callback marston hvac not running ATTN: Mark Schmitz Mark Schmitz Closed
4/15/2024 355821 GENERAL MARSTON Could you adjust the temperature on the 4th floor of Marston Hall. It is very warm on the floor. Please adjust the temperature a few degrees on the 3rd floor as well, bathrooms and public areas are warm. Thank you! Jeremy Bowker Assigned
4/16/2024 356000 GENERAL MARSTON Southeast side of roof is overflowing - roof drain/gutter may be clogged Jean Dubberke Closed
4/17/2024 356096 1185 MARSTON In the kitchen by the Keurig machine there have been ants. Soonee Sill Closed
4/17/2024 356131 4100 MARSTON The standing desk will go down, but not up Amanda Runyan Assigned
4/23/2024 356506 1125 MARSTON Burn out light women restrooms Julie Wengert Closed
4/23/2024 356507 1195 MARSTON Burn out light men restroom Julie Wengert Closed
4/23/2024 356541 MARSTON North Elevator is not working. It is stuck on 1st floor. Please look at as soon as possible. PG101829 Thank you! Jeremy Bowker Assigned
4/24/2024 356730 3300 MARSTON Please remove the plexi glass cover and material used to hang it, in front of the podium presentation area. Jeremy Bowker Canceled
4/25/2024 356911 1200K MARSTON The stand up desk mechanism stopped working today and the desk is now at an incline. I was lowering it when it happened. Now the desk will not go up, but will continue to go down if I press the button. The corner leg seems to be higher than the others. Work tags to attach: PG102081 Yamille Perez Closed
5/6/2024 362203 MARSTON Please unlock Marston Hall at 9 am on 5.12.24 as we will be doing a campus tour with the commencement speaker Amanda Runyan Canceled
5/8/2024 362385 1300L MARSTON Lori Bushore Closed
5/16/2024 363256 4100C MARSTON office signage Jean Dubberke Open