Type of Memorial



Bob and Eileen Martin and Family


South of Campanile

Plaque Text


This bench was donated in 2010 by Robert James Martin (B.S. Agriculture Education, 1948) and Eileen Smith Martin (B.S. Home Economics, 1948) and their children. The Martin children are: Peggy Martin (B.S. Institutional Management, 1973; M.S. Institutional Management, 1980), Pat Martin (B.S. Dietetics and Institutional Management, 1975 Kansas State University; M.S. Dietetics and Institutional Management, 1976 Kansas State University; Law, 1981 University of Iowa) (attended Iowa State University 1971 - 74), Peter Martin (B.A. History, Southwest Minnesota), Paul Martin (B.S. Animal Science, 1979), Rusty Martin (B.S. Communications, 1985 University of Iowa), Rhonda Martin (B.L.A. Landscape Architecture, 1986), and James Martin (B.A. Sociology, 1988; M.S. Curriculum and Teaching, 2001 Michigan State University). Bob and Eileen met at Iowa State University in 1946 on a blind date while attending a dinner in the Oak-Elm dining room. They graduated in 1948 and landed their first jobs teaching high school in the small town of Aurelia, Iowa. Later in 1953 Bob and Eileen purchased a small farm south of Newell, Iowa and raised cattle and hogs until the 1990's when they retired from the day to day operations of the now 1100 acre farm and moved to Sac City, Iowa. The elder Martins currently reside in Johnston, Iowa and have 12 grandchildren (Erin Haafke, Erica Haafke Metzger, Daniel Mock, Marie Mock, Robert Orion Martin, Jill Martin, Kyle Martin, Ethan Moran, Eileen Moran, Claire Meyer, Maxim Martin, and Oskar Martin), 3 step grandchildren (Jann Haglan, Kary Haglan Neil Haglan), one step great-grandchild (Alexis Haglan) and one great-grandchild on the way. The previous bench that sat at this location was donated by the Class of 1916 and was one of six on campus. It was removed due to its poor condition. The bench contained a small plaque which read "Made by Industrial Art Students, Iowa State College".