Planning, Design, and Construction

This website has been converted into four new websites. Here are their descriptions:
Building for Iowa State

Information for outside design professionals and contractors.

For example:

  • Project bid dates and results
  • Professional Service Solicitations
  • Facilities Design Manual
  • Centric Project

"Building for Iowa State" website

Planning Services

Planning Services collaborates with the campus community to optimize the resources, including land, buildings, and circulation, in support of the university's mission and strategic plans.

For example:

  • Campus Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Capital Project Initiation Request

Planning Services website

Capital Projects

Capital Projects guides the design and construction of new buildings, as well as major renovations or improvements to existing buildings.

For example:

  • List of current projects
  • Office of the University Architect
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration

Capital Projects website

Facilities Design and Construction

Projects under $100,000 are managed by Facilities Design and Construction, as well as furniture needs for all spaces on campus.

For example:

  • Project Process
  • Construction, engineering, and design services
  • Furniture purchase and installation
  • List of current projects under $100,000 by building

Facilities Design and Construction website