Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
3/2/2022 170356 ROSS H Lease updates for T-Mobile at Ross and Wilson hall Randolph Larabee Closed
1/3/2023 251105 0035 ROSS H Check for water damage in High Voltage Room Gail Koobs Open
4/4/2023 272273 ROSS H attn: Jlamb AHU-3 off on low limit Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
6/6/2023 286342 0229 ROSS H Thermostat is hissing and the room is a little warm Deanna Stumbo Assigned
10/12/2023 316387 0403 ROSS H There is a window on the north side of 403 Ross that appears to have condensation that has built up, perhaps between the window panes. Not sure if anything can be done to remedy this, but would you please send someone who can take a look at it for us. Thank you. Candice Miller Assigned
10/16/2023 316680 0129 ROSS H Room is being described as consistently very hot in this room from 8:50am-9:40am. Elizabeth Salton Assigned
11/20/2023 324018 0555 ROSS H My office is 555 Ross. I get a lot of bugs in my office such as bees, flies, and ladybugs. Brenda, our facilities person, said another in Ross had a similar problem and it was learned there was a bad seal on the window. Someone came in, caulked the window, and now problem no more. Can that be done in my office? Thank you. Phone number: 4-3941 Terry Kruse Closed
12/4/2023 329208 0017A ROSS H The pipe is leaking in the garbage can Brenda Frank Assigned
1/16/2024 336018 0124 ROSS H The table laminate it peeling off, needs reglued Emma Lien Closed
1/22/2024 336679 0127 ROSS H The knob that holds the lectern portion of the Ringgenberg desk is not holding it in the upright position. This is happening in Ross Hall, room 0127. Please have this looked at and repaired. If not, let me know and we can look at pulling one from storage and hopefully it works. Thank you. Katie B. Kathleen Baumgarn Closed
2/12/2024 342288 0312 ROSS H I was not sure how to categorize this request, please change it as you see appropriate if necessary. One of our instructors does a lot of grant research projects and the eye trackers used for this research is sensitive to infrared rays from light fixtures. They are using Ross 312 for conducting this work and due to the infrared rays, they have purchased some heat-resistant and flame-retardant light fixture covers that attach magnetically to the metal frame around the fixtures (I'll attach a photo) for 4 of the lights in 312. The instructor is requesting permission to leave these covers on the fixtures year-round. Our Department Chair felt like that permission should be granted by someone from FP & M who has the authority to give such permission. Given that these covers are made of heat-resistant and flame-retardant material, it should not be an issue, unless there are other considerations of which we may not be aware. Candice Miller Open
3/18/2024 349131 0124 ROSS H Table won't lay flat. Walk in on the left side (mens bathroom side of the room) front row 3rd from the end. Emma Lien Assigned
3/21/2024 349554 0255 ROSS H The occupant of this office is reporting that it's really cold. She tried adjusting the thermostat but it has not changed anything. Please troubleshoot. Thank you. Candice Miller Assigned
4/19/2024 356259 0021 ROSS H Drain line coming from 1.5 inch condensate is draining steam all the time David Chenevert Assigned
4/29/2024 357801 0427 ROSS H Quite some time ago, we reported a problem with a sit/stand desk in 427 Ross; I cannot find the request ID number in FAMIS so I am making a new one. Someone came and looked at the desk (I believe it may have been a Storey Kenworthy technician but I''m not sure). The desk was stuck in such a position that one side was all the way up and the other side was all the way down so it sat at an angle. Whoever came to look at it ordered a part, returned some time later and reported to me that it was not the right part and they would re-order. That is the last I heard on this issue. I checked today, and the workaround was to place a box under the side that was stuck in the down position to at least level the desk. The box is still there so I know it has not yet been fixed. Will you please send someone back to troubleshoot this again? Thank you. Candice Miller Assigned
5/7/2024 362304 ROSS H Install steam drip legs and blowdowns. David Chenevert Assigned
5/9/2024 362572 GENERAL ROSS H Mechanical room 0015 - repair pump Michael Solberg Closed
5/13/2024 362822 GENERAL ROSS H Insulate piping for steam issue in M0015 Michael Solberg Assigned
5/29/2024 364939 0439 ROSS H Custodial Project - strip floor and apply 3 coats of wax. Betty Wilcox Closed
5/31/2024 365153 0021 ROSS H The tunnel door in mechanical room 21 was broken into. Please asses the door to determine what needs to be repaired/replaced. Call Dave Chenevert with questions 515-291-5205. locksmiths - please check lock in mechanical room door to ensure that it is the correct lock. David Chenevert Assigned
6/3/2024 368540 0129 ROSS H Custodial Project - Strip and wax floor Dion Andrews Open
6/3/2024 368541 0131 ROSS H Custodial project - strip and wax floor Dion Andrews Open
6/4/2024 368636 0441 ROSS H Custodial project - strip and apply 3 coats of wax. Betty Wilcox Closed
6/4/2024 368675 0028 ROSS H light switch shocked person in room 0028. Brenda Frank Open
6/5/2024 368800 0312 ROSS H We have an 8-foot Grip-A-Strip display rail that needs to be mounted on the wall in 312 Ross. Duane Strah mounted smaller ones for us on the 2nd floor outside of the elevator and he used some really strong double-sided tape that seems to work well, but I don''t know if that would work for an 8-foot rail. It will be holding very light posters so double-sided tape might be fine. It comes with mounting screws but I believe the walls in 312 are concrete so if screws are needed, you will need something that can drill into concrete. Here is a link to what it is: Candice Miller Assigned
6/5/2024 368851 0647 ROSS H Custodial floor project - strip and wax with three coats. Brenda Frank Closed
6/6/2024 368931 0702 ROSS H Chilled water valve (AV01) is leaking. In the center between the AHU'S. Please fix. Thanks, Bob Bob Betts Assigned
6/13/2024 369389 0311 ROSS H Asbestos testing in RM 311 Justin Abbott Closed
6/14/2024 369454 0306B ROSS H It has been reported to me that the lights in this office do not come on when the light switch is flipped on. Please troubleshoot and fix. Thank you. Candice Miller Closed
6/17/2024 369636 0011 ROSS H Men's bathroom the third Urinal the battery is dead for the flushable Brenda Frank Closed
6/18/2024 369807 0120 ROSS H Facing away from the whiteboard the very far back and then to the far left, is mold Emma Lien Closed
6/20/2024 369881 0031 ROSS H Classroom 31 7 light bulbs burned out, classroom 29 two light bulbs burned out, classroom 24 two light bulbs burned out, classroom 27 one light bulb burned out, classroom 20 three light bulbs burned out, and classroom 28 two light bulbs burned out. Brenda Frank Closed
6/20/2024 369937 0457 ROSS H Custodial floor project - wet scrub and apply 3 coats of wax. Betty Wilcox Closed
6/20/2024 369938 0429 ROSS H Custodial Floor Project - wet scrub and apply 3 coats of wax Betty Wilcox Closed
6/21/2024 369968 ROSS H Need help moving some desks and other office furniture between offices; I am hoping you can send a crew to help next Thursday, June 27, to start...and then I''ll need the crew back again after July 1 to finish some items to be moved. Please let me know your timeline, I have a new faculty member moving into an office on July 1 and I need to make sure I can have everything ready for her by then. I could have them move some things as early as today, or even Monday-Wednesday June 24-26 if they are available, but I''ll have more ready by next Thursday if they want to minimize trips. My guess is that a crew of 3-4 strong people could get this done in a matter of 90 minutes to 2 hours. Please advise ASAP, thank you. Candice Miller On Hold
6/21/2024 369981 0306B ROSS H It has been reported to me that the lights in this office do not come on when the light switch is flipped on. Please troubleshoot and fix. Thank you. Candice Miller Assigned
6/21/2024 370014 GENERAL ROSS H Roof Canopy above Northeast Vestibule is leaking. Ceiling tile is wet in Vestibule and in room 0120. Attn Dan: Dankel Brandon Bartleson Closed
6/25/2024 371551 0419 ROSS H Custodial Floor Project - wet scrub and apply 3 coats of wax Betty Wilcox Closed
6/26/2024 371683 0166 ROSS H Can we get these steps fixed on the Southeast of Ross Hall outside steps. Thank you ?? Brenda Frank Assigned
6/26/2024 371751 0529 ROSS H Custodial Floor Project - strip and wax Brenda Frank Closed
6/26/2024 371785 0423 ROSS H The instructor in this office shared her concerns about some parts of her tile floor that have deep, heavy gouges in them, not so much from an aesthetic standpoint, but she wonders if there is the possibility of asbestos being in or under the tile that may be a hazard since the gouges are somewhat heavy (could asbestos, if present, be emanating into the air)? We thought it might be a good idea to get EHS's opinion on this. Candice Miller Open
7/2/2024 375108 0425 ROSS H Custodial floor project - wet scrub and apply 2 coats of wax. Betty Wilcox Closed
7/8/2024 375542 0659 ROSS H Custodial Floor Project - scrub and wax. Brenda Frank Closed
7/8/2024 375545 0649 ROSS H Custodial Floor Project - strip and wax Brenda Frank Open
7/8/2024 375556 0529 ROSS H The faculty member in this office would like a whiteboard hung on the wall. He has marked on the wall with pencil where he would like it hung. The markings are on the wall above the board. Ashley Harris Canceled
7/9/2024 375711 0162 ROSS H Exterior door frame is rusting and needs to be painted. See photo. Michelle Lenkaitis Assigned
7/9/2024 375715 0119 ROSS H Please add hooks over sink for hanging mops. Contact Michelle Lenkaitis prior to installation to discuss location. Michelle Lenkaitis Assigned
7/10/2024 375793 0331 ROSS H Custodial floor project - strip and wax floor. Dion Andrews Open