Work Orders in Extension 4-H Building

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
214473 Linda Young Would like to have a 'keyed' latch put in the exterior divider bar, that secures the latching & locking of the doors. (like that on door 1190) Would be great if it could be keyed the same. SM24E2 This latch keeps the bar in place. Please provide an estimate if over $50. Estimating
265021 Michael Fields Floor drain in room 1200A plugged. (When the sump pump is discharging the drain backs up water into the floor.) Completed
287450 Linda Young Broken window on NE corner of WOW Center (1004). Looks like possibly something hit it from a mower. It's shattered but not fallen out 'yet'. Completed
288716 FPM Service Desk FY24 EXT 4-H - General Cleaning Open
288793 FPM Service Desk FY24 EXT 4-H - Supplies Open
303637 Linda Young There is a water leak coming from the ceiling. This room is underneath of the boiler room so just wanted to ensure that it is looked at right away. Assigned
311944 Linda Young Requesting an estimate for hanging a portable intranet tower/receiver on the exterior side of the building. Scott Saunders (Extension IT) has specifics. He is available most days, except over lunch. Please contact Linda to set up a time. (4-5273, Estimating
315957 Lyle Bishop Corroded black pipe section and T in South mezzanine needs to be replaced. Piping is 1 inch diameter by 80 inch length and the T is 1 inch with a half inch green glass brass upright QR head Open
317402 Linda Young Lights burned out in 1004 (WOW Center). Several have a delay in coming on as well. Also a light out in 1037 (men's restroom). Assigned
317416 Linda Young Some lights out. Assigned
323061 Linda Young Requesting Estimate to remodeling NE corner of the 4-H space, 1104. Area next to 1110. Want to look at squaring up that space and creating new workspace for suite 1110. Please contact: Linda Young,, 294-5273 or 515-291-8018. Open
323127 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
323702 Linda Young Ceiling tile is wet and there was water on the floor. Assigned