Type of Memorial

Memorial Tree, Table, & Patio Space

In Memoriam

Good, Travis


North of Town Engineering Building

Plaque Text

Travis "TJ" Good, Honorary Engineering Intern. 1987-2010. TJ was a civil engineering student at Iowa State from 2006-2010. In his time at Iowa State, he was an instrumental member and leader of the ASCE Student Chapter and Steel Bridge Club. TJ's passion and creativity, which he exemplified in all aspects of his life, served as inspiration to all those who knew him. His memory will remain in our hearts forever.


The Travis "TJ" Good Memorial Patio was dedicated on October 30, 2010. Students and friends from the civil engineering department's ASCE and Steel Bridge clubs collaborated to create a custom picnic table and patio area. The picnic table was designed and fabricated by students in the Steel Bridge club, an activity that Travis was involved in during his time at Iowa State. In addition to the patio area, a tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) was dedicated to Travis just east of the patio.