Work Orders in Kildee Hall

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
1202 Kathy McKown Kildee Hall-Roof Replacement-Section A and B Open
1743 Lisa Ristvedt Kildee Hall-Ahu2 And Uvu4-Replacement Open
1975 Hayley Oglesby WJ42606 - Design - Arch - BB - Roof Section A Open
2185 Hayley Oglesby WJ40383 - Miscellaneous Open
2201 Hayley Oglesby WJ40385 - Builders Risk Open
3684 Mark Grief WJ13778 - Builders Risk Open
105497 Gene Leamen Repair or replace piping around domestic hot water return lines Attn. Brad Lyons On Hold
107556 Melissa Warg Design - Mech Engr - DI - Roof Section A Open
138611 Hayley Sandholm Central States-Core Cuts Open
157812 Lisa Ristvedt Document Reviews Open
170534 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Purchases Open
176067 Michael Olson CP002632 Utility Engineering Kildee Hall AHU replacement Open
201533 FPM Service Desk FY23 Kildee - General Cleaning Open
202891 FPM Service Desk FY23 Kildee - Supplies Open
204878 Janet Schneider HEF49, check bearings, on roof, outside the door to the doghouse Materials-Awaiting
207151 Jeremy Forristall Replace controller on automatic transfer switch (ATS) on generator Materials-Awaiting
207764 Hayley Sandholm Contracted Services Open
208569 Christine Maduro Kildee condensate system needs to be evlauated and redesigned. There are system failures caused by improper design/installation. Open
208659 Melissa Warg FDC FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
210264 Lisa Ristvedt Document Reviews Open
214379 Cory Walker Changing out lighting on 1st floor Kildee per customer requests. Assigned
216788 Lisa Ristvedt Kildee Hall-Common Area Improvements Open
216789 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
216791 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
216793 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
223976 Todd Kelley Please Assign to Bob Betts replace 2x2 fixtures in Kildee for Cory approx 100 plus fixture funded by the department Assigned
225846 Albert Augustin Tempered water hose valve rusted and not usable. Needs to be replaced before it rusts thru. next to room 1350A in hallway Assigned
230501 Todd Kelley Replace men's and women's restroom lights on 2nd floor Assigned
238954 Nicholas Smith hire contractor to troubleshoot elevator ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
239802 Paul Engelken Attn Brad Lyons, 1/3 prv leaks Assigned
251650 Janet Schneider steam leak above RTK3 Assigned
251742 Steven Lonergan Following up on request 214928: We don't have hot water in 2283 Kildee. This is a laboratory and not a restroom. Assigned
253048 Jeffrey Lamb low temp alarm air handler #2 for lush auditorium Completed
253390 Cory Walker We have several spaces in Kildee where the carpet is becoming worn / frayed after 25 years of useful life (installed in 1996 with new construction). We are looking to avoid potential safety concerns from slips, trips or falls by replacing what is currently in offices / spaces. Highest priority is for the 1221 (main office), 1204 (Ensminger Room) 2255/ 2255C and 2356 / 2356C spaces. There are other offices / suites that need attention as well. Estimating
254246 Gene Leamen Purchase failed shell for washdown water heat exchanger Attn. Gene Leamen Completed
254635 Mindan Lytle The faucet (red tape wrapped one) has very low water pressure and basically no hot water at all. Thanks, Samantha Kei Assigned
259471 Cory Walker Carpet for rooms 2255 and 2356 Open
261517 William Webster Remove and replace fan coil unit and connection piping. Completed
265297 Wade Siskow UC Electrical Distribution support for Kildee Hall AHU project (CP002632) Open
265846 Mindan Lytle Project request for room 204 walkin cold room personnel alarm connection to MetaSys. We will want to get an estimate before making any decisions. Open
266441 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
266652 Timothy Kelley Assist with steam leak and hot rooms in Kildee - There was a power outage On Hold
266661 Michael Fields Replace Fuses for Ahu9 Assigned
267075 Mark Grief Asbestos Material Survey in room M0026 in Kildee Hall. Attention Chuck Rodgers & John Lathrum Open
267160 Todd Kelley replace transfer switch Jeremy &Dana Assigned
268065 Mark Schmitz north radiation system steam heating valve not shutting off. ATTN: Brad Lyons Assigned
268213 Josef Biechler Freezer compressor is icing over Completed
268364 Cory Walker Add wayfinding signage on first floor Kildee Hall. Coordinate with Printing Services (Elaine Broome Cheaney) for 8 wall signs, 11 blade signs and 5 appliques at this time. Intention is to have a red background with white lettering. A word document can be provided that helps illustrate the placement and verbiage for each sign. I'm not certain of the "sub type" selections so made the best choice. if not appropriate, please advise Open
268387 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
268561 Theresa Dropps Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
272167 DPS dispatch DPS call back-heating water pump #1 in alarm Assigned
272277 Mindan Lytle 2339 Kildee is very hot. Please send someone to check the space.--request put in by Karl Kerns Assigned
272373 Mindan Lytle It is very warm in this hallway. Rooms 2240, 2242, 2238, 2252. The freezers are working harder to stay cool. Please contact Chris Tuggle or Ahlea Forster with questions. Assigned
272435 Michael Fields AHU12 has a hole in the Steam Coil - Needs Isolated Assigned
272658 Steven Niebuhr Walk-in Is Heating Up Quickly Completed
273015 Todd Kelley Install fixtures provided by building supervisor labor only to be covered by FP&M not too exceed $3500 Todd Kelley Bench Completed
273210 Mindan Lytle Overhead Dock Door B, Will Not Close Completely Call Back to Gary Puls and Follow-up to Tom Webster Completed
273430 Gene Leamen Remove and replace heat exchanger shell Open
273741 Mindan Lytle 119C and 119D are cold today. Not sure if the A/C is on. They say it is always cold in their offices. Open
273900 Elizabeth Salton On MWF between 3:20pm-4:10pm it has been noted that the lights go off in the room. This has been happening regularly this semester and it's causing a disturbance to the students. Can you please have someone look into the lighting in this room to see why this may be happening? Assigned
273907 Jason Thompson Please put this one on my bench, door to exterior air handler on east side of building not shutting On Hold
273934 Janet Schneider HXU3, pop-off leaking, safety committee item Assigned
273937 Janet Schneider need better lighting in room, replace burnt out lamps, possibly replace all lights with LED's, safety committee item Assigned
273959 Dean Isaacson Request for Jeremy Forristall to repair electrical issue with GFI outlet. I've already spoken with Jeremy via phone. Assigned
274961 Mindan Lytle This elevator is not working. Both elevators in Kildee are down. This is a safety issue. We had a parent and a future student here both in wheel chairs earlier this week and if they were here today there would be no way to get them upstairs to their orientation meeting. Please mark these elevator repairs as high priority. Thank you. Assigned
274999 Montana Sour Need temperatures raised in Animal rooms 1240A & 1240C to 77 degrees in both. Assigned
275029 Ethan Bowers Light bulb in closet ceiling light went out. Please replace. Assigned
279198 Todd Kelley install owner provided lights on 2nd Floor Attn Todd Kelley please place on Ryan Hurts Bench Assigned
279707 Joel Rybolt Install TV mount on wall with green tape. See Joel Rybolt or Mark Hawley in IT for mounts and additional details. Also monitor arm in Kerns office in 2356. Assigned
280178 David Frost For the Door at Kildee/Meat Lab--Bilco Door Access Open
280273 Karl Kerns Having Issues with too much Humidity in the morning. Call Karl at 641-344-9200 On Hold
280403 John Boehmer Assistance with fire alarm systems Assigned
280481 Christopher Grosz buy new condensing equipment for walk in freezer 2292cb attn Chris Grosz Assigned
280496 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
280556 Michael Fields Kildee Hall - Room 0125 Various light fixtures throughout the room are not working at this time. Assigned
280580 Brad Lyons Asbestos removal on fittings - this is tied to work order 268065 Open
280879 Dustin Limoges Follow up card for call back fire panel trouble most of the second floor heads do not appear to have power and are in trouble because of no answer Assigned
281071 Nicholas Smith have Schumacher elevator troubleshoot problems with elevator [ possibly the selector ] ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
281288 Josef Biechler Systems Control Tech Support Assigned
281298 Josef Biechler Roofer Support Assigned
282347 Adam Pepper Replace ID-NET loop 4 wire att apepper Assigned
286051 Mindan Lytle Men's Restroom, Toilet Overflowing Out in the Hall Open
286101 David Lunaburg In Kildee mens' restroom R130 all toilets are backed up and floor drain is clogged. When one toilet flushes, the other toilets start bubbling and rising. This created a flood in here and the hallway yesterday as floor drain wouldn't drain. We cleaned up as best as we could but problems will need to be resolved before cleaning/sanitizing and opening up restroom again. Give me a call if you have any questions. 515-815-2442. Thanks. --David Lunaburg Completed
286106 Richard Roths Trouble on FACP Assigned
286155 Adam Pepper Call Back fire alarm panel trouble att apepper Assigned
286229 Gail Koobs In connection with Request ID: 282592 - Have EHS to dispose of ACMs Open
286255 Cynthia Plummer Equipment - E024721 wet/dry vac Filter suck to the lid. Not sure was left like that. Thanks Cindy Plummer 515-686-1097 Materials-Awaiting
286257 Josef Biechler Order hatch lifting hardware Open
286258 Cynthia Plummer Equipment - E022455 Wet/dry vac We have had this for a long time. It won't suck. It might not be able to be fixed. Thanks Cindy Plummer 515-686-1097 Materials-Awaiting
286270 Mindan Lytle There are three round lights in the hallway near 1204 Kildee ( Ensminger) that the plastic covers have fallen off. They have slowly been replacing the clips as this happens. I have the covers in 1221 Kildee to put back on. Assigned
286280 Christine Mendez 2337A walk in cooler has 4 lights burnt out in the space. Could these please be replaced? Thank you! Assigned
286448 Ethan Bowers When the toilet is flushed the line is backing up onto the bathroom floor Assigned
286507 Mindan Lytle Hi, both second and third floor old Kildee’s double deionized water system showing error code saying water not pure enough. We have the exact same model and both have really new filter cartridges. We are wondering if it is the problem of the building’s dewater. Can FP&M take a look at the buiding’s di water system to make sure it is ok? Thanks, Samantha Samantha Lei Research Technician III Iowa State University Dept. of Animal Science 806 Stange Road 337E Kildee Hall Ames, IA 50011-1178 Tel: 515-294-0604 Fax: 515-294-3795 Email: Assigned
286667 Mindan Lytle Light switch in Laura Greiner's office sticks and needs replaced. Assigned