Work Orders in Biorenewables Research Laboratory

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
137149 Ryan Rieke Inspect and adjust collectors MHI to perform work Open
159577 Gene Leamen Riley Armstrong to assist with steam repair Attn. Tom Webster On Hold
179814 Matthew Penick From Inspection 3017 - FUME HOOD 081366 has low flow, please service to the acceptable range Materials-Awaiting
179815 Matthew Penick From Inspection 3033 - FUME HOOD 081381 has a cracked bottom sash. Please replace Completed
182977 Ryan Rieke Delta Industrial PM/Service for air compressor E052660. Open
197183 Jeffrey Ellsworth BRL mechanical room 0135 door appears to have been vandalized. Stricker plate tor the stationary door has been torn up. doors will not close. Completed
200968 FPM Service Desk FY23 BRL - General Cleaning Open
201932 FPM Service Desk FY23 BRL - Supplies Open
231840 Andrew Mott order new PRV's for BRL Open
231842 Andrew Mott install new Rebuilt PRV's in BRL(Brian Dangelser) Completed
232059 Nicholas Smith hire elevator contractor to look at BRL elevator. I think the drives power supply may be going bad. ATTN Tom Webster Completed
232137 Jeffrey Ellsworth Mech room 5111.Exhaust fan EF2 is showing an Alarm on the frequency drive-fan is not running. Completed
238469 Kimberlee Skelton Lab Panel Trouble at BRL/Sukup Materials-Awaiting
245966 Ryan Rieke Hire Delta to perform PM service on air compressor E052660 and E037877 Attention: Ryan Rieke Assigned
251166 Jeffrey Ellsworth Mech room 0135-insulate piping to heat exchanger Assigned
252811 Mary Scott-Hall Chilled water supply pipe is leaking. Dripping dark colored water from the ceiling. Open
258267 Tonia McCarley The occupant reports a persistent and annoying noise coming from the ceiling of her office. Please send someone to investigate and determine how the issue might be resolved. The noise is disruptive to her work. On Hold
258849 Nicholas Smith people have reported that it feels like the elevator is dropping fast and now the drive will not power on. ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
260187 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
266903 Todd Kelley Send the two fisher valves to Novaspect for internal inspection and quote to rebuild (Todd Kelley) Assigned
267282 Jeffrey Ellsworth BRL mech room 0135. The backflow preventer for domestic water main is running out the bottom. Located in NE corner of mech room 0135 Assigned
268049 Lyle Bishop 4 painted escutcheons at back of Buss auditorium need replaced. Open
268599 Brandon Thompson From Inspection 6267 - Fume hood E038210 has a high face velocity of 208. Please service to an acceptable range (70-150 fpm). Open
272482 Kristin Doerder Can we please have the lights checked in the 1125 BRL lab? I've received notification that the lights are staying on and the manual shut off does not appear to be working. On Hold
273207 Dwight Thompson Set of lights out in the BRL atrium. Ty. Assigned
273670 Dwight Thompson Lost the ability to dim or shut off most of the office lights on this floor. Materials-Awaiting
274957 Dwight Thompson Elevator is not responding to calls. Buttons light up and then go off. Assigned
279177 Marjorie Rover No D.I. Water in the Building This Morning Assigned
279296 Joe Judge Hot water back into soft water Materials-Awaiting
279855 Dwight Thompson Lights will not turn on and there is a beeping in this room. Completed
279997 Dwight Thompson Canister light out over the drinking fountains. Assigned
280114 Dwight Thompson Set of lights out in the interactive area(kitchenette). Assigned
280129 Dwight Thompson Carpet extractor E0099493 is not spraying water. BRL basement closet. Materials-Awaiting
280535 Korinna Radke Autoclave E038909 shows a gasket error. Assigned
280897 Kristin Doerder Someone was trapped on the elevator yesterday and managed to get out, the doors might be rubbing on something and the elevator doesn't seem to be working correctly. Completed
281006 Dwight Thompson E024779 small carpet extractor is leaking a lot of fresh water from underneath. Materials-Awaiting
281339 Paul Engelken Attn. PAUL, BACKFLIW IS LEAKING Assigned
281489 Dwight Thompson 2 lights are out at the back of office 1140 Assigned
281602 Dwight Thompson 2 bulbs are out in the BRL atrium. Assigned
281610 Patrick Johnston Left sink faucet is dripping in restroom 3104 Assigned
286162 Dwight Thompson Lights are out over the stall in the men's restroom Assigned
286163 Dwight Thompson Lights out in the west stairwell 4th and 3rd floor landings Assigned