Type of Memorial

Tree Planting


East of Lebaron

Plaque Text

Iowa State University Arbor Day Proclamation April 22, 2010 WHEREAS, The first Arbor Day was celebrated in 1872 in Nebraska as a special day for the planting of trees and has now grown to thousands of celebrations in communities across our nation each year; and WHEREAS, Trees promote human health and well-being, add beauty to communities, improve water quality and quantity, reduce the erosion of precious topsoil, and provide shade, clean air and habitat for wildlife. The benefits of trees as part of a stable global environment are well documented; and WHEREAS, Iowa State University is recognized both locally and nationally for its beautiful Campus with its numerous and varied selection of trees; WHEREAS, The students of Iowa State University have chosen this day, April 22, 2010, to plant 3 Cherry fruit trees in honor of the Department of Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management's tradition of supplying cherry pies for VEISHEA and as part of a national sustainable landscape movement to reduce our dependence on imported produce by growing our own foods. THEREFORE: I, Pam White, Dean of the College of Human Sciences, and I, Luis Rico-Gutierrez, Dean of the College of Design on the behalf of the President of Iowa State University, Gregory Geoffroy, do hereby proclaim April 22, 2010 as Arbor Day at Iowa State University and encourage all students, faculty and staff to plant trees thus leaving a legacy for present and future generations.


These three Cherry trees were planted here on Earth Day April 22, 2010 as part of an annual Arbor Day celebration on the ISU campus. Cherry trees were selected for this site to honor the ninety year tradition of the department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management in making delicious cherry pies for every VEISHEA celebration. Not only will these urban fruit trees provide wonderful flowers and shade to the campus but also by growing our own fruits locally the campus becomes part of a national sustainable landscape movement to reduce our dependence on imported produce. Special thanks to the Landscape Architecture students for planting the trees and to Campus Services for providing the tools and equipment to install the trees.