Work Orders in Biorenewables Research Laboratory

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
179815 Matthew Penick work orders will not close. Completed
197183 Jeffrey Ellsworth BRL mechanical room 0135 door appears to have been vandalized. Stricker plate tor the stationary door has been torn up. doors will not close. Completed
232137 Jeffrey Ellsworth work orders will not close. Completed
238469 Kimberlee Skelton Lab Panel Trouble at BRL/Sukup Materials-Awaiting
252811 Mary Scott-Hall Chilled water supply pipe is leaking. Dripping dark colored water from the ceiling. Open
258267 Tonia McCarley The occupant reports a persistent and annoying noise coming from the ceiling of her office. Please send someone to investigate and determine how the issue might be resolved. The noise is disruptive to her work. On Hold
260187 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
273670 Dwight Thompson Lost the ability to dim or shut off most of the office lights on this floor. Materials-Awaiting
287995 Mike Kemble Insulation work in Mechanical Room Assigned
288697 FPM Service Desk FY24 BRL - General Cleaning Open
288806 FPM Service Desk FY24 BRL - Supplies Open
294140 Collin Dodge ATTENTION COLLIN DODGE Occupant complains that the lights turn off while he is working in the lab. Assigned
295782 Ryan Smith Researchers stating the laboratory on the 2nd floor of BRL is unusually cold. Assigned
296770 n/a DPS S.W. Elevator is Slow Between 1st and 3rd Floors and Jerks. Assigned
296842 Nicholas Smith Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot possible break issue ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
300944 Eric Zierke Lighting- much of the existing lighting at BRL uses Lutron ballasts. These are hard to find, very expensive, and we should be replacing them with something else. The existing lighting controller is very questionable. No one in the business wants to work on it and tech support over the phone for our staff is a joke. The shops would like the electrical engineering staff to take a look at the entire lighting system and decide how we want to replace failed components moving forward. additional questions can be directed to Aaron Moses Open
300946 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
301621 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
302755 Joshua Bremer CALL BACK - Process water loop in high alarm Assigned
303826 Marjorie Rover ESE11, Pressure on Eyewash needs adjusted to have equal pressure on both sides. Completed
303827 Marjorie Rover ESE5, Pressure on Eyewash needs adjusted to have equal pressure on both sides. Completed
305442 Jordan Funkhouser Install new 30A/208v (L21-30 R30A) outlet to existing junction box, land wires in the new junction box and also reconnect in the panel. Outlet is over head in NE quarter of the hi bay and panel is second floor mezzo access NW corner. Call Jordan for final install coordination. Assigned
308873 Korinna Radke Completed
308879 Hillary Anderson Door number 1135-X2 is not opening properly. Materials-Awaiting
309219 Patrick Johnston Exhaust near fume hood is not working in this room. Assigned
309459 Kristin Doerder Passenger elevator stuck open on the 3rd floor Assigned
309486 Scott Moseley Perform Ergonomic Workstation Review Open
309701 Kristin Doerder Request to re-install a sun shade in the office Comments from the occupant: There are two large sunshades/blinds in my office, but the left-hand shade was removed and leaning in the corner of the office when I took possession. Glare from the sun is starting to hit my computer monitor in the morning, making it difficult to work. The shade itself seems to be intact and I can see both mounting brackets in the ceiling and they look undamaged. It is possible there are missing pins or other connection hardware, but what I do have seems undamaged. I do not know why it was removed in the first place. Completed
310173 Christine Reinders-Caron Contractor Parking Open
310548 Julie Kline 1 person trapped on the 1st floor of BRL in the SW elevator. Assigned
310622 Dustin Limoges Exhast hood in alarm Brad Swanson is the requestor Attention Dustin Limoges Materials-Awaiting
311839 Kristin Doerder Passenger elevator is stuck in the basement. Assigned
316007 Pallavi Dubey Hi, I will be replacing the desk in 3136 A office space with a standup desk facing the door by having procurement team remove the current desk at the office. The part number with which I will be replacing is in lab 1328 in Howe, VL 2, Series 2009, Sr No. : AMT VL 2160607924, AVL - 000126 - 00 Open
316056 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
316070 Kristin Doerder Passenger elevator is not responding. Assigned
316141 Nicholas Smith Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot issues. faulting out saying MPI-C excessive faults shutdown ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
317297 Dwight Thompson Loose handle on women's restroom stall Assigned
317299 Dwight Thompson Loose handle on men's restroom stall Assigned
317300 Dwight Thompson Loose handle on women's restroom stall Assigned
318434 Kristin Doerder Box on ceiling miscoding and beeping. Assigned
318513 Dwight Thompson Lights out on second floor landing NW stairwell. Lighting guy says new ballast needed. Assigned
318674 Korinna Radke Eyewash ESE2 has very little water flow. Materials-Awaiting
322853 Kristin Doerder The passenger elevator is down. Completed
323770 Dwight Thompson Canister light outside kitchenette area is out. Assigned
325062 Dwight Thompson Sprinkler head cover has fallen off outside of room 2115-2. Assigned
325119 Craig Jensen Investigate low pressure steam. Assigned
325215 Dwight Thompson Women's restroom left hand stall toilet leaks from the stem when it's flushed. Assigned