Work Orders in Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
165334 Josef Biechler Cord Reel has Bare Exposed Wired on the Floor. One wire is still connected and the other exposed wire is live Completed
196756 John Breon Old-School - vertical caulking joints and windows need to be cleaned out and re-done. On Hold
208877 Rylie Vander Plaats Hot water not coming to treatment sinks. Middle sink will warm but wont get hot. Materials-Awaiting
225028 Lisa Ristvedt Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center-Large Animal Ward 3-Expansion Open
225029 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
225030 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
225031 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
225808 Lisa Ristvedt Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center-Room 1919-Remodel Open
225817 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
225822 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
225827 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
247125 Stephanie Canon 14' radiation protected door in room 1126-1 is hard to open and close. Completed
255259 Karen Sandle Reroute red plug Assigned
266504 Marc Kinsley Improving signage for the Lloyd veterinary medical center: 1. the signs along the right hand side of Riverside Drive- the first sign displaying where to turn for small animal hospital is located too close to the entry of the employee parking lot leading to a number of client complaints that the signs are not clear- is it possible to move this sign further up riverside drive closer to the turn to enter the main small animal entrance/client parking? 2. I would like to add a lighted sign to the canopy over the entrance to the small animal hospital. The lighted sign would be similar to the lighted red and white plus sign on S. 16th Street. It would be a square, lighted with the red Plus and white background to better identify for owners in an emergency situation where to go. Open
268584 Shaunae Overturf Hot Odor in 1440 Hall and 1453, Surgery Suite Rooms 1442, 1446 and 1452 Are Too Hot Assigned
272660 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
273318 Denise Pelican In the small animal clinic at vetmed, against a wall near the video monitor there is splatter marks and etc that needs to be painted over. Assigned
279876 John Breon Contractor to provide estimate for 20 roof patches on roof sections A, C, and O Open
279884 Megan Anderson In Lloyd, in the Bovine Student Section there are multiple birds getting into the area and creating nests in the air vents. Help is needed to remove birds and nests and also possibly finding where the birds are entering the building at. Contact Megan at 515-291-9456 for more information. Assigned
281550 Joseph Stoberl 2. I would like to add a lighted sign to the canopy over the entrance to the small animal hospital. The lighted sign would be similar to the lighted red and white plus sign on S. 16th Street. It would be a square, lighted with the red Plus and white background to better identify for owners in an emergency situation where to go. On Hold
287308 Marc Kinsley I would like to evaluate the placement of paddock fencing for housing teaching horses in the grassy area between the highway and vet med. would need to separate into 2-3 pastures, have auto waterer access if possible. Would need help in the design/layout Open
287361 Marc Kinsley Would like to wall in this area to create a private office area. Would need 1 wall with door access Open
287380 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
287382 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
287610 Mark Deshong East barn room 1172. VFD#12B off with fault code #21. Confirm Dana Wills. Materials-Awaiting
288740 FPM Service Desk FY24 LLYOD VET MED Large Animal - General Cleaning Open
288742 FPM Service Desk FY24 LLOYD VET MED Small Animal - General Cleaning Open
288841 FPM Service Desk FY24 LLOYD VET MED Large Animal - Supplies Open
288842 FPM Service Desk FY24 LLOYD VET MED Small Animal - Supplies Open
288873 FPM Service Desk FY24 Auto Scrub the Small Animal Surgical Area Once per Week (StandRenew) Open
288875 FPM Service Desk FY24 LLOYD - SLA Small Animal Hallways and Exam Rooms Open
288916 FPM Service Desk FY24- XRAY EQID: 1284, 1285, 1330, 1833, 1840, 1864, 1865, 1969, 2024, 2025, 2067, 2069, 2077 IDPH Annual Registration Open
290612 Amy Tremain Too Hot in Isolation Stall #3 Open
293782 Kelly Gillette FY24-XRAY EQID: 2102 Midmark Preva IDPH Annual Registration Open
294525 Mark Deshong AHU #20 off for Pathology. Check and reset system. Confirm Mark Deshong. Open
296523 Shaunae Overturf the hot water temp needs to be turned down. It is WAY to hot to even wash your hands. Materials-Awaiting
296552 Brenda Mulherin Need to have a wet table installed for student use. Additionally need to have a faucet and drain installed. I would like to see options for a faucet and have you install it. There are holes in the table the faucet needs to fit and you can purchase it. This is in the Dentistry Surgical suite. I believe the 1614 treatment room is the appropriate room. This room has had several plumbing issues in the past. Open
296589 Paul Engelken Need wall repair where drinking fountain was removed. Assigned
296850 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NO CHARGE TIME Open
296858 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
301587 Joshua Bremer CALL BACK - AHU22 off and in alarm Open
302096 Mark Deshong Equipment room 2278. Steam blowing off over AHU #10. Steam header has been isolated. Confirm. temperature control. Open
302499 Shaunae Overturf The water hydrant right outside this room has a constant drizzle of water and doesn't fully shut off making the floor constantly wet Assigned
302705 Brian Adams Water leak in hot water piping. This leak is in the hallway outside of office 1821. This project was supposed to happen months ago but HR and labor issues happened. Assigned
305241 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
305244 Abigail Zumpano Parking Intramural Open
305246 Abigail Zumpano Fire Alarm Support Open
305248 Abigail Zumpano JCI to move thermostat Open
310062 Shaunae Overturf Need the pipe that is in this stall removed. It is an old electrical pipe that is now longer in use. This stall is in our Food Animal Department and animals keep messing with it. It is across from Room 1126. Please Call Shaunae @ 515-291-6326 if you need help finding the location. If this needs to be put under a project please use account PG105149 DD002447 Assigned
310519 Carrie Schwake In rooms 1838A and 1838B water pipes need trimmed back to the wall, not in use or planned for use in the near future and currently an issue with length and ease of maneuvering around. Preferably capped to the wall. Assigned
310800 Mark Deshong Check operation of Supply VFD for AHU #24. Confirm Jeremy Forristall. Assigned
310936 Mark Grief Work associated with test holes and site survey for CP1044573- Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center-Large Animal Ward 3-Expansion Open
311779 Earl Soper Beside by 2411 rm , Stair way up by the wall top window is broken On Hold
311857 Brian Adams Lloyd office 2482 broken west window. Assigned
315704 John Netwal Replace Leaking Hot Water Here Open
315705 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
315774 Brian Angstrom Attn: Jeremy Forrestall, AHU 21 repair. Assigned
315832 Megan Anderson Replace tile floor in EQ ICU tech room with Epoxy floor covering. We also need the epoxy flooring replaced in rooms boot room and FA Ruminate Ward. Josef Biechler has the room numbers for this project and is aware of the need. This does need to be completed prior to January 1, 2024. Ideally November - December 2023 for scheduling would be the best time frame to avoid interrupting operations. Open
315839 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
315982 Kimberlee Skelton Panel trouble at Lloyd Small. Assigned
316292 Shaunae Overturf In ward 1, overhead door 1170 on the south end is not working. Assigned
316383 Megan Anderson There appears to be an electrical box that is tripped. Possibly contributing to some overhead door issues. Assigned
316552 Sarah Williamson Fire alarms going off Assigned
316843 Katherine Cunningham The epoxy flooring replaced in rooms; boot room and FA Ruminate Ward. Josef Biechler has the room numbers for this project and is aware of the need. This needs to be completed prior to January 1, 2024. Ideally November - December 2023 for scheduling would be the best time frame to avoid interrupting operations. Open
316844 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
317048 Josef Biechler Contracts Open
317050 Josef Biechler Contracts Open
317093 Jeremy Forristall Repair automatic transfer switch C at Lloyd Assigned
317104 Abigail Zumpano ITS Intramural - Install Data Jacks Open
317174 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
317175 Abigail Zumpano Parking Intramural Open
317199 Marc Kinsley need to remove glass cabinet and cabinets below +/- add and electrical outlet if one does not already exist Open
317205 Abigail Zumpano Contracts Open
317216 Josef Biechler Printing Open
317307 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
317311 Marc Kinsley i would like to add badge access to: 1812-1, 1820-2, 1820-3 in the small animal reception area and 1140-2, 1120-6, 1111 at the large animal reception desk. Materials-Awaiting
318528 Shaunae Overturf We are many doors in the large animal hospital that need some attention. Many do not close all the way or stick when trying to open. I have attached a list of all of the doors that need fixed. Completed
323185 Amy Tremain In the hallway #1140 the lights are not responding to the sensor or the switch. Assigned
323282 Amelia Dohlman There is a possible issue with the voltage amount needed for a piece of equipment in this room. There is a service log in Amelia's office at 1716 Lloyd. More than likely it seems like this will need the outlet to be replaced with something that has more voltage. Assigned
323289 Amelia Dohlman Multiple doors located in the surgical wing of the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center are affected. This is a restricted area. A predetermined time will need to be coordinated when there are no surgical procedures occurring. Please contact Amelia at the above phone number to determine a date and time to evaluate these doors. 1630-2: Hold open mechanism is broken 1642: Hold open mechanism is broken 1644: Rubs on door frame 1645-1: Rubs on door frame and hold open mechanism is broken 1645-2: Rubs on door frame Phone number: 515-460-3996 Materials-Awaiting
323608 Amber Tinta Dr. Hiscocks office (2255) lights are not working. Has been this way for a week now and having no luck with them turning on. Materials-Awaiting
324085 Megan Anderson Back automatic gate does not open using door openers. Still works when coming out using the metal plate. But going back, we usually use door openers and they don't work. Have changed batteries on several. Gate is between ISO and VDL. Completed
324139 Megan Anderson The doors will not stay shut in this room and the air return units are not working. There is no air flow. Assigned
324973 Abigail Zumpano Disconnect and reconnect electrical in/near casework Assigned
324975 Abigail Zumpano Plumber to disconnect and reconnect sink Completed
324998 Shaunae Overturf There is water leaking out of a vent above the big yellow calf chute in the Food Animal section. Assigned
325072 Benjamin Adams Please remove ceiling section between the head gates for access to plumbing. A lift will be needed. Please coordinate with Megan Anderson in the room for dealing with space occupants. Assigned
325153 Bailey Lindley Make Signage for 2540J attn. Duane Strah Assigned
325175 Deborah Coleman Broken chair Open
325449 Shaunae Overturf Sounds like there is something the vent of this room, like maybe a piece of plastic. We are unable to see or feel anything ourselves, so would like it checked out. This is a STERILE room, and you will need to be in sterile attire when going into it, so please contact myself (515-230-6478), Megan Anderson 515-291-9456, Amy Tremain 515-291-2912, or Alysha Bilharz 515-460-1008 and we will assist you. Completed
329224 Michael Kieffer Elevator not working properly. Assigned
329253 Staci Scavo There is water dripping out of the ceiling. Outside of room 1428. Completed
329473 Michelle Pocernik Card reader to the dog walk is not working to assess the area. Michelle - 515-291-5607. On Hold
329652 Marc Kinsley remove frosted glass and install open and close window- need to evaluate cost and options Open
329654 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
329778 Lori Moran Door L1688A-1 will not close and the hinges are loose. Located in the clinic so on the main ground floor. Completed
329850 Michael Olson CP1044573-Utility Engineering-Lloyd Large Animal Ward 3 Expansion Open
329900 Bailey Lindley Contracts Open
329907 Bailey Lindley Fire Alarm Support Assigned
330152 Michael Kieffer Restrooms 1552, 1556, 2552, 2556, conference room 1521 and custodial closets 1554 and 2554 have no hot water. Building occupants stated that they noticed the absence of hot water after the sinks in women's restroom 1556 were replaced. Water only gets lukewarm at most. Completed
330198 Josef Biechler Repair the sink counter in 1264A Lloyd. Fix cabinet doors throughout 1264 Completed
330590 Megan Anderson The sink in 1264A-2 is backed up and the pipe underneath is leaking. Completed
330778 Shaunae Overturf This is a hydrant located in our ICU that is leaking from both the hot and cold sides. The handles are both very rusty and need replaced. It is right outside of the Neuro stall 1264G Assigned
331061 Travis Watkins 1732 office vent making terrible rattling noise. Occupants would greatly appreciate an investigation/repair. Please and Thank You. Completed
331240 Sarah Karner FY24 VET MIC/PRV MED Fire Extinguisher Services Completed
331980 Anthony Gervais Solid particulate in the cooling system can lead to water pump and seal abrasion and subsequent leakage, copper and aluminum corrosion, and plugged oil cooler and radiator. Assess severity of contamination, and consider filtration or flushing as means to clean coolant reservoir if necessary. Magnetic precipitate can cause abrasive damage to liner and water pump seal rubbers and current corrosion of soft metals. Check for sources of Assigned
332022 Earl Soper Before entry door of 1650 Lloyd door opener sensor is coming out of the wall, someone hit it .Thank you Materials-Awaiting
334691 Jason Terry Limit switch is not working on incinerator. Assigned
335017 Brent Williams Condensate pump cdp12 is leaking. This is in Lloyd small animal room 1911-1 Materials-Awaiting
335056 Lindsey Alley Occupant reports intermittent loud clicking in ceiling. Could this be an issue with air handling system? Thank you. Completed
335517 Megan Anderson Main gate for Lloyd is broken and needs repair. Was previously repaired with Baldwin. Completed
335590 Brian Adams Suspected leak in men's restroom - wet ceiling tile has not fallen through yet Assigned
335805 Mark Deshong AHU #17 off on Metasys alarm. Confirm Mark Deshong Completed
335810 Kimberlee Skelton Mech Room low limit status. AHU 9 Assigned
335849 Mark Deshong Room 1228 Heating water pump 16 off on VFD fault. Confirm Mark Deshong Completed
335851 Mark Deshong AHU # 9 off on Metasys Alarm. Confirm Mark Deshong Completed
335865 Shaunae Overturf Hose reel is leaking above door 1103X3 and causing ice to build up on the floor. This door is used heavily to bring animals in and out. Completed
335918 Gary Puls CALLBACK - Various doors stuck open from snow. Completed
335944 Derick Anderson Lloyd Large Generator is not working. Assigned
335971 Travis Watkins 1762-1 Rad Lab Hallway. Attention Travis Bittner already alerted and investigated. Water leak from ceiling in hallway 1762-1 Rad hallway Assigned
336007 Larry Whitehill AHU 19 - Reset the AHU for Don Boyle. Completed
336008 John Beary There is water coming from a leak in the celling. Completed
336012 Megan Anderson Back white automatic gate by equine ISO is off the track and not working. Entire gate is leaning along the fence and will need to be picked up in order to be put back. Completed
336038 Megan Anderson 1234A-1 door to woman's locker room in equine surgery stays ajar Materials-Awaiting
336212 Amelia Dohlman Too hot in these areas for them to perform surgeries. please adjust to about 65 degrees Assigned
336243 Mark Deshong Room #1273. Please check heating water pump VFD/MOTOR there have been a drive fault the last 2 morning. This seems to reset okay. Confirm Jeremy. Assigned
336263 Brent Williams Outside light flashing constantly outside door 1264-X4 Assigned
336366 Larry Whitehill As Requested by Brian Adams via email I am turning this in. Please give to Dustin Limoges as he is already working on this problem. Rooms 1432-1, 1426-1, 1427A, 1427B are too hot, and have sensitive equipment in them which can overheat. I think this is associated with AHU 17, if Thanks Assigned
336487 Michael Solberg CALL BACK - Leak in room 1733 Lloyd Assigned
336495 Megan Anderson High priority: 1130-x2- Exterior Rollup door has stopped working. We were able to get it back down. Completed
336745 John Beary rm llloyd 1728 is having the following issues w a power door according to end users ---------------------------- The main door to 1728 doesnít close all the way/gets stuck or stopped by something in the door frame area. Sometimes this effects the auto-opener and the door just stays shut. Other times itís able to push past it but the door fairly consistently sits ajar. --------------------------- Please inspect/repair Materials-Awaiting
336795 James Pepper Rm#1701 Wash Room red hose needs repaired or replaced has leak near the nozzle. Completed
337033 Shayna Steele Have a sink in the ICU that is not draining. Small Animal Hospital Room 1675 Completed
337040 Megan Anderson Fluorescent light over handicap stall is out. Assigned
337044 Megan Anderson hot/cold mixing valves are rusted and water is constantly leaking. Completed
337187 Katie Minnihan The motion sensor for the front desk light is not working for 1829-2 Assigned
337254 Carrie Schwake We have an upcoming inspection that we are working to prepare our facility for. We have flooring in room 1848C that has been damaged and is no longer considered able to be disinfected until repaired. The area is seamless linoleum flooring where we need someone to weld a new piece into the floor. We may need to coordinate the repair with room use due to patient case load requiring access when receiving cases. An area has been marked to outline the area that needs to be cut out and replaced. Estimating
337292 Brian Adams Door 1800-3 the double swing door, the same door leaf with the problem last time has it again. The top hinge is loose and the door is dragging on the floor. Materials-Awaiting
338137 James Pepper Lloyd Small Animal Hospital, Door #1800-3 will not close needs to be repaired. It's propped open right now. Materials-Awaiting
341374 Deborah Coleman room number 1122 - lights do not work in this office/treatment area Assigned
341387 Mark Deshong BEF #4 Metasys alarm high static psi. Confirm Mark Deshong Completed
341470 Mark Deshong Equipment room 1273. Heating water pump #16. VFD Fault. Confirm Mark Deshong. Completed
341488 Amber Tinta The sink is backed up in the workroom 2201. Completed
341493 David Morrison The drain in the closet is backed up. Completed
341877 Earl Soper Outside light is flashing Assigned
341901 Mark Deshong Lloyd Small, Adjust door closer outside door1960-X1. Confirm Jason Thompson. Assigned
341932 Mark Deshong Small Lloyd AHU #21, off on high static safety. Metasys alarm. Confirm Mark Deshong Completed
342041 David Morrison Toilet is plugged. Completed
342061 Travis Watkins 1606 Men's restroom. Automatic toilet flusher will not flush. Assume just needs batteries replaced. Please and Thank you. Completed
342167 Shaunae Overturf Hose reel is leaking Materials-Awaiting
342187 Megan Anderson Check hot water in food animal section. Morning of 2/9, staff reported no hot water. As of 1pm- multiple sinks had warm, not hot, water. Assigned
342192 Megan Anderson Talked with Brady- Needing to replace the planks in the manure roll off ramp. If i order the planks, can FPM help remove old and install new? Roll off is outside food animal at the "east" end of the large animal barn. Assigned
342231 Anthony Gervais Assign to Anthony Gervais. I need a PO for leak call at Vet Med Diagnostics Lab, holes in the roof from hail damage not covered under warranty. 560.87 is the total. Assigned
342343 Mark Deshong Room 1273 heating water pump #16 off in alarm with VFD fault. Confirm Mark Deshong Assigned
342417 Mark Deshong Large Lloyd room 1273. heating water pump #16 Check amp draw. Confirm Jeremy Forristall. Assigned
342476 Amelia Dohlman There is a pipe that is connected to the Ultrasound in room 1776 that leaks every time that the ultrasound is drained. This is not part of the machine itself, but a pipe connected to the machine. Assigned
342481 Shaunae Overturf The faucet on the sink is having issues turning off when in use. The hot water handle doesn't work properly. Might be stripped. Please repair/replace. It is currently off. Materials-Awaiting
342702 Kendyl Chermak Toilet clogged and no water or pressure change when manually flushing Assigned
342707 Mark Deshong Area small Lloyd equipment room. AHU #25 steam leaking around valve stem. Confirm Mark Deshong Assigned
342713 Carrie Schwake In room 1675 we have two separate sink areas that are chemical and water damaged. We need to identify an alternative surface to withstand heavy use of the area. We have an inspection in October 2024 that requires hospital areas to meet biosecurity standards and would need this project completed by then. Assigned
342876 Shane CLOUSER Call back Attn Shane Clouser Water leaking out of ceiling in hallway 1500 Assigned
342954 Shayna Steele We have a sink that is clogged. If we run water for a little while, it tends to back up. Location: 1675 (ICU) Completed
343058 Shane CLOUSER Insulate Domestic hot water line that was removed to repair. Ceiling tiles have been removed and drywall ceiling has been cut out. Assigned
343059 Shane CLOUSER Fix ceiling or install access panel where it was cut out do to water leak. Replace ceiling tiles that were damaged by water. Make sure pipe has been installed first I have put in a work order for that as well. Assigned
343081 Michael Kieffer Right toilet will occasionally not flush. Even when button is pushed no water comes out Assigned
343083 Michael Kieffer Left sink does not shut off for at least a minute after it has been activated, even when nobody is at the sink. Assigned
343194 Ronald Sailer Elevator #1 Needs emergency phone worked on. Assigned to Ron Sailer. Assigned
343236 Mark Deshong Recirculating pump - repair/replace coupling Assigned
343241 Mark Deshong AHU #21 off on Metasys alarm. Confirm Mark Deshong Assigned
343306 Jason Thompson Called in by DPS. Door was not secure Assigned
343383 Shane CLOUSER Please repair ceiling tiles that have been removed and drywall ceiling has been cut out from repairs. Assigned
343386 Brock Palar Scrubber drive wheel is making a grinding noise. Not super loud, but may want to find source to prevent worse wear. Was not turned in by custodian who uses it. Karisten let me know about it. Assigned