Current Projects in Food Sciences Building

FOOD SC- M0570-251222-PRV Vent Repair
Construction Documents
Room: M0570
Request date: 1/4/2023
Requested by: John Netwal
Contact: Mike McCoy
Construction start: 6/11/2024
Construction end: 12/10/2024
PRV feeding small section of FoodSc has only one Armstrong valve and is not properly vented. We need an engineer to determine what changes are necessary to correct these deficiencies (Mike and Brian know about this project)
FOOD SC-2571 and 2573-330696-Office Furniture
Room: 2571
Request date: 12/19/2023
Requested by: Jocelyn Caelwaerts
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 4/24/2024
Construction end: 10/23/2024
We would like to place an order for a desk, as we intend to the current desk crafted from FM&P from the present office space to room 2573. Our requirement is for a desk that shares a similar design aesthetic to the existing desk in room 2573, with dimensions of 5 feet in length, 28.5 inches in height, and a depth of 18 to 21 inches. We want the desk to have the same finishes as the previous order. For the legs, we would like full depth with a similar backing to help provide some privacy for personal belongings. We request that you kindly provide us with suitable options and pricing for our consideration.
FOOD SC-2591-323038-Convert Cooler to Freezer
Budget Approval
Room: 2591
Request date: 11/6/2023
Requested by: Lorraie Lanningham - Foster
Contact: Scott Jasper
Construction start: 6/8/2024
Construction end: 12/7/2024
Convert walk in cooler to freezer
FOOD SC-General-343282-Carpet & Paint
Project Closeout
Room: General
Request date: 2/22/2024
Requested by: Deanna Powell
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start:
Construction end:
We need the following four (4) offices re-carpeted and painted in April (sooner if at all possible) using ISU standard carpet & paint color options. Color selection is less important than getting the work completed & paid for well before end of budget year Jun 30,2024. Contact Deanna Powell (dpowell) cell 773-592-5648 and/or drop by the Main Office FSB 2312 for keys to these rooms. Photos can be attached by request to if helpful: 1331 FSB - recarpet (2 desks to move), patch and paint walls (shelving on walls) 2547 FSB - no current occupant recarpet (1 desk, 1 file cabinet staying; 1 desk, file cabinet, and shelf going to surplus) patch and paint walls (shelving on walls) 3387 FSB (no current occupant) recarpet (no furniture) patch and repaint painted walls (tall ceilings) clean water trails off brick walls (shelving on walls) 3397 FSB (no current occupant) recarpet (desk, lateral file cabinet to move) patch and paint walls (shelving, blackboard on wall)