Work Orders in Advanced Teaching and Research Building

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
1899 Donna Moore Key request for Ashley Dean,, for office RM. 2011 - shared office space. Completed
152635 Mary Long Elevator screeched to a hault and doors did not open when waiting for it on 6th floor. Completed
216739 Donna Moore We will be hosting a Plant Pathology, Entomology, & Microbiology Merger Celebration Event on Sept. 9. We will be having national and international speakers along with President Wintersteen at the event. Would it be possible to weed the landscaping prior to this event? There are a couple large smartweed on the south side of the building. thanks,Donna Assigned
233207 Joel Severinghaus Need to convert unused faculty office 5207 ATRB into a postdocs office with four desks. Need FP&M designer to specify Allsteel desks, chairs, and cabinets that match existing postdocs furniture in 5209 ATRB so we can order three new sets (we will move one existing set from 5209 to 5207, so need only three new ones.) Open
233229 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
246273 Donna Moore Good morning all, We would like to request a time for a representative from FPM and ISU architects to meet with Dr. Harris, PPEM Dept. Chair, to discuss a possible Insect Zoo display in ATRB. What is the best way to arrange this meeting? Thanks, Donna Open
246305 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
248266 Leigh Wiand Workspace to order and install furniture. Open
252575 Megan Harrison Environmental room 4182-1 is not cooling to 22C - it is fluctuating with room temperature. RSE15 On Hold
254399 Lyle Bishop Hire JCI Fire to troubleshoot east elevator & service elevator shunt trip not tripping with heat detectors. Completed
259680 Gregory Vannostrand Work orders that will not close for Chris Grosz he has been trying for some time. Completed
260358 Donald Gregory VFD made a loud bang and blew smoke. Completed
260653 Megan Harrison Fume Hood in Alarm and will not reset. On Hold
265219 Brandon Thompson From Inspection 5921 - Fume hood E052921 tested fine but is alarming when raised to the 18 inch sash height. On Hold
265302 Michael Fields ATRB Facility classroom 1302- Southeast window shade is removed and laying on the floor at the base of the window. Needs repaired or replaced. Assigned
265445 Peter Lawlor bay 6326 has the EAST roof vent stuck OPEN. Could be a capacitor or motor? This is a critical and time sensitive repair. If the wind blows hard from the east it could rip the roof vent of and lead to expensive repairs.. it is presently wasting much heat energy. Jeff Lamb has experience. Someone needs to examine this vent now! call Pete with questions 294-2100. I have checked the breakers and controls...all correct. On Hold
265914 Peter Lawlor West ridge vent shaft needs bearing replaced and to be reconnected with parts on site. Jeff Lamb would be the best technician for this repair. I have shown him the issue. Pete 294-2100 On Hold
265915 Peter Lawlor Shade curtain/thermal blanket needs leading rod repair. Jeff Lamb would be the best technician for this repair. I have shown him the issue. Pete 294-2100 Assigned
268591 Dean Isaacson Animal Room 5182-A is around 79 and should be between 70-73 - Dean Issacson would like to be kept up to speed with the progress of this fix . His cell phone number is (515) 291-3682 Assigned
272163 DPS dispatch DPS call back-AHU-3 off on high static Assigned
272248 Donna Moore Hi all, I would like to request an estimate for outdoor picnic tables similar to the black metal tables located on the west side of Kildee Hall by the food truck. We have a roof overhang and a wide sidewalk on the east side of our ATRB building that would be an ideal spot for some outdoor seating options for studying, lunch, or outdoor meetings. (Request does not need to specifically be those tables but some type of outdoor seating table option.) Thanks, Donna Open
272398 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
272405 Amber Crowley-Gall Requesting an estimate for lab accommodations for rearing and behavior trials with stinging insects for Amber Crowley-Gall. Open
272547 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
272962 Dean Isaacson Animal room is too hot, running 79 and needs to be 71-72 degrees Assigned
273175 Janet Schneider east end of room there is a ladder that goes to the fresh air intake, the gate at the top is hard to hold open while climbing up and down, is there a way to install a latch to hold gate open while accessing the area Materials-Awaiting
273700 Joel Severinghaus Corridors 5000, 5004, 5204, 5200: Need more poster display space for new faculty and students. Please order and install five new poster bulletin boards to match the existing bulletin boards in corridor 5300 (brown composite, aluminum edging). Opposite 5009: 14 ft long x 4 ft tall Opposite 5005: 14 ft long x 4 ft tall Opposite 5209: 11 ft long x 4 ft tall Opposite 5205: 12 ft long x 4 ft tall Opposite 5203: 15 ft long x 4 ft tall Open
273958 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
286525 Denise Gallagher Leaks water from base and does not spray out of the hose Materials-Awaiting
286938 Thomas Maier The floor sweep to the door leading to 4105 has been damaged and is bent and pulled away from the door. I suspect that it may need replaced. Completed
288030 Jason Terry Lab cleanout for Amber Crowley-Gall Open
288695 FPM Service Desk FY24 ATRB - General Cleaning Open
288803 FPM Service Desk FY24 ATRB - Supplies Open
293309 Michael Mosch DI mixed tank has a cracked fitting and leaking water. Joe Judge Materials-Awaiting
293864 Peter Lawlor East vent strut has broken a shaft; the vent is partially open and needs to be closed as it is leaking rain inside. It will take a 24'' extension ladder to reach the vent motor and strut pipe to operate manually.. I have parts to repair this unit. I now have three of 9 greenhouse bays that need attention. The other two go back to March 2023. They are still open work orders. Lamb knows these units. door code is 123456 Assigned
294004 Peter Lawlor East roof vent glass panel was broken when the vent shaft broke (see request 293864) the glass will need to be scheduled for repair to follow the roof vent shaft repair. thanks! Pete 294-2100 On Hold
294277 Donna Moore Hi all, It was reported that there is damage to the ceiling in the women's restroom on the third floor. On Hold
295275 Thomas Maier There is unusual higher pressure in the whole ATRB. Open
295367 Donna Moore There is too much air pressure on the 4th floor and the the AHU is very loud. The temperature is also starting to rise and it is getting warmer on this floor as well. Open
295647 Amber Crowley-Gall I am unsure if I am utilizing the correct contact to ask this question but I am interested in having brackets for gas cylinder tanks installed in room 3182 ATRB. I was not sure if I go through the purchasing and installation process through FPM or just the installation process. I need the brackets to be big enough for 4 tanks in one area and 2 in another. Additionally, I was wondering who I contact and what the costs are associated with getting an extra network connection added into a lab. I am sorry if I am contacting the wrong departments I am in the process of setting up a new lab and am still not sure what requests go where. Thanks. The worktag is FSU_0000379 with DD17469 Open
296809 Justin Walley Need to verify that the lab space meets the installation requirements for a new mass spectrometer being purchased. There is a full PDF document but in particular need verified: 1) Need measurement of "Volts AC input to ground", "Volts AC neutral to ground", and "Volts AC input to neutral. " 2) That the receptacle is a NEMA 6-50R. Above the receptacle in the room that was put in at time ATRB was build is "L4A 47,49" 3) "Power is free of voltage surges, sags, or transients?" 4) "Air conditioning is adequate for temperature, humidity, and particulate matter control? The laboratory can be maintained at a constant temperature, between 18 and 27 C (64 and 81 F)?" 5) "The relative humidity is between 20% and 80%, with no condensation?" Open
296835 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
300373 n/a DPS 1 Person Trapped in Elevator on 6th Floor. Assigned
301211 Nicholas Peters This lab gets too warm when in use. Please check into this for Fall Semester since this lab is used a lot. Open
301394 Donna Moore Freight Elevator Doors Open Issue on 1st Floor. North Door Didn't Open and South Door Only Opened 1/2 Way. Repushing Floor Button Eventually Opened the Doors. Assigned
301611 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
301763 n/a DPS Someone was stuck in the west elevator car. Completed
302401 Sherri Paul 1 person trapped in the west Elevator Car on 1st Floor. Assigned
302404 Jeffrey Lamb ATTN: JLamb -someone complained about the noise from the ridge vents during operation tracked it down to RM 6322 Assigned
302412 Christine Reinders-Caron HVAC Controls Open
302540 John Breon Estimate from Old School to Seal Floors in Hallway Outside the Greenhouse. Assigned
304831 Donna Moore Freight Elevator Hesitating on 2nd floor and giving a "ND" error message. Assigned
305416 Bailey Lindley Contractor Parking Open
309027 Jason Thompson Please put this on my bench, West door alarm going off Assigned
309169 Donna Moore Hi all, I would like to request an estimate for installing the new wireless locking system on the stairwell doors on the first floor. During the installation of our Durress button I was told there is a new wireless locking system that enable us to lock the stairwells after hours with card access. Doors 1350-1 and 1301-1 Thanks, Donna Assigned
309193 Donna Moore Hi all, it has been reported that the faucet in 4020 ATRB is leaking. Please use PG112831 DD15539. Thanks, Donna Assigned
310151 Donna Moore Panel in fault and alarming. Assigned
310180 Mark Schmitz Callback AHU 2 VFD fault ATTN: Mark Schmitz Assigned
310208 Mark Schmitz AHU2 - supply fan belts need aligned Completed
310483 Michael Fields ATRB - Basement Mech Room 0340 Various light fixtures not working. It appears that the lamp holder ends have power and new lamps won't light. Please have electrician call Mike Fields 515-520-0523 prior to repairs. Thank you- Assigned
310659 Donna Moore Bulletin board metal trim has fallen off of board again in hallway. PG112831 dd15539 Assigned
310707 Michael Fields Repair heating control valve. Assigned
311062 Julie Kline Panel Trouble Assigned
315540 Zachary Morgan Follow up card for 10/1. DPS called for trouble on fire panel. Attn Zach Morgan. Assigned
315628 Zachary Morgan Fire alarm, trucks rolled. 6th floor Greenhouse. Attn Zach Morgan Assigned
315746 Donna Moore Tripped breaker in room 1302 ATRB Assigned