Current Projects in Simon Estes Music Hall

ESTES-0135-258959-Soft Seating
Room: 0135
Request date: 2/8/2023
Requested by: Brad Dell
Contact: Brady Streit
Construction start: 8/2/2023
Construction end: 5/24/2024
Add soft seating to lobby space
ESTES-0156-315860-Sign Frames
Construction Documents
Room: 0156
Request date: 10/5/2023
Requested by: Lawrence Curry
Contact: Joseph Stoberl
Construction start: 6/18/2024
Construction end: 12/17/2024
Sign shop to make two sign frames (we will change content) and mount with screws to concrete block wall in and next to room 156. Sign frames to measure 12.5 x 12.5 with plastic surface protecting content message. Please use worktag PG109575. Thank you.
ESTES-C0136-57300-AED Cabinet
Room: C0136
Request date: 7/9/2021
Requested by: Alex Wiley
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 6/1/2023
Construction end: 5/24/2024
EH&S is requesting FP&M to install an AED cabinet that is monitored by Metasys similar to other installations on campus. EH&S will provide cabinet and AED. Possible locations have been identified with Music Department.