Work Orders in Sukup Hall

Showing all active work orders and all inactive work orders closed in the past 30 days.
WO # Requested by Description Status
173795 Nicole Brandon Hood goes into purge mode and alarms whenever the sash is opened. Materials-Awaiting
180002 Craig Mitchell The closer on door 1010-5 is broken and the door is just swinging open back and forth. This is the south door nearest to the caf√?¬?√?¬©. Completed
184242 Craig Mitchell Door exit to outside in stairwell 1202 is leaking fluid from opener. Materials-Awaiting
190456 Nicole Brandon Hood 081690, Low Flow Indicator on Hood despite Flow Rate of 300cfm Materials-Awaiting
201427 FPM Service Desk FY23 SUKUP - General Cleaning Open
202804 FPM Service Desk FY23 SUKUP - Supplies Open
224757 Paul Engelken Need outlets for new trap primers, see Paul Engelken for locations Assigned
224758 Paul Engelken Need outlet for new trap primers, see Paul Engelken for locations Assigned
230195 Cindy Frame the lights won't shut off. This is the 2nd ticket. They said they fixed it and it worked for a few weeks, now they won't shut off again. Materials-Awaiting
232116 Carl Richard Howell In 1209 Sukup the light switch next to the water jet seems to be broken and not turn the lights off could be due to the wet environment i think the switch should be replaced with a more water proof one if possible but I'm not an electrician though so could be a different issue. Phone number: 510-846-4620 Materials-Awaiting
241636 Cindy Frame One of the windows in the lab is broken. small pieces of glass is falling out in the classroom. Please contact Cindy so she can show you where. Assigned
247054 Brad Lyons ATT: Dale Lutter Insulate domestic water piping around water heater in main mechanical room. See Brad Lyons for details. On Hold
248255 Cindy Frame Please contact Andrew Mott for this request: The water supply line for the 36KW diesel engine's radiator was busted because the heater radiator in that area wasn't turned on. DPS received a heat detector alarm on Dec. 26th at 8:16 Am. A dispatcher was sent to investigate and found the water line breakage. DPS alerted FP&M for assistance. FP&M shut off the supply line and called the custodian service to help clean up the water. Everything appears to be normal upon my inspection. I can't locate the busted area on the water supply line for the 36KW diesel engine. The water line is wrapped in an insulated rubber jacket. No physical damage is observed. I spoke with Andrew Mott from FP&M and the chief police at the DPS. I will send Cindy a request to have FP&M assess the damage and repair the busted pipe. Open
250994 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
252092 Paul Engelken Lift has oil leak Open
254304 Todd Kelley Delta industries to figure out why the vent pipe broke and started leaking how sch 80 pvc split Assigned
258110 Robert Sheets The heating in this room starts at 75 in the morning and exceeds 80 degrees F during the afternoon. Can this be lowered to around 72? Completed
259265 Josef Biechler Heat is not on in this space On Hold
272478 Brandon Thompson From Inspection 6309 - Fume hood E047426 has a high face velocity of 274. Please service to an acceptable range (70-150 fpm). Open
272479 Brandon Thompson From Inspection 6324 - Fume hood E047432 has a low face velocity of 34. Please service to an acceptable range (70-150 fpm). Assigned
273204 Craig Mitchell Water is dripping from pipe next to elevator and mail room 1201-1. Will put mop bucket on place to catch water. Assigned
273939 Aaron Moses Fume hoods not working in building. Open
274155 Cindy Frame There is no hot water in the women's showers in the basement. Assigned
274156 Leigh Long Freight elevator is not working - Stuck on the first floor and is flashing OS-1. Assigned
279835 Candice Yee Wong The toilet flush in the innermost stall of the male bathroom is leaking. Completed
279843 Mark Schmitz rmf pump 16(2) in alarm ATTN: Gregory/Nibe Completed
280480 Candice Yee Wong A few light bulbs above the carpet area is not working. Assigned
280886 Cynthia Frame Generator alarm going off in room 1209 Assigned
280957 Hoa Chi We would like an estimate to move the warning strobes in rooms 1209, 1219, and 1222. Please reach out to Hoa Chi for locations. Open
280984 Melissa Warg FDC MGMT FEES - DO NOT CHARGE TIME Open
281019 Bruce Norris Attention Dustin Limoges Metasys device Sukup Hall 97A012FC if Offline in room 0226 for Transfer Switch Monitor Materials-Awaiting
281093 Alex Wiley AED Cabinet on 3rd floor false alarmed during test. Assigned
281131 Craig Mitchell List of lights out in sukup hallways. Hallway 0200 1 light near 0210-1 2 lights near 0214 1 light near 0226-2 Hallway 1200 1 light out near 1201-1 2 lights out near 1205 2 lights out near 1209 1 light out near 1223 Hallway 2200 2 lights out near 2205 1 light out near 2213-1 1 light out near 2215 2 lights out near 2217-2 1 light out near 2250-1 Hallway 2230 1 light out near 2211 Hallway 3200 1 light out near 3205-1 Hallway 4200 1 light out near 4209 1 light out near 4225 Assigned
281308 Mark Holzmer Water is dripping out of a valve in the ceiling near the elevator on the 1st floor Assigned