Work Orders in Student Services

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
158376 Lisa Ingalls-Hurley Please give us a quote to install an access card to this conference room located in Student Services 2030 Assigned
197373 Eric Zierke North Side of Student Services - damage to upper foundation - pieces of limestone breaking Assigned
230601 Rachel Boenigk Need carpet, paint, new furniture and technology for newly created classroom/meeting space Open
230613 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
252672 Christine Maduro Please put together a project to move the PRV in this building from its current location. It is currently in a crawlspace under the building where there is no floor (dirt/mud only) making repairs, adjustments, etc. difficult/dangerous. I will need a scope and cost for this project only. Open
252677 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
259868 Abigail Zumpano Issue PO to Workspace Open
259869 Abigail Zumpano Issue PO to Bergstrom Construction Open
259870 Abigail Zumpano Contractor Parking Pass Open
260373 Abigail Zumpano Intramural to AV Open
260375 Abigail Zumpano Intramural to ITS Open
272474 Rachel Boenigk This request is to remove furniture, patch & paint walls, replace carpet and return furniture. Rooms include 1076B (student work area), 1084, 1086, 1081, 1085, 1093, 1095, and 1080. Finishes to match newly renovated 1076A. Open
272510 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
273894 Jacqueline Mobley No Flow in West Wing (AHU4 Supply Fan Status Alarm) Assigned
286388 Nicholas Smith Insulate chilled water supply lines where condensation is dripping Assigned
287535 Christi Kampen EHS to Monitor Drying in Room: 0132 flooded again over the weekend. Concern over mildew smell in the carpet (possibly wall?). We have one small fan turned on in the room and the doorway open to the hallway to help air it out. Phone number: 5152941022 Open
287750 Charles Rodgers Remove and replace the bottom 1 of the east wall in 0132 Student Services. The drywall has been impacted by mold. Please make sure the drywall is installed with 1/4 to off the floor. On Hold
287754 Abigail Zumpano Issue PO to Workspace Open
287757 Abigail Zumpano Hire Contractor Open
287758 Abigail Zumpano Fire Alarm Support Assigned
287759 Abigail Zumpano Parking Intramural Open
288761 FPM Service Desk FY24 STD SER - General Cleaning Open
288861 FPM Service Desk FY24 STD SER - Supplies Open
301059 Travis Bittner att josh bremer. wire replacement control valve on AHU 4. saturday call. Open
301060 Travis Bittner att dale luter. insulate piping around replaced control valve on AHU 4. Assigned
301061 Christi Kampen There is a constant rattling noise that is in the offices on the 1010 area. It is louder in the D/E offices. Completed
301186 Rachel Haynes Elevator is not working in the first floor. Assigned
301311 Jeffrey Ellsworth Student Services mech room 0186. The fire-sprinkler water main valve is leaking Assigned
302064 Jeff Bremer CALL BACK - AHU3 - Supply fan alarm Open
302873 Jeffrey Lamb ATTN Nibe- Please move the grease zerk from the East to North panel. Assigned
303446 Madeleine Johnson The clinician in that office informed me that their office feels warm. Assigned
303927 Madeleine Johnson Elevator is not working this morning. Assigned
304986 Hillary Anderson Fire Alarms going off at Student Services Building. Trucks rolled. Assigned
305210 dispatch DPS call back from dispatch 29 Aug- AHU-3 in alarm Assigned
308901 Madeleine Johnson The clinician in room 3080C let me know that their office if hot this morning and their AC is not working. Completed
308943 Matthew Carlson A larger desk is needed. Something like an L shaped desk. Measurements should be taken to make sure the office space will work for a new desk. and estimate is needed. Open
308958 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
309210 Adam Pepper Replace 4009 NAC panel att apepper Assigned
309228 Rachel Haynes Up/Down buttons on the elevator on the 2nd floor are not working. Completed
309490 Marcie Cleland The magnet that holds the office door open is not holding onto the door very well anymore. It has become difficult to get it to grab the door and throughout the day it will just let go. Open
310085 Jeffrey Hedlund Elevator not working. Looks like it's stoped on ground floor. Thanks Jeff 686 1243 Assigned
310461 Madeleine Johnson The elevator in our building is not working as of 7:52am. Assigned
310544 Nicholas Smith Hire elevator contractor to troubleshoot to soft start issue ATTN Tom Webster Assigned
315601 Marcie Cleland A student called to inform me she was stuck on the elevator and could not get off, after a few minutes the doors finally opened and let her out. I went over to the elevator to call it to the third floor and it would not work at all. Assigned
315618 Jeffrey Hedlund Elevator not working again Thanks Jeff Assigned
315646 Jennifer Warrick Purchase and Install Furniture Open