Work Order Lookup

Date WO # Location Description Requester Status
4/22/2022 183151 0205 SUKUP Lab Cleanout - room 205 Jason Terry Open
9/8/2022 223370 1209 SUKUP Machine Grit Disposal Jason Terry Open
10/24/2022 232116 1209 SUKUP In 1209 Sukup the light switch next to the water jet seems to be broken and not turn the lights off could be due to the wet environment i think the switch should be replaced with a more water proof one if possible but I'm not an electrician though so could be a different issue. Phone number: 510-846-4620 Carl Richard Howell Materials-Awaiting
12/1/2022 241636 1223 SUKUP One of the windows in the lab is broken. small pieces of glass is falling out in the classroom. Please contact Cindy so she can show you where. Cindy Frame Assigned
8/17/2023 302491 0022 SUKUP Room 0020 is too hot, 90 degrees with no flow. Cynthia Frame Open
11/3/2023 322970 5200 SUKUP Call Back: AHU 6 Low limit and other Alarms Joshua Bremer Closed
11/13/2023 323525 1203 SUKUP E1203 elevator not working Jeffrey Kaisand Assigned
11/16/2023 323855 SUKUP the freight elevator is not working again. This was called in a few days ago also. Cindy Frame Assigned
11/30/2023 325338 0203 SUKUP The elevator is shaking a lot especially from first floor to basement with loud screeching noise. Candice Yee Wong Assigned
12/1/2023 325446 SUKUP Elevator is making horrible noises and shaking. Needs to be looked at ASAP ATTN Tom Webster Nicholas Smith Closed
12/1/2023 325495 5200 SUKUP Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer AHU6 Low Limit Joshua Bremer Closed
12/13/2023 329930 3210 SUKUP Air flow is down in Sukup - Especially affecting fume hoods in room 3210. Cicero Cardoso Pola Assigned
12/19/2023 330508 1219 SUKUP The lights won't turn off in 1219. Cindy Frame Assigned
12/19/2023 330538 C SUKUP Verify timing and air/fuel ratio. Inspect for damage to fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel fittings and cylinders. Repair as necessary. Shorten oil drain intervals and oil sample intervals to at least one-half until fuel indication returns to normal. Resample immediately to monitor! Anthony Gervais Assigned
1/23/2024 336797 1201 SUKUP Water leak from pipes in ceiling by elevator by 1201 mailroom Jeffrey Kaisand Assigned
2/7/2024 341942 0216 SUKUP Water leaking from pipes above the ASU Michael Bond Assigned
2/22/2024 343369 GENERAL SUKUP the water bottle filling station on 2nd floor has not been working for several weeks. Cindy Frame Assigned
2/22/2024 343374 SUKUP ATTN: Justin Abbott Per our phone conversation... FYI, we are looking at a minimum capacity upgrade of 20A @ 240V to this room and there is (we believe a breaker closet across the hall from this room that may already have the capacity and just needs wired). Would be good to look at the cost of 20A vs. 40A vs. 100A, which is the most I could see ever going in this room. Cindy Frame Closed
2/23/2024 343504 3205 SUKUP Sukup Hall, Room 3205. Ventilation Hood in 3205 alarm going off and the fan doesn't seem to be working to exhaust air. Phone number: 5152944210 Daniel Andersen Assigned
3/29/2024 351056 SUKUP replace serpentine & alternator belts on generator. Derick Anderson Assigned
4/5/2024 355121 5200 SUKUP Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer AHU6 Low Limit Alarm Joshua Bremer Closed
4/15/2024 355825 0012 SUKUP Lightbulb burned out Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
4/16/2024 355908 1012 SUKUP Outside mailroom by elevator on first floor leaking from pipes in ceiling Jeffrey Kaisand Assigned
4/16/2024 356041 0209 SUKUP There is water leaking in 0209 on electrical equipment. Please contact John Sheriff for the specific area. Cynthia Frame Assigned
4/19/2024 356303 2224 SUKUP End of hallway on 2 Nd floor by stairwell and room 2224 light burned out Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
4/19/2024 356304 2224 SUKUP End of hallway by stairwell and room 2224 on 2 Nd floor light burned out Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
4/19/2024 356331 3205 SUKUP From Inspection 10097 - Fume Hood E047423 has a low face velocity of 14. Please service to an acceptable range (70-150). Brandon Thompson Assigned
4/23/2024 356534 GENERAL SUKUP Round light by 3202 stairway, hallway 3216 side hall lighting in ceiling out , main hall way lighting in ceiling out Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
4/23/2024 356537 SUKUP 2202 stairwell round light out , in ceiling light out by 2211 in middle hall Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
4/29/2024 357790 SUKUP No power to ballast in the following fixtures. Second floor at the end of main hallway by door 2202-1. Third floor at the end of main hallway on each end by door 3202-1 and the other by door 3250-1. Clint Rothfus Closed
4/30/2024 357890 SUKUP Call Back: Attention Josh Bremer Sukup Hall Atrium Too Hot for Special Event Joshua Bremer Closed
5/2/2024 361955 2201 SUKUP Round light by elevator and room 2201 in hallway needs fixed . It's out. You replaced light at other end of hallway now this one is out. Jeffrey Kaisand Closed
5/6/2024 362200 2211 SUKUP the lights will not shut off Cynthia Frame Assigned
5/7/2024 362265 0022 SUKUP it is extremely hot in 0022 sukup Cynthia Frame Closed
5/8/2024 362386 2211 SUKUP the floor in 2211 needs cleaned over the summer to get oil off the floor to prevent spills Cynthia Frame Closed
5/10/2024 362613 2245 SUKUP Karcher vacuum got water in it I dried it . Doesn't work. Please check see if it's fixable . Thanks Jeffrey Kaisand Materials-Awaiting
5/10/2024 362691 SUKUP Building light out Christopher Strawhacker Assigned
5/10/2024 362692 SUKUP Building light out maybe - Safety walk Christopher Strawhacker Assigned
5/14/2024 362914 3205 SUKUP Fume hood in Sukup 3205 isn't working Phone number: 5162944210 Daniel Andersen Assigned
5/14/2024 362945 C SUKUP Load bank test HM Cragg Anthony Gervais Open
5/22/2024 363817 2245 SUKUP Vacuum cleaner won't snap in place to lock in upright position it's cracked and broken Jeffrey Kaisand Assigned