Current Projects in Sukup Hall And Atrium

SUKUP-0209-294005-Eyewash Station Repair
Construction Documents
Room: 0209
Request date: 7/13/2023
Requested by: Cindy Frame
Contact: Mike McCoy
Construction start: 6/18/2024
Construction end: 12/17/2024
Eyewash station in 0209 Sukup needs attention. It takes abnormally long to clear rust particles during the monthly flushing. It is getting worse overtime. At its current condition, it probably requires daily flushing to keep the water clear of contaminants. I believe we need to install a water filter for that specific station. That station situates at the bottom of a straight pipe that connect eyewash stations on the upper floors. Sediments settle to the bottom which is the inlet for that particular station. Frequent flushing is not a long term solution. We need FP M help to install the filter or discuss options to fix the problem.
SUKUP-1209-280957-Move Warning Strobes
Room: 1209
Request date: 5/18/2023
Requested by: Hoa Chi
Contact: Eric Ohrt
Construction start: 5/17/2024
Construction end: 11/15/2024
We would like an estimate to move the warning strobes in rooms 1209, 1219, and 1222. Please reach out to Hoa Chi for locations.