Type of Memorial



Donated by friends and family of Drew

In Memoriam

Drew DiDonato


South side of Sweeny Hall

Plaque Text


This tree symbolizes the kindness Drew showed people and how that kindness will grow into something beautiful. Drew was a son, a brother, a friend, a skateboarder, and an advocate. The love he had for his family and friends was so immense, that they can still feel it today. He was passionate about photography, skateboarding, and advocating for disability awareness. He embraced diversity and took pride in his own differences. He was his own person and stayed true to himself. Drew once said, "Never be afraid to be yourself. Eccentricity is often penalized, curiosity often systematically eradicated. Those who choose to ignore those societal norms and go where others haven't are the ones who truly enact change." He certainly did enact change. We miss you every day Drew.