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Type of Memorial

Merrill Magnolia Tree


Nielsen House 2017-18 and Department of Residence

In Memoriam

Numedahl, Brendan


NE corner of Wallace Hall

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Brendan Michael Numedahl. A name known to many here at Iowa State University and back in his home town of Decorah, Iowa. Those who know his name would agree that there are a million ways to describe him, and the impact he had on those around him. To name a few: he was smart, devoted, and competitive in spirit. But above all else, Brendan was a friend. He became known as the person to turn to when in need. With the hopes and dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer, Brendan always had an eye looking to the future. A future that was laid at his feet, and he was more than willing to take that next step in his life. As Brendan’s legacy is left behind, he continues to be an inspiration to everyone. The friend that he was will be remembered and will live on in the lives he touched.