Frequently Asked Questions


Iowa State University
ISU has compiled these frequently asked questions and answers about the project that we hope you find informative and helpful.

What is an “implosion”? How does it work?
How does the estimated cost of Implosion Demolition compare with Conventional Demolition?
What has been the experience of similar neighborhoods with buildings imploded close by? Can you give us some examples in other cities?
Who will be doing the demolitions and implosion?
Have there been any problems in residential areas where this has been done?
Will I have to leave my home? If so, when?
Is there any situation where we would not be able to return to our homes the day of the implosion?
Will the implosion damage my home?
How are you going to document the existing conditions of our property prior to the implosion?
Should I take pictures of my house? Foundation, walls, roof, etc.
If I leave my residence - what can I do with my dog/cat?
I have a disability and need assistance.
Does the university have insurance in the event there are damages as a result of the implosion? Will my homeowners insurance cover damage from the implosion?
Is the university liable for damages that may occur to my property during the implosion? What about damages that may show up years after the implosion?
Are the Towers typical to other structures that have been imploded?
How long will the implosion take?
What affect will the weather have on the implosion?
How much dust will be created?
Will there be hazardous materials in the dust cloud?
Will air sampling be made of the implosion demolition?
What can you do to reduce the effects of dust on your home or business?
What is the impact of the dust on my plants/landscaping?
How long will the dust clean up take?
How much vibration will occur from the implosion? How do we know if it damages our homes?
Do I need to remove items from shelves, pictures from walls, etc. to prevent them from falling and being damaged?
Will utilities be disrupted by the implosion?
What will be left once the implosion has occurred?
What will happen to the debris?
What will happen to the site after all the rubble is removed?
Where can we watch the implosion?
Will any roads be closed?


We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have additional questions not addressed in this listing, please feel free to submit your questions through the project website at or contact Kerry Dixon-Fox at 294-1014.

750-foot radius Safety Zone
750-foot radius Safety Zone

750-foot radius Safety Zone
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