Work Orders in Scheman Building

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
2175 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Remodel Open
162997 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Lobby Renovations Open
162999 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
163000 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
163003 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
165048 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Freight Elevators-Improvements Open
165049 Lisa Ristvedt Contracted Services Open
165050 Lisa Ristvedt Miscellaneous Open
165057 Lisa Ristvedt Printing/Distributing Bidding Documents Open
165058 Lisa Ristvedt Builders Risk Open
214138 Andrew Mott reinstall break metal Open
230353 Andrew Mott Story Construction to reinstall break metal trim in Brunnier Art Museum Open
239762 Joshua Oakland Men's Restroom Stall Door Off at Hinge Completed
279594 Mark Deshong Room 020. Pre heat coil leaking in AHU #1 Confirm Gene Leamen. Assigned
286548 Adrienne Gennett It is 64.5 degrees in the museum office Assigned
290451 FPM Service Desk FY24 Fire Extinguishing Inspection and Repair Fees FES1 - SCHEMAN Open
293816 Eric Zierke Equipment room M020 heating water pump #12 is leaking. Repair/re\Replace. Confirm Scott Nibe. This has not been completed per Don Gregory - it is running on a drop cord. It has been turned in to have the electric updated and hooked to system controls. This project was sent from FPM Building Maintenance - Scott Nibe did some pump installation work and the last he knew the project was on hold until an electrical and Metasys solution for controlling the pumps can be found. So far the trades involved include, Facilities Mechanic, Electrician, Controls, Insulation. Please turn into a small project. Open
293817 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
300984 Caleb Barduson Scheman Building Renovation - Util Engineer Open
305392 Lisa Ristvedt Artwork Open
305394 Lisa Ristvedt Furniture/Installation Open
305395 Lisa Ristvedt ITC Equipment/Installation Open
317069 Joshua Oakland Slow drip water leak in hallway outside of 171, but room number is 166. They are unsure if the leak is from condensation and have a trash can set out to catch the water. Completed
318294 Miles Pankonen Run power in the Scheman kitchen. On Hold
322905 Brent Williams Pump leaking in mechanical room east wall Materials-Awaiting
324966 Joshua Oakland Fire panel in alarm - Trouble Assigned
325131 Miles Pankonen Need to have the fire panel taken down by 8am so Iowa Fire Control can do the hood cleaning and check over the fire suppression. Please put on Adam Pepper's work bench. Assigned
325189 Adrienne Gennett Need 2-3 ceiling tiles replaced in Museums storage where Scheman roof leaked and stained the tiles. This needs to be done by Friday, December 8th at 3pm. Completed
329420 Lisa Ristvedt Scheman Building-Walkway-Repairs Open