Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
1/3/2022 155447 M0240 MOL-BIO Condensate Return Pump CRP1 is not working currently. There is water/condensate all over in the room. Need an electricians help for this. See Scott Nibe for details. Scott Nibe Open
12/19/2022 246819 1414 MOL-BIO end caps on the following rows are missing either screws, spacers, or both. B north side, C both ends, H north end, G north end, F north end Janet Schneider Assigned
4/5/2023 272465 0114 MOL-BIO 0114 MBB - This lab room is over cooling. Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/12/2023 273059 MOL-BIO replace VFD Attn Todd Kelley #197120 closed and processed Todd Kelley Assigned
7/24/2023 295668 MOL-BIO Replace transfer switch on generator Derick Anderson Assigned
8/3/2023 300864 MOL-BIO FPM Shops to discuss sign request with Peter Lelonek 515-294-2699. Original Request: Make and install approximately 17 new or update some existing gray plastic signs with white lettering to improve way finding of Biotech Facilities on ground and first floor. Sign locations and wording is already determined. I need a cost estimate before proceeding. Joseph Stoberl Assigned
8/14/2023 302020 M0240 MOL-BIO On AHU6 the duct static pressure point DA4-P in Metasys is significantly below the other floors causing the unit to run 20%+ higher then normal. I have the drives overridden to hold at a more normal condition until the issue is resolved. Peter Lelonek Assigned
9/22/2023 310823 R1404 MOL-BIO In the men's restroom (R1404) on 1st floor in the first stall on the left wall, there is graffiti markings that I can't get off because it is carved in to it Tigra Sims Assigned
10/3/2023 315657 M0144 MOL-BIO Elevator Lobby Vesda 8 - Airflow issues Duct Detector M0240 - missing/bypassed Battery Vesda - expired Lyle Bishop Open
10/9/2023 316035 C1225 MOL-BIO The eyewash station in the hallway outside of MBB 1238 is not working properly. There is little to no water coming out of the right side of the eyewash. Peter Lelonek Assigned
12/1/2023 325515 M0240 MOL-BIO Moly Bio - Basement Mechanical Room M0240 South steam condensate pump CDP1 - assembly has a vibration when electric motor is in operation. Michael Fields Materials-Awaiting
1/8/2024 335147 3152 MOL-BIO 3152 MBB - The cooling is full on all of the time. Peter Lelonek Assigned
1/16/2024 335887 MOL-BIO Test and repair steam traps as necessary Brady Streit Assigned
1/16/2024 335897 1160A MOL-BIO 1160A and 1320B - Both rooms are cold. These rooms flooded over the weekend due to a water line break. The rooms are overly cool and this may be why the water lines broke. There does not appear to be good airflow from the ceiling diffusers in the rooms. This looks to be a control problem at the VAV boxes in the room. Peter Lelonek Assigned
1/18/2024 336352 4138 MOL-BIO 4138 MBB - This research lab is overheating due to heating valve stuck open. The manual valve at the VAV box has been partially closed until the valve is repaired. Peter Lelonek Assigned
1/23/2024 336821 M0144 MOL-BIO ATS 5 needs repaired. Jeremy Forristall Assigned
1/23/2024 336949 3177 MOL-BIO 3177 MBB - The humidifier in this fly stock warm room started leaking water into the room. users have unplugged it and shut off the water to it until it can be repaired. Peter Lelonek Materials-Awaiting
3/14/2024 348956 1414 MOL-BIO There are lighting issues in Mol-Bio room 1414 - See Don Boyle. Donald Boyle Assigned
3/27/2024 350768 0124 MOL-BIO There is a leak in RM 124 off the main water line. Possibly a fitting - The leak is contained but the water is still on. Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/1/2024 351124 M5100 MOL-BIO Molecular Biology - East and West Penthouse Units M5100 and M5200 Please test the air quality and filters for contaminants within the heat recovery units on the roof of Moly Bio. Maintenance needs to change out the unit air filters and wants to know if it is safe to enter the space for this scope of work. Call Mike Fields if you have any questions. PLEASE ASSIGN THIS TO CHUCK RODGERS at EHS Michael Fields Closed
4/3/2024 354858 R2037 MOL-BIO They urinal will not flush and go down. It's not running down the wall anymore now.It just won't flush. Brandina Gallardo Herrera Materials-Awaiting
4/4/2024 355001 MOL-BIO Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot freight door lock issues ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Closed
4/8/2024 355252 2312 MOL-BIO Please check the controls for this greenhouse - The heating and cooling systems are not working properly here. Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/8/2024 355263 2328 MOL-BIO 2328 MBB - This greenhouse room is not controlling correctly and is overheating Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/10/2024 355473 M0240 MOL-BIO AHU 3 is not working. NAE 147 is in fault. Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/17/2024 356122 2306 MOL-BIO 2306 hot Pete Lelonek Assigned
4/22/2024 356402 3191 MOL-BIO RSE23, door seal needs repaired/replaced, adjust door closure, does not close completely Janet Schneider Closed
4/22/2024 356424 2243 MOL-BIO RSE13, one fan not working Janet Schneider Closed
4/24/2024 356785 3014 MOL-BIO 3014 MBB - The faucet at the sink in this room is dripping Peter Lelonek Assigned
4/25/2024 356818 0134 MOL-BIO Follow-up verification of refrigerant repairs. WO#349383. Lyle Bishop Open
4/29/2024 357800 M0240 MOL-BIO Moly Bio - Lower Level Mech Room M0240 AHU 5 - Fan A Fan shaft "A" and the main bearings for the fan shaft are in need of repair/replacement. This fan has been removed from service to prevent further damage to the AHU. Michael Fields On Hold
4/30/2024 357882 M0240 MOL-BIO Moly Bio - Lower Level Mech Room M0240 AHU 6 - Fan B Fan shaft "B" and the main bearings for the fan shaft are in need of repair/replacement. This fan has been removed from service to prevent further damage to the AHU. Michael Fields On Hold
5/1/2024 357946 C4200 MOL-BIO Handle broken Brandina Gallardo Herrera Assigned
5/2/2024 361953 C3020 MOL-BIO Water coming through window on 3rd floor. Brandina Gallardo Herrera Closed
5/7/2024 362290 2135 MOL-BIO 2135 MBB - This room is overheating. The heating control valve on the VAV box looks fairly new but does not seem to be closing completely. The valve for the box in this room is located in room 2133 at the adjacent wall. To access 2133 see Haninder Kaur in lab 2132. Peter Lelonek Assigned
5/7/2024 362293 MOL-BIO Hire elevator contractor to look at freight elevator doors again ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Assigned
5/8/2024 362383 1152 MOL-BIO 1152 MBB - This seed storage room is overheating. I think the control valve on the VAV unit above the ceiling is stuck open. I have shut the manual valve on the heating water line to the unit to keep the room cool until it can be repaired. Peter Lelonek Assigned
5/8/2024 362418 C2100 MOL-BIO Frayed carpet in Hallway poses a tripping hazard. Quintin Long Assigned
5/9/2024 362509 GENERAL MOL-BIO Please put this on my bench. Replace south east closer on exterior door Jason Thompson Closed
5/13/2024 362782 M0240 MOL-BIO Scope of work replace VFD on AHU 5 Fan A Jeremy Forristall Assigned
5/14/2024 362913 M0144A MOL-BIO Load bank test HM Cragg Anthony Gervais Closed
5/16/2024 363282 2106 MOL-BIO 2106 MBB - The temperature in this office keeps fluctuating. The cooling also seems to be on full blast all of the time. Peter Lelonek Closed
5/17/2024 363429 MOL-BIO INTRAMURAL TO PRINTING Joseph Stoberl Open
5/17/2024 363459 R1404 MOL-BIO R1404 MBB - The first urinal is running constantly. The water to it has been shut off and a sign put on it not to use. The water shut off screw on the pipe was also leaking a bit when I shut the water off. Peter Lelonek Closed
5/22/2024 363898 C4150 MOL-BIO Water leaking from galvanized pipe in the ceiling. Brandina Gallardo Herrera Assigned
5/23/2024 364021 MOL-BIO Investigate cause of high voltage on 480volt transformer. Jeremy Forristall Assigned
5/24/2024 364045 1184 MOL-BIO Outside of room 1184 in hallway Brandina Gallardo Herrera Assigned
5/29/2024 365000 MOL-BIO VFD 18 is not working. This is for EF5B Dana Wills Assigned
5/30/2024 365070 MOL-BIO Change tap on 480V XFMR, inspect and clean 4160V switchgear during Molecular Biology building outage. Wade Siskow Open
6/4/2024 368646 3268 MOL-BIO 3268 MBB - Autoclave in this room has door maintenance alarm. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/5/2024 368850 2306 MOL-BIO 2306 MBB - greenhouse room is overheating and keeps setting of temperature alarm. No windows are opening and no cooling. Jeff Lamb was working on and needs to come back and finish. Peter Lelonek Assigned
6/6/2024 368916 MOL-BIO Scope of work purchase live voltage filters for VFD 6 VFD 17 VFD 18 Jeremy Forristall Assigned
6/10/2024 369108 4127 MOL-BIO 4127 and 4137 MBB - Replace all lamps out in these two rooms. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/13/2024 369349 1227 MOL-BIO The light in the hallway in front of teaching lab 1227 is out Tigra Sims Closed
6/13/2024 369350 1237 MOL-BIO The light down the hall from 1227 is also out. It's in front of teaching lab 1237. Tigra Sims Closed
6/13/2024 369364 M0240 MOL-BIO M0240 MBB - The water heating units supply temperature froze at 151 degrees in METASYS on 6/11/24 at around 3:30. Since the setpoint was 150 this caused the steam valves to go full closed and the water temperature dropped to 70 degrees before I started getting cold complaints the following day. I was able to override the steam valve and get the system warmed back up and the supply temperature reading appears to not be frozen anymore but I think there may still be an issue with METASYS or the temperature sensors so I have left the override on till it can be looked at. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/13/2024 369374 3014 MOL-BIO 3014 MBB - There is a drip of water under the sink in this room. Peter Lelonek Assigned
6/13/2024 369375 4288 MOL-BIO 4288 MBB - The DI faucet at the first sink in this lab is cracked at the base and leaking Peter Lelonek Closed
6/13/2024 369434 MOL-BIO Molecular Biology - Quote for ATS Replacement - Per Interstate Power Systems - $43,635.38 Eric Zierke Assigned
6/17/2024 369679 MOL-BIO Hire Midwest Sprinkler to extend a sprinkler pipe attn apepper Adam Pepper Assigned
6/18/2024 369731 R1404 MOL-BIO The men's restroom 1404 has a urinal that is not flushing properly, causing urine to sit in bottom of the bowl. It is the very first one when you walk in and the only manual flushing one. Tigra Sims Assigned
6/18/2024 369764 2014 MOL-BIO Light out above desk Brandina Gallardo Herrera Closed
6/19/2024 369871 M0240 MOL-BIO M0240 MBB - The cooling valve on AHU-8 is not opening up when the unit is running. There appears to be a control problem in METASYS. Peter Lelonek Assigned
6/19/2024 369879 1414 MOL-BIO On the wall there seems to be water or something and smells bad from the ceiling by the lights making it's way down the wall. Michael Wilson Assigned
6/20/2024 369920 4131 MOL-BIO 4131 MBB - This cold room is off again. It was repaired last week. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/21/2024 369971 R1109 MOL-BIO The handicap stall in the women's restroom 1109 seat is very loose and wiggly. Tigra Sims Closed
6/23/2024 370969 0112 MOL-BIO FY25 MOL BIO - SLA for additional custodial services in rooms 0112 and 0114. Every 2 weeks to sweep, mop and empty trash. FPM Service Desk Open
6/25/2024 371562 4168 MOL-BIO 4168 MBB - The autoclave in this room has a door maintenance alarm. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/25/2024 371586 C4200 MOL-BIO Door CC4200-1 has a door handle that is nearly off the door. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/25/2024 371587 C4175 MOL-BIO C4175 MBB - Replace all lamps out in this hallway Peter Lelonek Closed
6/25/2024 371591 0121 MOL-BIO 0121 MBB - There is a light fixture flashing in this lab. It may have gotten wet due to condensation dripping from the duct work above. We have resolved the problem with the duct work dripping. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/26/2024 371812 1414 MOL-BIO 1414: Water leak above chair J9 has caused water damage to the fabric walls and ceiling that is causing an odor Kelly Simmons Closed
6/26/2024 371813 1414 MOL-BIO 1414 has 3 ceiling lights out Kelly Simmons Closed
6/27/2024 372486 M4031 MOL-BIO Light out above sink Brandina Gallardo Herrera Closed
6/27/2024 372494 2132 MOL-BIO Fume hood is not working - there is a red light and monitor is indicating "air fail". Nicole Brandon Assigned
6/27/2024 372564 1252 MOL-BIO Door 1252-1 MBB, The cams on the wing door are rubbing and making it really hard to open the main door to this teaching lab. This door is used by a lot of students during the semester. Can we put the flip style latches on the wing door and eliminate the cam style. Peter Lelonek Closed
6/28/2024 372599 C4100 MOL-BIO Water leaking out of white box Brandina Gallardo Herrera Assigned
7/2/2024 375071 0216 MOL-BIO There are 3 lights out in front of the storage room 0216 Tigra Sims Closed
7/2/2024 375072 0112 MOL-BIO There is a light going out in front of lab 0112-1 Tigra Sims Closed
7/2/2024 375074 1104 MOL-BIO There is a light out in front of office 1104 Tigra Sims Closed
7/3/2024 375455 1414 MOL-BIO Water continues to leak from the ceiling and is spreading farther and farther. Please have someone find and fix the leak Kelly Simmons Closed
7/5/2024 375479 1414 MOL-BIO Water continues to leak from the ceiling and is spreading farther and farther. Please have someone find and fix the leak Kelly Simmons Assigned
7/5/2024 375492 1414 MOL-BIO Cut access hole to find leak Kelly Simmons Closed
7/5/2024 375505 1414 MOL-BIO Water continues to leak from the ceiling and is spreading farther and farther. Please have someone find and fix the leak Kelly Simmons Closed
7/8/2024 375532 4168 MOL-BIO Remove lights so we can access pipes in the ceiling. Contact Shane for details. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/8/2024 375561 MOL-BIO Moly, CW1, CHW-DIFF is unreliable for a long time Donald Boyle Assigned
7/8/2024 375602 1414 MOL-BIO Patch hole from water leak Kelly Simmons Assigned
7/8/2024 375624 1414 MOL-BIO Clean up in auditorium and the small classroom next to it from where sheet rock was removed from ceiling and from where water leaked from pipe onto the floor/wall Tyler Wirth Closed
7/9/2024 375687 GENERAL MOL-BIO Brush head stuck to backpack vacuum. Attn Brock Palar Brock Palar Assigned
7/9/2024 375696 1320C MOL-BIO The tile that was recently replaced in front of office 1320C is leaking again. Tigra Sims Assigned
7/9/2024 375701 M0240 MOL-BIO The DI water system will not function without overrides in the METASYS control system. This got messed up after our last power outage. I think it needs to be reset/triggered in PMI. Peter Lelonek Assigned
7/9/2024 375729 C2175 MOL-BIO C2175 MBB - There is a small water leak in the hallway outside room 2192 just above the light fixture. It appears to be from a 3/4" hot water line. Peter Lelonek Assigned
7/10/2024 375748 1268 MOL-BIO There is a light out in front of the mechanical side of the auditorium over by 1268. Right in front of the stairwell. Tigra Sims Assigned
7/10/2024 375756 2193 MOL-BIO Moly Bio - Steam Piping above a cooler (2193) on 2nd floor Steam leaking pass the face on a steam trap located above a cooler on 2nd floor. Sounds like an air leak when listening in the corridor. Contact Mike Fields 515-520-0523 if help is needed for the location. Thanks- Michael Fields Closed
7/11/2024 375872 C2200 MOL-BIO Lights out in Hallway Brandina Gallardo Herrera Assigned
7/11/2024 375912 MOL-BIO Scope of work is to replace the VFD on exhaust fan 5 B. Jeremy Forristall Assigned
7/12/2024 376053 0202 MOL-BIO Hallway outside room 202 needs multiple ceiling tile replaced. Attention Justin Rummans Justin Rummans Assigned
7/12/2024 376055 1190 MOL-BIO Multiple ceiling tiles need replaced in hallway outside door 1190. Attention Justin Rummans Justin Rummans Assigned
7/15/2024 376190 0124 MOL-BIO Insulate cold water line that has recently been repaired. Ceiling tile should be out. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/15/2024 376191 0124 MOL-BIO Replace and install ceiling tiles that were damaged by water leak. Wait until pipe is insulated. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/15/2024 376193 C2175 MOL-BIO Insulate hot water line that was recently repaired, ceiling tile is out. This is in the hallway outside of room 2192. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/15/2024 376194 C2175 MOL-BIO Replace or install ceiling tiles that were damaged due to water leak. Wait until water line has been insulated. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/15/2024 376196 C4150 MOL-BIO Insulate cold water line that has recently been repaired in the hallway 4150 and in room 4168. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/15/2024 376198 C4150 MOL-BIO Install new ceiling tiles in hallway that were damaged due to water leak. Wait until water line has been insulated. Shane CLOUSER Assigned
7/16/2024 376350 1178 MOL-BIO 1178 MBB - Provide small generator and associated cabling to serve several critical instruments in this room during scheduled power outages. Confer to Jeremy Forristall /Dana Wills Peter Lelonek Assigned
7/16/2024 376430 1137 MOL-BIO 1137/1230 MBB - Move CM lock on door 1137 to room 1230 door. Put hardware currently on 1230 on 1137. Peter Lelonek Assigned
7/17/2024 376482 1414 MOL-BIO There is a light flickering in front of the handicap accessible door by the auditorium 1414 Tigra Sims Assigned
7/17/2024 376522 MOL-BIO I would like to request for a pest spray to be done here at Moli Bio. I have been noticing an unusual amount of big black ants and spiders. Thank you in advance! Tigra Sims Assigned
7/17/2024 376531 1132 MOL-BIO 1132 MBB - The emergency light located above the door on the wall in this room does not seem to be working anymore. Peter Lelonek Assigned