Mixed Stream Recycling

The campus-wide mixed stream recycling program currently involves over 100 buildings. Building occupants have individual recycling bins (blue 7-gallon) for their workstation/office areas. Bins are also in multi-user areas such as labs and computer rooms (blue 25-32 gallon). Each building also has at least one larger centrally located collection bin (blue 50-gallon with wheels).

Participation is voluntary and designed to make our campus community more environmentally conscious. Those who choose to participate simply sort mixed recycle to their individual bin. At their convenience, participants empty their individual bin into the large collection bins (blue 50-gallon with wheels). To help promote recycling, each building has a recycling volunteer who serves as a liaison between the building occupants and the recycling office.

The custodial staff from Facilities Planning and Management or the designated building occupant takes the large bins to a designated location for pickup by a recycling contractor. Once the large bins are emptied, the custodian or occupant returns them to the centralized locations within the building. Weekly pickups vary per building depending on the recycle volume. High volume buildings get picked up every Tuesday. Low volume buildings need to send in a request for pickup form by 3:00 p.m. Monday to be included in the Tuesday collection. This form can be filled out by custodians or recycling contact/occupant for the building. The form notifies the recycling office to arrange for pickup on the next Tuesday.

Mixed Stream Recycling Includes:

Mixed stream recycling consists of white paper, magazines, phone books, newspaper, colored paper, pressboard packaging, folders, envelopes, food and beverage containers including paper packaging, aluminum and tin cans, glass and plastic drink bottles, coffee containers. All plastics #1 through #7 are accepted. (please clean out containers to avoid contamination by food and drink, and to avoid an accumulation of pests like insects and mice). Pizza containers are not accepted at this time due to food contamination. Place pizza containers in regular trash.

Not Included:

Corrugated cardboard is not included with mixed stream recycling. Corrugated cardboard is recycled in a separate bin or dumpster located at back of participating buildings. See our corrugated cardboard recycling program.

Laboratory glass and non-food/beverage glass is not included with mixed stream recycling. See our separate program for glass recycling.