Work Orders in Lagomarcino Hall

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
1548 Kathy McKown Lagomarcino Hall-Roof Replacement-Sections C, G, H, I Open
2015 Lisa Ristvedt Lagomarcino Hall-Restrooms-Remodel Open
16668 Kelly Kalvelage WH23578 - Miscellaneous Open
16669 Kelly Kalvelage WH23579 - Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
107203 DeAnn Barnes The main door to the Dean's Office suite is very squeaky- just started today. Completed
124436 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
137962 Gene Leamen Remove old tank and abandon fittings to prevent any further damage Attn. Tom Webster Completed
150260 Michael Hanson Recommissioning Survey Open
150261 Michael Hanson Recommissioning Repair and Materials Assigned
180213 Janet Schneider move domestic water spigot so it is accessible. East end of tunnel, it is behind the duct work. On Hold
190697 Grace Wolf install a handicap accessible door opening button. Wanting just an estimate to send upwards before getting department approval Open
190701 Melissa Warg FDC FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
201007 FPM Service Desk FY23 LAGOMAR - General Cleaning Open
202456 FPM Service Desk FY23 LAGOMAR - Supplies Open
208529 Dynette Mosher East Exterior Entry Door CX1190-2 is sticking and making a loud noise disruptive to occupants Completed
214902 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Moving several facutly/staff to different offices in prepration for the LeBaron capital project. Primary need includes potential furniture retrofit/new furniture orders as well as a fresh coat of paint in some spaces. Open
215050 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
215511 Heidi Merfeld We would like this lab (the entire 1455 suite) painted and re-carpeted. Open
215522 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
218438 William Brown BRACKET ON DOOR IS BROKEN AND DOOR WONT CLOSE Materials-Awaiting
218985 Abigail Zumpano *Paint Lago rooms 2671 and 1740D - See Leigh Wiand for drawings and colors. Needs done by 9/7. *Then paint rooms 1720 A/B/C/D - See Leigh Wiand for drawings. Needs done by 9/12. Open
223113 Michael Richards Parking Permit Open
223287 Abigail Zumpano To JG Furniture to reconfigure furniture per drawings sent Open
223289 Abigail Zumpano To Workspace to move 4 freestanding desk units from Landscape Arch to Lago 1720 per drawings Open
224541 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
230625 Sarah Kallsen heating/cooling unit just started making a LOUD noise. Help! On Hold
231062 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Move I2D2 Research Project from XX LeBaron to 530/530(A) Lago. Timeline: between January 10 and March 1 Approx 3 FTEs and collaborative space equipment (table, SMART board, etc. Strict access key/security needed. 3+ grad students part of overall HDFS move. Need: furniture analysis, retrofit furniture as needed, coordinate any additional space needs. Open
231152 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
246638 Michael Richards ITS - ATTN: Rusty Pidsosny Open
246640 Michael Richards Hook up hardwire to systems furniture on 2nd floor room 204. Open
251232 Janet Schneider room too cold, thermostat may need calibrated Completed
253030 Shane CLOUSER Call back Attn Shane Clouser Chilled water line blew apart on FCU109 in 2660. Causing a flood. On Hold
253068 Brady Streit PROJECT 130 - Carpentry support for 2660 Lagomarcino chilled water leak repairs Open
253070 Brady Streit PROJECT 130 - Plumbing/Electrical support for Lagomarcino 2660 chilled water leak repair Completed
253241 Lyle Bishop Repair Smoke Detector deficiencies. 4098-9601 and 4098-9788. Zn2 2nd by 2420-1 failed. Zn2 above piping by 0432 center west zone, no alarm when tested. Zn2 above piping by 0442 center west zone, no alarm when tested and painted. Zn7 by door 0221-1 south east zone failed sensitivity test. Zn2 by room 0420, no alarm when tested. Zn2 by room 0454 center west zone, no alarm when tested. Zn2 by room 0468 center west zone, no alarm when tested. Open
253301 Sarah Kallsen one of the new directional signs has fallen down and seems to be missing, maybe inside the classroom? See picture attached. Open
258376 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
258767 Rose Warrick The sticker needs removed off the door and the door will need painted the number on the door is N018A it is in the basement landing of a stairwell contact info Rose 686-1132 Assigned
259114 Bruce Norris Attention Dustin Limoges Replace two JCI TEC that have failed & are Offline. List below for locations/devices names: Lagomarcino.109B025TC.CB.1660B Lagomarcino.109B050TC.CB.2628 On Hold
259529 Anthony Gervais Heavy corrosion on press fitting see attached photo. AG Assigned
261541 Todd Kelley Replace Frank Adams pannel Open
265823 Ann Bugler 0347 Lagomarcino hall is an IT office with lots of expensive equipment. The windows next to and on the door leading into the room need privacy film. They are currently using pieces of paper taped to the glass. Open
265910 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
266771 Rose Warrick 1660 complex hot 1660E temp is 78 contact info Rose 686-1132 On Hold
267030 Rose Warrick There is a smell and no air flow in this room and the window don't open (there hasn't been anyone in this room for a couple years and now there is ) not sure what the smell is contact info Rose 686-1132 Assigned
267091 Christy Eischeid There is a section of wall that is missing behind my counters in the back of house. Part of it was fixed during this past summer, but we are needing to get the rest fixed. The cafe is closed during the summer from May 15 - August 14th. Assigned
267269 Pamela Stout 4 banks of lights out Assigned
268442 Shannon Wilson The carpet is rolling creating a tripping hazard. It needs to be stretched and reglued. It is in the annex area of 1250 suite and in the office of 1250F Lagomarcino Estimating
272318 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Furniture to include new panels for Lago 2155E (Ann Christiansen) and (2) 4-drawer lateral files for Lago 1250G (Lesia Oesterreich's team). Open
272320 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
272370 Janet Schneider Concrete Crumbling Away at Top of S.W. Entry H/C Ramp I went and looked this could be a major issue. Concrete has sunk and there is a hole you can clearly see a 3' empty cavitary Open
272669 Pamela Stout North window has crack across top of it Assigned
273066 Sarah Kallsen Occupant too cold. Assigned
273320 Adam Godwin Water fountain leaking and not draining Completed
273335 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
273461 Jennifer Gentile Id like to submit a request to have someone mount a whiteboard in Lago 2349, Michael Tynans office. Its fairly light, about 3x4 but a bit too much for command strips. Assigned
274904 Susan Cross Move desks from Urbandale to Lago, and remove desks from Lago to surplus Open
274907 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
275072 Rose Warrick The only set of lights in office 2648A is out contact info 686-1132 Assigned
279189 Cathy Bullock-McCalley Charger broke inside of outlet to the right side of the door when entering the room. Completed
279258 Coskun Erden LAGO 2648A Light is broken/out. Bulb needs to be replaced. Assigned
279376 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Retrofit 530 and 530A (office) for the I2D2 research project. The research team is currently located in 0059 LeBaron. Proposed furniture will be a mix of what is currently in 0530 Lago and 0059 LB. Furniture assembly is likely minimal or nonexistent. Leigh Wiand should be assigned project lead. Open
279395 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
280117 Mark Holzmer Elevator room 0660A is very hot - not cold are blowing at all Completed
280201 Sarah Kallsen a/c not working. Assigned
280281 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin New shelving for academic user Open
280290 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
280382 Theresa Boettcher There are some ceiling tiles that have fallen down in this room. Assigned
280482 Stephen Hosch Came into work Monday morning and found that the roof hatch in the 2nd floor custodial closet (in the Dean's suite) had been left open. The garbage can directly below the hatch caught most of the water. However, some did make it down to the 1st floor women's bathroom and ruined a couple of ceiling tiles. Assigned
280608 n/a DPS Fire Panel Going In/Out of Trouble: Time LAGOMARCINO FA1 PANL_TBL.Trend () 5/13/23, 8:10:35 AM CDT Alarm 5/13/23, 8:11:17 AM CDT Normal 5/13/23, 10:00:36 PM CDT Alarm 5/13/23, 10:01:21 PM CDT Normal 5/14/23, 2:03:29 AM CDT Alarm 5/14/23, 2:04:13 AM CDT Normal 5/15/23, 10:12:58 AM CDT Alarm 5/15/23, 10:13:41 AM CDT Normal 5/16/23, 8:33:02 AM CDT Alarm 5/16/23, 8:33:44 AM CDT Normal Assigned
280658 Jennifer Plagman-Galvin Lagomarcino Hall - Room 2155E adding new panels Open
280873 Coskun Erden The light in my office (Lagomarcino 2648 A) is not working because the light bulbs need to be replaced. Assigned
280902 Michael Fields Lagomarcino Hall - Room 2455 Adjust if possible the chair seat base. It tips forward more that the other chairs, this chair is moved to the front of the room. Assigned
280905 Michael Fields Lagomarcino Hall - Room 1104 Various lamps are out in some of the light fixtures. Assigned
280907 Michael Fields Lagomarcino Hall - Room 1530 Two ceiling can lights are not working. Replace lamps and verify wiring as needed. Assigned
281023 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
281026 Jordan Babler Can Campus Services place a cone on top of the hole in the ramp? We are working with some contractors to get bids to fix the slab. Open
281312 Josef Biechler Contracts Open
281480 n/a DPS FACP is Going in and out of trouble status Assigned
281508 Leigh Wiand Workspace to order and install shelving Open
281521 Rose Warrick The cooling unit is leaking in room 2155B Assigned