Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
8/30/2023 305210 STD SER call back from dispatch 29 Aug- AHU-3 in alarm dispatch DPS Assigned
12/15/2023 330161 STD SER I was over at Student Services taking some measurements for the steam service entrance relocation project and came across a steam leak in the crawl space. If you go in the west side of the crawl space, it's straight in. Just downstream of a gate valve and control valve. My guess is a gasket. Any chance we could have someone take a look at that? Also, while they are down there, can the replace the pressure gauge on the downstream side of the steam pressure reducing valves. I noticed it was bad awhile back but didn't figure it was worth going in there for just that. Michael McCoy Assigned
3/27/2024 350787 STD SER AHU 5 - VFD Mark Schmitz Assigned
3/28/2024 350901 STD SER 28 Mar Call back - DPS called about an alarm on AHU fan status alarm DPS dispatch DPS Assigned
3/29/2024 351074 0111 STD SER Attn JLamb: AHU-1 has an alarm on the chill water supply needs a new sensor Jeffrey Lamb Assigned
5/7/2024 362252 0132 STD SER Water leaking from East wall again. Fan and dehumidifier have been set up already. Jacob Peterson Assigned
6/17/2024 369695 STD SER Signages in stairwell need to be repaired. Kristins Chapman Open
6/18/2024 369716 1064 STD SER Light outside of room 1064 need new lights Benita Tilley Closed
6/25/2024 371544 3077 STD SER Attention Josh Bremer: Call back 6-24 AHU6 Supply fan alarm Joshua Bremer Closed
7/9/2024 375660 0133 STD SER Student Services, Basement, Men's RR, Temp sensor is Unreliable Donald Boyle Assigned
7/10/2024 375856 STD SER Young bird stuck in window wells in room 0113. Erica Fisher Closed
7/11/2024 375914 1069 STD SER The handicap accessibility button for the women's restroom in Student Services Building on the first floor is not working. Phone number: 4-1020 Elizabeth Luiken Assigned
7/12/2024 376012 GENERAL STD SER I have received several complaints that the temperature is too hot throughout the third floor of student services. Please lower the temperature to 69 degrees in all offices and common rooms to help maintain staff and client comfort. Marcie Cleland Assigned
7/16/2024 376280 STD SER Call back-AHU 1 supply fan status alarm Tyler Pearson Closed
7/16/2024 376318 3065 STD SER The drinking fountain outside of the bathrooms on the third floor is spraying water on people when they try and drink it Marcie Cleland Closed
7/17/2024 376520 3010J STD SER A clinician's file cabinet is opening by itself. It is the one to the left of their desk and the top drawer is the one having issues. We would like it fixed, and if it is not possible to get it to stop opening I would be interested in moving the lock for that file cabinet into another one, so that the staff member will still be able to use their key to lock it. The clinician does see clients, so their office may not be free at all times to enter. If you want to reach out directly to them to arrange a time to come look at their cabinet's locking mechanism their email is Marcie Cleland Assigned