Type of Memorial

Tree Planting


Lagomarcino Hall courtyard

Plaque Text


Iowa State University Arbor Day Proclamation May 4, 2012 WHEREAS, The first Arbor Day was celebrated in 1872 in Nebraska as a special day for the planting of trees and has now grown to thousands of celebrations in communities across our nation each year; and WHEREAS, Trees promote human health and well-being, add beauty to communities, improve water quality and quantity, reduce the erosion of precious topsoil, and provide shade, clean air and habitat for wildlife. The benefits of trees as part of a stable global environment are well documented; and WHEREAS, Iowa State University is recognized both locally and nationally for its beautiful Campus with its numerous and varied selection of trees; WHEREAS, The students of Iowa State University's Forestry and Landscape Architecture departments have chosen this day, May 4, 2012, to cooperatively plant several Flowering Dogwood Trees in the Lagomarcino Courtyard. The Flowering Dogwood is the State flower of North Carolina and is normally found in the more southern regions of the United States. Lagomarcino's unique micro-climate will provide the correct amount of shelter needed to allow this southern tree to grow and thrive in our less temperate Iowa climate. Lagomarcino's Courtyard is already home to several rare and unusual plants that serve as teaching examples for all who use the campus forest as an outdoor teaching laboratory. We would also like to thank our honored guest, Dave Miller, Associate Vice President of Facilities, Planning and Management for providing the care and maintenance of these new trees. THEREFORE: I, Janet Leath, do hereby proclaim May 4, 2012 as Arbor Day at Iowa State University and encourage all students, faculty and staff to plant trees, thus leaving a legacy for present and future generations.