Work Orders in Scheman Building

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
2175 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Remodel Open
162997 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Lobby Renovations Open
162999 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
163000 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
163003 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
165048 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Freight Elevators-Improvements Open
165049 Lisa Ristvedt Contracted Services Open
165050 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
165057 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
165058 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
200567 FPM Service Desk FY23 Fire Extinguishing Inspection and Repair Fees FES1 - SCHEMAN Assigned
204043 FPM Service Desk FY23 Snow Removal At Iowa State Center Lots (StandRenew) Open
214138 Andrew Mott reinstall break metal Open
230353 Andrew Mott Story Construction to reinstall break metal trim in Brunnier Art Museum Open
230362 John Breon Screws popping through roof membrane Completed
239762 Joshua Oakland Men's Restroom Stall Door Off at Hinge Completed
251569 David Burrack The latch on the bottom of door G10 at Scheman is not allowing the door to close or lock properly. This is an exterior access door on the South side of the building under the overhang by the dock. Materials-Awaiting
258434 Brady Streit PROJECT 133 - Heating Water Leak Repairs - Plumbers/HVAC/Carpenters assistance Open
265956 Barbara Schumacher Please deliver 5 trash bins with liners to Scheman Courtyard, on Thursday, March 30, 2023, and pick up on Monday, April 3 in the morning. EVENT: at Scheman Courtyard, Friday, March 31,2023 CONTACT: Brooke Mease,, 515-294-7488 FUNDING: PG100311 DD11557 University Event Open
266299 Barbara Schumacher Please deliver weights to the NW corner of Scheman, Room 240 on Friday, March 31, 2023. The weights needed are: 5-10 pound weights, 5-5 pound weights and 1-25 pound weight. Weights can be picked up on Monday, April 3, 2023. EVENT: Odessey of the Mind State Finals, Saturday, April 1, 2023, Scheman Bldg. Rm 240 CONTACT: Sam Franzen,; 515-286-3434 FUNDING: PG101480 DD16609 University Event Open
266647 Miles Pankonen Passenger elevator #3 repair top floor access switch Assigned
266648 Nicholas Smith Freight elevator repair Completed
272767 Miles Pankonen 2nd Floor Men's Restroom, Main Entry Door Slams when it gets partially closed. Materials-Awaiting
272769 Miles Pankonen 1st Floor Men's Restroom has a light out above the sink Assigned
272772 Miles Pankonen burnt light bulbs Assigned
272919 Sherri Paul 11:10a.m. Fire Panel Trouble Assigned
279419 Kimberlee Skelton fire panel trouble Assigned
279591 Mark Deshong Equipment room M020 heating water pump #12 is leaking. Repair/re\Replace. Confirm Scott Nibe. Assigned
279594 Mark Deshong Room 020. Pre heat coil leaking in AHU #1 Confirm Gene Leamen. Assigned
280174 Joshua Oakland Toilet Handle Leaks in Staff Restroom Assigned
280495 Joshua Oakland Fan coil unit at the bottom of the NW stairwell is running very loudly Assigned
281039 Caitlin Patton Museums reporting some kind of alarm. Metasys showed panel trouble at the time. Assigned
281090 John Breon Contractor to provide estimate for roof repairs Open
281217 Adrienne Gennett Need to work with Bruce Bonestroo and Eric Ohrt to install artwork from ceiling joist in Brunnier Art Museum. Worktag is PG113015 DD15816 Open
281262 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
281417 Michael Solberg Repair 2 Non-Working Toilets Assigned