Work Orders in Snedecor Hall

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
173389 Robin Jones This project includes, but is not limited to, renovation of a restroom, lounge and seminar room, including replacement of countertops, plumbing fixtures and furniture, and minor electrical work. Open
173390 Melissa Warg FDC FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
175463 Christine Reinders-Caron Hire GC Open
230701 Michael Richards Parking Open
231072 Christine Reinders-Caron Fire Alarm Shutdown Open
268539 Denise Riker There are 5 sets of light switches down the hall. The very first one works, but the other 4 do not work, don't light up when pushed and lights aren't coming on the "center pods" (which is what they control. Assigned
288764 FPM Service Desk FY24 SNED H - General Cleaning Open
288859 FPM Service Desk FY24 SNED H - Supplies Open
323258 Denise Riker The elevator doors clang VERY loudly when opening and/or closing. It scares the heck out of the person on the elevator and we worry that this could be the beginning of a bigger (unsafe) problem. There are people who refuse to use the elevator because of this. Assigned
323334 Denise Riker Panel has been beeping in entry way of building. Assigned
330782 Katherine Kiesling We had some artwork up around the 1200 and 1400 corridor walls on the first floor. We have had that taken down and put up cork strips to display graduate students posters. However, there are large holes now where the artwork was displayed in the wall. We would like the holes filled and touched up with paint if possible since the posters do not cover all these areas. We can take the posters down when we know someone will be coming to do this. Assigned
331218 Justin Maruska Toilet in second stall always leaks Completed
336245 Quintin Long Urinal on right hand side leaks from bottom. Missing caulking. Assigned
338168 Amanda Kramer Air handler down Assigned
341485 Timothy Kelley Call back Att. Tim kelley fire panel trouble From DPS Assigned
342268 Adam Pepper Call back fire alarm trouble attn Adam Pepper Assigned
342521 Julie Kline Panel has been going in an out of trouble every few hours for about a week now. Assigned
342965 Denise Riker Elevator is making a loud noise on 3rd floor only. Assigned
343146 Kimberlee Skelton Panel Trouble. Assigned
343177 Katherine Kiesling Is it possible to get a bottle fill station on the water fountain located on the second floor, like the ones on the first and 3rd? On Hold
343382 Katherine Kiesling Light to the left on ceiling upon entering the office is burnt out. Assigned