Current Projects in Advanced Teaching Research Building

ATRB- GENERAL-272248-Exterior Furniture
Room: General
Request date: 4/3/2023
Requested by: Donna Moore
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 7/27/2023
Construction end: 7/13/2024
Hi all, I would like to request an estimate for outdoor picnic tables similar to the black metal tables located on the west side of Kildee Hall by the food truck. We have a roof overhang and a wide sidewalk on the east side of our ATRB building that would be an ideal spot for some outdoor seating options for studying, lunch, or outdoor meetings. (Request does not need to specifically be those tables but some type of outdoor seating table option.) Thanks, Donna
ATRB-3189-272405-Lab Modifications
Project Closeout
Room: 3189
Request date: 4/5/2023
Requested by: Amber Crowley-Gall
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 8/11/2023
Construction end: 5/14/2024
Requesting an estimate for lab accommodations for rearing and behavior trials with stinging insects for Amber Crowley Gall.
ATRB-5209-355969-Faculty Remodel
Construction Documents
Room: 5209
Request date: 4/16/2024
Requested by: Hanna Bates
Contact: Rebecca Cantrall
Construction start: 8/7/2024
Construction end: 2/5/2025
I am reaching out to explore options for a faculty member to convert a space to a computation lab for up to 4 students. We have three room options on 5th floor ATRB, but we don''t know which of the three options would best suit his needs. Three options for the computation lab: ATRB 5002 ATRB 5007 ATRB 5331 The faculty member's needs are: Natural lighting as students would spend all of their working hours in the space Access to power outlets for connecting power strips for up to a total of 10 monitors, 10 laptops, and other personal electronics Flexible seating arrangements with legroom and some space in the middle of the room so that the others don't have to move as one gets up and walks out of the room Reasonable access to the white board(s) on the wall A view of a common wall with a projector/TV installed on it - for discussion of research One common (<3ft height) storage unit for keeping supplies like - extra cables , and computer peripherals 4/22/2024 - They have chosen Room 5209
ATRB-GENERAL-356106-Faculty Chairs
Room: General
Request date: 4/17/2024
Requested by: Joel Severinghaus
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 5/29/2024
Construction end: 11/27/2024
We need additional side chairs for faculty offices. Will you please get me a price per chair for Allsteel model RLM-MUCO.3.CBKLKM01.CU98 chairs? Black frame, dark blue fabric seat, black mesh back. I can email photos.